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The tools are used to update the phone number field in Microsoft Outlook Contacts folder.

Other kinds of tools related to contacts are listed at the following pages:

Shared Address Books | Data Entry and Updating | Duplicate Checkers | Online Services
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Integration of Google Voice and Microsoft Outlook enables you to call, schedule auto-calls, text, conference call, broadcast text, play voicemails and transfer files in Microsoft Outlook. Free trial.


Menudex can initiate VOIP calls, SMS, Skype and Email. Menudex is the easiest way to connect with your Outlook Clients. Menudex is an index for Outlook contacts that is always available from the Windows notification tray. Menudex can also add "Hi " to the beginning of outgoing emails. Highly Configurable. New features added regularly.

messageconcept PeopleSync

messageconcept PeopleSync acts as a directory connector for mobile devices. The software synchronizes the company’s address lists automatically with your smartphones, tablets and applications. PeopleSync works with enterprise sources, such as Office 365, Exchange Server, SharePoint, databases and various CRM systems. On client side all LDAP and CardDAV clients are supported. Therefore the address books can be accessed and synchronized on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and even office phones.


SKAIFO is an Outlook Add-In that integrates Skype functionality with Microsoft Outlook. It has full-fledged User Interface inside Outlook so there is no need to switch back and force between Outlook and Skype for your free calling needs.

The BIG Number

This utility automatically updates phone numbers held in Microsoft Outlook Contacts. It works with Outlook 2007 and older. The BIG Number includes a range of options to set the format of phone numbers to suit a variety of national and international conventions. It can tidy up numbers so you can choose whether all area codes should have brackets around them or add international dialing prefixes to all UK numbers. Includes a custom replacement feature, it can change the area code or number formats that Outlook doesn't interpret properly. It can remove spaces from numbers as some mobile devices can't handle them.


  1. Teri Gress says

    I need to purchase or somehow acquire back Microsoft Outlook 2003 somehow after my licensed copy (from work when I retired) got wiped out when my hard drive died. Is there a way to purchase 2003 Outlook, it is the one I am compatible with and the one I know how to work with. Thank you for any help or advisement on this predicament.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      The only way to buy it is through sites like Ebay. While you are taking a chance that it won't be a legal copy, it's the only way to get a copy. Unless you have friends that will give you a disk they are no longer using.

  2. Dennis Trexel says

    my Hotmail has been hacked!!! please help solve my problem. I thought I had closed my Hotmail account a couple of years ago, but apparently not. someone is using it. HELP!!

    • Diane Poremsky says

      I'm not, so I can't help you. Sorry. You'll need to contact support.

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