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These tools enhance Microsoft Outlook by providing connections to Microsoft Exchange Server Public Folders, databases and other contact management applications. Some can be adapted not just for sales force automation, but also for project tracking and help desk. We’ve also included tools that don’t have direct Outlook interfaces but do offer synchronization with Outlook.

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Tools in the Spotlight

CompanionLink Outlook BCM sync

Sync Outlook BCM data with BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Palm OS devices. Supports syncing Google data with Outlook or your phone.



Contact manager, integrated with Outlook for e-mail, calendar, task, and activity functions. Includes tracking of outgoing faxes, merge to HTML mail with attachments, ability to view ACT! contact databases in Outlook address book. Contact databases can be shared.

BizAutomation CRM

Customer relationship management application built on Outlook and Exchange 2000, with sales force automation, customer service, and marketing and campaign management modules. Supports access via Outlook, web browser, or Pocket Outlook on a PocketPC PDA. Integrates with QuickBooks Pro 2003. Available either for in-house installation or by subscription as a hosted application. Version 2, now supports Exchange 2003.

Business Contact Manager compatibility pack for Outlook

Business Contact Manager for Microsoft Outlook is a compatibility pack that enables Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2007 and Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2010 to run in Microsoft Outlook 2010 and Microsoft Outlook 2013. Business Contact Manager for Outlook (BCM) also supports using Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013 in a side-by-side installation.

Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2010

You can download Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2010 at no additional cost if both of the following conditions are met: You purchased a copy of Outlook with Business Contact Manager with Microsoft Office 2003, Microsoft Office 2007, or standalone Office Outlook 2007, and you purchased a copy of Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010, Microsoft Office Professional 2010, or standalone edition of Microsoft Outlook 2010.

Business Contact Manager for Outlook Database Tool

The Business Contact Manager for Outlook Database Tool allows administrators to host Business Contact Manager for Outlook databases on a computer on which Microsoft Office 2013 and Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2013 are not installed, such as a different server.

CCS Service Request

CCS Service Request provides a central point for tracking and managing service requests for departments such as HR, IT, Facilities, Sales and Marketing. Tickets are submitted from an Outlook form, email or web page. The ticket is routed to the department providing the service. Department staff is assigned the request. Includes full reporting, knowledge base and flexible forms. Easy to install, run.


CloudsPlus is your no software solution for synchronizing Microsoft Exchange and Salesforce data. Supports all versions of Outlook including Outlook 2010 64 bit, iPad, Mac Outlook 2011 and any device that can connect to Microsoft. Exchange. Synchronize, contacts, calendar, tasks, and log email plus more...

ContactGenie DataPort

ContactGenie DataPort, contact import/export for Microsoft Outlook 2000/2010. Full support for custom forms/fields in PST, Exchange Mailbox, or Exchange public folders. Ability to either add only or update pre-existing contacts using one or more user-selected fields as update keys. Export from Exchange GAL and Global Distribution Groups. Standardize primary field formats. Save unlimited import/export criteria templates for repeated use. Command line support for unattended operation. Native MS SQL support. v3.3

Contacts Database

Outlook 2007 has 65 usable fields for contacts. This utility captures all of them and presents them to you in a easy to read Access database. The information in Outlook is not altered at any time and the information presented in our application is read only. All contact additions and editing take place in Outlook. The user can refresh the database at any time.

Create Accounts from Contacts

Create all the accounts from your BCM contacts using this great tool. It also links the contacts to the accounts so that you can see them in the Accounts List.


Credenza turns Outlook into a practice management tool. Organize your calendar, tasks, email, documents, research, phone calls, notes, billable time and more according to your client matter files or projects. With Credenza you can easily track time as you work. Recapture lost billable hours stolen by email and bill for any activities in Outlook. Credenza also makes collaboration easy by allowing you to create a Team to share information with other users.


CureCRM for Outlook lets you see a threaded list of conversations with prospects or leads - it also automatically extracts contact information such as phone numbers, address, etc. When setting up meetings, Cure provides busy sales professionals with an automated scheduling assistant.

Davton CRM

Davton CRM is a Customer Relationship Management system built in to Microsoft Outlook. It uses Microsoft Exchange Public Folders to store and share information. It incorporates and enhances all the features in Outlook which your team already use, so getting your team to use it will be straight forward. Features include: * Create Marketing Campaigns and Calling Lists * Project linking for Architects and other project oriented organisations * One click email processing and linking

Davton CRM-Linker

CRM-Linker is a family of products which make it easy to link emails sent and received in Outlook with cloud based CRM systems such as AddressTwo, CapsuleCRM and HighriseCRM.

LinkPoint Vue

Use LinkPoint Vue to view Contact information from your CRM in your Outlook for each recipient of an email. View Opportunities, Cases, Notes, Tasks and Events from your CRM. View, Edit, or Create a new Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity, or Case directly from LinkPoint Vue. Click-to-dial a phone number using VoIP telephones like Skype or Vonage. View other data besides your CRM data, like Social Networks, data aggregators and soon internal corporate systems. Get maps and directions to the contact's address with just a click.


Customer relationship management system for Outlook using Exchange public folders, structured like a relational database. Handles contacts, appointments, tasks, journal items, documents, and mail messages, as well as companies and opportunities. Can automatically copy contacts that a user owns from the public folder to the user's mailbox Contacts folder. Includes tool to import into Excel for reporting, plus pre-defined Crystal Reports reports.


Set of intranet collaboration applications that offer synchronization with Outlook. Available for local server installation and as a hosted application.

OnContact CRM 7

CRM software with Microsoft Outlook integration. Synchronizes contacts, appointments, and tasks with CRM 7 to increase productivity and maintain an accurate history of all customer interactions. Integration between the applications is bidirectional, so that contacts, e-mails, and activities created in one may be shared with a couple clicks of the mouse.


Contact management tool for Outlook 2000 or later, storing information in an Access database. Tracks correspondence and other items, and shares that data with everyone in the organization. Can associate any contact with any company. Performs merges to Word and keeps a record of the documents created. Maintains a group calendar collating colleagues' appointments.


Outlook-based company/customer relationship management tool adding a custom toolbar and digital dashboard to the Outlook interface. Based on Exchange public folders (or for single users, Personal Folders .pst files), so all data is available offline. Provides synchronization between public task and calendar folders and users' personal folders, mail merge, consistent categorization, and customized searches. Separate OutlookCRM Reporter tool transfers data to Access for report development.

Pivotal Relationship CRM

Customer relation tool based using Outlook, SQL Server and Exchange Server. Heavy emphasis on the needs of mobile users. Separate SyncStream for Outlook tool also supports offline users.


Prophet is an add-on for Microsoft Outlook users which allows users to take advantage of Outlook's task, calendar, contact and email features while adding sales tools such as opportunity management, sales reporting, and information sharing/collaboration. Prophet 5 includes improved usability and more advanced contact management features fully integrated with Outlook, eliminating the need to shift back and forth between multiple applications. Version 5.0

Public Contact After Reply

Public Contact after Reply for Outlook (Public CAR) is an addin for Outlook which automatically creates an Outlook contact after you reply to an email. Free.


Generate customized sales quotations that include Outlook data, and link the quotes back to the Outlook contact. Can be networked to maintain a central price list and generate unique quotation numbers to multiple users.

Sales Tracking

Unsupported Microsoft sample form application. See Known Problems with the Outlook Sample Applications for a warning on how this application probably won't work in a public folder.

SalesCTRL 2000

Sales force automation database that integrates with Outlook tasks, appointments and mail, plus several accounting packages. Includes capability of doing bulk mail with attachments. Microsoft Outlook Edition

Log sent and received email messages and log them into the hosted customer relationship management service. Users can also keep Outlook contacts, tasks, and activities up to date in

SalesOutlook CRM

SalesOutlook CRM 6.0 now leverages the power of Windows Desktop Search to provide lightning fast searches of your customer data. Search for a contact and see all related data whether it is on Outlook or on your computer. If it is indexed we will find it. Also new are customizable checklists, a leads module, email templates, Crystal XI support and much more. Version 6.

Social Contacts

Outlook Contacts lack some key fields to store information about people. With the rise of social media, it's becoming increasingly important to store a person's account name or ID for these web sites. Our latest Outlook Appins, code named "Asgard" (Social Contacts) will finally allow you to keep track of this information in your standard Contact forms with our Social Fields region (task pane). Nearly 20 social media properties are currently supported, including: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, Google+, YouTube, And more! Free trial.

Team Helpdesk for Outlook

ITIL helpdesk with automated ticketing and issue tracking for support team to log, analyze, collaborate, track and escalate support requests in an organized and structured way in Outlook. Can auto-process incoming support requests, auto-assign technicians, enforce service level, set due date and send automated notifications to cut the overhead of manual tasks significantly. Comes with integrated Knowledge Base, Asset Tracking, SLA, Report builders and OLAP Statistical tools. Support for Skype, SMS and Phone calls. Includes Web Access sites for technicians and end-users. Improves your efficiency to enable faster response time.

Team Helpdesk for Outlook & SharePoint

ITIL help-desk with automated ticketing and issue tracking for support team to log, analyze, collaborate, track and escalate support requests in a structured way in Outlook and SharePoint. Can auto-process incoming support requests, auto-assign technicians, enforce service level, set due date and send automated notifications to cut the overhead of manual tasks significantly. Support for Skype, mobile SMS and Phone calls. Includes Web Access sites for technicians and end-users.

TeamKB for Outlook & Exchange

TeamKB for Outlook and Exchange is an enterprise-grade knowledge base, allowing you and your team to share information, reduce customer support, improve staff productivity and eliminate time wasted searching for information across disparate systems such as shared folders and paper documents, all inside Outlook. With TeamKB, your team can document best practices and solutions to common problems and reply to time-consuming and repeated queries from your users in a click.

TeamScope CRM

TeamScope CRM for Outlook works fully within Outlook, storing all customer information in the Outlook Contact, Task, Appointment and Journal entries you use every day. Version 5.0

VBOffice SAM

SAM automatically sets the sender, signature, and folder for sent items based on several criteria. Use SAM to assign a sending account or SendOnBehalf address and signature to contacts, folders, or categories. Works with Outlook 2007, 2010 and Outlook 2013.

W5Templates CRM

W5Templates CRM is a Microsoft Excel based CRM product with both a pc component and a mobile app. Free trial available.

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  1. Betsy Fitzpatrick says

    I am looking for a good tool for updating a large number of contacts in Microsoft Outlook 2007 .Thank you for any suggestions!! I believe it would be a mass email sent to all of the contacts requesting current -accurate information.

  2. Jess says

    Hi Diane,

    Do you know of a simple CRM or Contact Management tool that works with MAC or Outlook for MAC?

    Thank you!


  3. Vicky Anderson says


    I use Outlook to store information pertaining to my home-based business. Do you know of a way to run reports of the information stored in the Contacts folder, based on user-defined criteria? For example, I might want to run a report of all of my contacts that are over 50 years of age. Or I might want to run a report of all of my contacts that have a birthday coming up this month. Or I might want to run a report of all of my contacts that I have categorized according to the service I provided for them.

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