Contacts and Address Book

This index contains articles and tips on (and a few other sites) that apply to Microsoft Outlook’s Contacts.

See Let Outlook decide the best message format to use to learn how to configure Outlook Contacts to choose the best message format for Internet addresses. In most cases, you should “Let Outlook decide”.

We have instructions for adding contact photos to a large number of Contacts at Batch Import Photos into Outlook Contacts

Do you want to add more than 3 email addresses to an Outlook contact? See Contacts with more than three email addresses for one solution.

To add more contacts folders to Outlook and enable the new folders as an address book, see Create a new Contact folder and enable it as an Outlook Address Book.

For more articles in this section, see the Contacts and Address book index.

Printing & Merging

Distribution Lists

Address Book Display

Name Resolution

Microsoft Outlook 2000 and earlier versions handle partial names in the To box with an “auto-resolution” feature, not the auto-complete you’ll find in Outlook Express. Outlook 2002 adds an auto-complete feature that can hold up to 1,000 names in the cache. This is expanded in Outlook 2003 and up. Outlook 2010 add the Suggested Contacts folder, in addition to the autocomplete list.


More on Outlook resolution:

To remove a name from the auto-complete list in Outlook 2002 and up, press Delete when the name pops up as you type into the To box. To clean up the entire list, see:

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