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Applies to: Microsoft Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010

Update: Beginning with Outlook 2010 SP1, Mailto’s will use the default account for messages.

In Microsoft Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013, if you configure your Outlook profile to connect to multiple Internet email accounts, an email message may be sent from an account other than the default sending account. This happens because Outlook determines the sending account based on the currently selected data store when a new mail message is created. This change effectively ignores the default sending account setting.

When you use Microsoft Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013 and have multiple accounts delivered to different *.pst files, Outlook doesn’t use the default account set in Account settings for new messages. Instead, it uses the account associated with the mailbox or *.pst file you have in focus. This change in behavior takes some getting used to, but its my experience that once they understand how it works, most users with multiple POP3 or Exchange accounts like it.

This feature not as well liked by users with an IMAP account as their primary account and POP3 accounts delivered to the default *.pst file. Instead of using the default IMAP account as it did in previous versions, Outlook now sends new mail using a POP3 account that is delivered to the *.pst. When the IMAP user sends a new message to a contact or starts a new message after viewing the calendar, Outlook chooses a POP3 account as the sending account.

The obvious solution is to use a different *.pst file for the POP3 accounts but if that is not acceptable, you can set a registry value to always use the default account, regardless of the data store, or to always ask which account to use. Both of these options are controlled by a registry key.

Alternately, you can use a macro to always open a new message with the default account selected or open a new message with a specific account selected.


Registry key in Outlook 2010 SP1 and up

When you have multiple accounts and an IMAP account in Outlook 2010/2013 and you change the default sending account to the IMAP account, you may experience the following issues:

  • When you click a mailto link from a browser or from Outlook, the default sending account is the Exchange Server account instead of the IMAP account.
  • When you create a new email message, the Exchange Server account is selected instead of the IMAP account.

Out of the box, Outlook 2010 SP1 and Outlook 2013 use the default account for Send to commands but not for new messages created while viewing a pst file (when a POP account is assigned to the pst file), unless you set a registry value to always force the use of the default account.

To force all new messages to use the default email account, regardless of which pst file you are viewing, browse to the following registry subkey in Outlook 2010 and add a DWORD named NewItemsUseDefaultSendingAccount:

DWORD value: NewItemsUseDefaultSendingAccount
Value: 1

In Outlook 2013, the key is:

DWORD value: NewItemsUseDefaultSendingAccount
Value: 1

If you prefer not to edit the registry yourself, you can run this registry file to set the NewItemsUseDefaultSendingAccount key:

Outlook 2010 Outlook 2013

Registry key to force account selection every time

This fix is simple, but can get annoying, fast, since it forces the user to select an account every time they send a new message. (Replies and Forwards always use the account the message arrived on.)

This might be good for people who use multiple accounts and frequently (accidentally) send using the wrong account, especially if they are sending sensitive documents, as it will almost eliminate accidentally sending email from the wrong account.

Value Name: ForceAccountSelection
Value type: REG_DWORD: 1 for force, 0 to disable.

In Outlook 2013, the registry key is:

Value Name: ForceAccountSelection
Value type: REG_DWORD: 1 for force, 0 to disable.

Notes: You need to create the path if it does not exist. You can also set this using the Office 2010 group policy templates.
The value type is the same for both 32-bit and 64-bit Outlook.

If you don’t want to edit the registry yourself, you can run this registry file to set the ForceAccountSelection key:

Outlook 2010 Outlook 2013

Warning: As reported by a user in New E-Mail Button Not Working, this tweak may prevent the New item buttons in Contacts and other folders from working.

Solution for default IMAP accounts: Create a fake POP3 account

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  1. LTPZ says

    Actually, I have I question actually. If I already set up Outlook 2010 with gmail as imap and some pop3 emails coming in also and brought in my contacts from gmail using a csv file... and now BOOM! I realized that my default account isn't working and someone told me I should have reconfigured the gmail imaps as pops, so I did and of course that didn't help... so I changed them back.

    And yes, I was backing up some place in between all this...

    Now, I've gotten to the point that I have over 1000 email files in a handfull of pst files.

    I just want to start all over.

    Do I just back up? or do I just manually copy all the pst files?

    Then how do I know I have them all?

    I can't use the easy transfer because is corrupts the files in 2010, correct?

    There is so much going on in the background of this program that as someone like me who loved to program raw in DOS and have control, I want to throw my Android phone out the window because it is not helping this situation at all because it needs the imap accounts!

    Any constructive suggestions?

  2. Allan says

    If you put Outlook into offline mode first, then the transfer or export/import will work. If you do it with Outlook working online, it will corrupt your OST file.

  3. Henry says

    Help. On boot-up of Outlook, I need the dialog box that allows me to select the User. Right now, Outlook boots-up with the administrator user and does not allow me to select any otther user. Where is the setting in Outlook that causes the program to pause on boot-up to allow one to choose the user name?

  4. Jim says

    I'm sorry to ask this here since it's about Outlook 2011 for Mac but I have one of the same problems listed here and cannot find an answer anywhere. I have multiple accounts (an IMAP account and a POP3 account). The POP account is the default and I want all new mail to be sent from it. It is set as default but when I choose "New Mail" it chooses whichever account I have selected at the time. Since OSX has no registry, I can't try the solution in this article. Any thoughts? Thank you.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      In this case, where you want to only send from one account, never from the other, change the From address and the SMTP to use the other accounts info. I need to boot my mac to check the specifics of how to change this in outlook 2011, but in the account settings there should be a field for the From address, separate from the account's login address. In the SMTP field enter the server name you want to send from and the authentication you need to log into it.

      Oops... I might have mixed this up with a Jim on a mailing list that has a similar problem, but with 2 pop accounts. The above advice works if you never want to reply from the other account. If you reply to messages from the second account and want the replies to use the second account, this won't work. Must go boot my mac...

  5. Daniele says

    I'm using some Distribution Group in Exchange 2010 to forward through a 3rd party pop3 connector some "shared" mailboxes.

    Client-side I have multiple accounts, but in this case, making a reply or a forward I have the Exchange account as sender by default.

    What I need is to have the address in TO (or in second step in BC or third step in BCC) as sender.

    Any ideas?



  6. Lance Truelson says

    I dont have i map only 6 pop 3 accounts I did the registry update and I had to add the keys and the last value was a dword and this worked great always asks me what accout to send from and replies work the same way they used to

    To force all new messages to use the default account, browse to the following registry subkey:


    You make the folder by right clicking and using New – Folder

    the after you make the options folder right click on it and pick New (Dword32 Bit Qword 64 Bit) on the right hand side you will see a highlighted area fill as below (Value Name) then right click that value after its named and change value to 1 or 0 as below

    Value Name: ForceAccountSelection

    Value type: REG_DWORD: 1 for force, 0 to disable.

    Notes: You need to create the path if it does not exist. You can also set this using the Office 2010 group policy templates.

    The value type is the same for both 32-bit and 64-bit Outlook.

    Thank you to whom ever figured out the way to do this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ben says

    I have two POP3 email accounts (wife’s and mine) that we’re trying to set-up separately in Outlook 2010. Mine was already in there and worked (and still works just fine). I added her profile and even have it working to where Outlook prompts us to choose which profile we want when you start Outlook.

    When we open the new 2nd profile, there is a main profile with Inbox/Drafts/Sent/Deleted/Junk, etc... underneath the main "Outlook Data File" section at the top left. However, no emails download into that Inbox at all. Instead, Outlook also created a second email profile that shows up just below all of those folders (as if it's a 2nd email account on the profile). In that section, there is ONLY an Inbox. Emails do download into it. If we send an email it goes into Sent at the top section. If we delete from the lower one, it just vanishes, since there's no Deleted box down there. How do I remove the "extra" email profile below and just get everything in the top one?

  8. Ron says

    That was useful, thank you.My wife and I have just arrived on Outlook 2010 after using many previous Outlooks. I like the sending policy you described above: we have three mailboxes (3 main pst files): one personal mailbox each (POP) and my business mailbox (Exchange). I set up some rules to separate the incoming emails into three folders, but now realise that is unnecessary for the reasons you describe above.

    So I would now like to delete the rules that move our personal emails to those two now-redundant folders. But since Outlook always starts up as though I am the Exchange user, I can no longer see the rules I set up to move our personal emails. I would like to know how to persuade Outlook (when starting up) that I am one of the other two users. Can you help with that?

    Also, we have a problem making Outlook use the right contacts folders. There seem to be two for each account - most of them empty; in one of our accounts we have to tell Outlook which contacts folder to look at every time we send an email.

    I suspect this is all better than before, once one masters it. But we haven't yet.


    • Diane Poremsky says

      Are you using 3 profiles or 1 profile with 3 accounts? If you use 3 profiles, open Control panel and type Mail in the search field - Click Show Profiles and set it to ask which profile when starting.

      Each account will have 2 contacts - Contact and Suggested Contacts. Click the Address book link on the ribbon and then Tools, Options menu in the open Address book. You can set outlook to start with a specific address book or set it to choose the address book based on which folder set you are views.

  9. Ron says

    Diane, Thank you. I was pretty sure I had set up three profiles, but actually there is only one visible: all three mailboxes are visible in that profile.
    I am going to re-set this, and have two profiles: one to give access to the personal email addreses that my wife and I use. The second profile would give access to my business account.
    For some reason I cannot easily explain, I have found that with every new release of Outlook/Exhange (which I have been using since Exchange was invented) I have struggled to set up the Contacts/Address book relationship properly. I think I must be a slow learner!

    I will take your advice about Contacts.


  10. Linda says

    I have a question with regards to shared mailbox, i'm a member of this shared mailbox and would like to "reply, or forward" an incoming mail from that mailbox with the field "FROM" to be defaulted to my email address rather than the shared email address. Is this possible?

  11. Lynn says

    I have a business email account I no longer use. I may still receive emails to that account for a few months. Can I forward all my incoming email to another account? If so, How. I tried using the "Rules" and that didn't work.

    I don't want to delete it yet, and I'd rather not have to check it all the time.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      What type of account / where is it hosted? While you could configure rules in outlook, they only run when outlook us running. If you have the old account and your other account in your profile, you may be able to deliver the old mail to the new account's folders and configure it to use your other account as the reply address.

      The other option is to configure a forwarding rule on the mail server. This will forward all mail as it arrives to the old account and it will work until the administrator deletes the account. This is the preferred method as the mail is forwarded as it arrives and you can remove the old account from outlook.

  12. Rebekah says

    I handle 3 Pop3 accounts in my Outlook 2010. I do NOT want a default account because I use an outlook plugin for to record sent emails to our work database. I want the email being sent From each different account to appear or record as from that actual user and NOT the default account. I've tried everything I can think of playing around with my settings... can anyone help? In layman's terms?

  13. Diane Poremsky says

    @Rebekah - do you have all 3 accounts delivering to one pst file? If you use separate pst files, Outlook 2010's behavior is to use the account assigned to the folders you are viewing as the default.

    If you deliver all mail to one data file, the registry key to force you to choose the account is what you need. Yes, it's a PITA, but prevents you from using the wrong account for new messages. (Replies are sent from the account that downloaded the message.)

  14. Rebekah says

    @Diane I have no idea. I assume 3 accts to one pst file...although I don't really know what that is. =) I mean, I can "select" which account I'm sending from in the new mail message, but it will still send via the one and record that way... So what's the procedure? Is the above instructions and screen shots supposed to alleviate this? You can DM me - Any help is appreciated.

  15. Mike says

    I have two accounts active for email with one appropriately set as the default. On the data tab it still has an old account that I want to delete but it is listed as the default so it won't allow me to delete it. I would like to change the default in the data tab but it won't let me. When I click on the two active accounts it won't let me make them the default. Is there some fix to this? Thanks,Mike

  16. arr says

    You have made a life long convert
    I have been fighting the embarrassment of the wrong return address on mail for weeks.

    Outlook 2010, Multiple Accounts and the Default Account | Slipstick ...

    Fixed it all

    thank you Thank You THANK YOU

  17. Way Bay says

    I encountered a problem when I was setting up my Microsoft Outlook 2010. I have multiple POP3 e-mail accounts and in all previous Outlook version I had no problem setting them up. This time round, I have already set up two POP3 accounts but when I started to set up the third one, Outlook would show me "The Requested Operations Failed" at the last stage. I thought my third e-mail account was faulty and I went on to set up my fourth e-mail account but to encounter the same error message. My question is--is there a limit to the number of e-mail accounts? What should I do to set up the rest of my e-mail accounts? I have four more to go.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      There is not a limit to the number of accounts you can configure in outlook - well, there might be, but i have not heard of anyone who hit the limit. I know 15 accounts is possible, so you are ok with 4.

      Are you using Outlook in Compatibility mode?

  18. Bob Sheir says

    I use several pc's from work to home and have an iphone. I was trying to get my iphone to work with Microsoft Outlook and tried different apps on different computers with my iphone and now my iphone contact list is filled with duplicates many of which are empty other than the name or company name. On my Icloud account I have 7000 backed up contacts from either my phone or I guess my computers? I have multiple PST files from various computers and want to figure out the most efficient way to edit all this mess into one good contact list and put it back into Outlook, my gmail account, my phone and the Icloud account. I don't blame you if you pretend like this comment never came because I have been living with this mess for months> Yes I am a spaz. Thanks for any suggestions you can offer.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      If they are duplicated because of all the syncing, see Remove Duplicate Contacts for duplicate remover tools. If some contacts might contain updated data, see Combine Duplicate Contacts.

      I would probably move all contacts back into Outlook (in the icloud & other folders, select all, then use the move to command or drag to outlook's contacts), run a duplicate checker then copy what is left back to the icloud folder. We have a tutorial showing how to move/copy contacts here: .

  19. Matt says

    I think I have a related but slightly different issue.

    I have a personnel account and am also part of a group. The group is required because I work in a team, but it is first come first served in terms of reply, but I am then left with both the initial email as well as the reply from one of my colleagues, is there anyway in which this can be deleted at the point that it is responded to?

    I fear this is not possible, but any ideas would be appreciated.


    • Diane Poremsky says

      What type of email account do you use? Are the group mails in their own mailbox?

  20. Carl says

    I need to migrate my Outlook with all of it's account settings to a new computer. I have been using Outlook 2007 on XP to access my company exchange email in caching mode and also have two pop3 accounts that are stored in the same ost file. I have a new computer with Windows 7 and Outlook 2010 on it set up in caching mode for my work exchange mailbox but when I try to add my pop3 accounts Outlook does not allow me to choose the ost file for them. I need to be able to access my pop3 email accounts from multiple PCs so pst files won't work for me.

    I have upgraded the Outlook 2007 PC to Outlook 2010 and the pop3 accounts are still using the ost file but I have to start Outlook in safe mode. I still need to get rid of the old XP PC and get these accounts set up on the new PC. If I delete my profile on the new PC and copy the ost file from the XP PC to the new PC will that bring over the pop3 account settings?

    • Diane Poremsky says

      After adding the account, go to the Account Settings dialog, Email account tab - select the POP3 account and click on the Change folder at the bottom of the screen. Select the Exchange mailbox. Remove the pst files from the Data files tab.

      You don't be able to move the ost to a new computer - it's tied to the account that created it. Create the email accounts in Outlook 2010 and everything online will sync down.

      What error message do you get when you try to start Outlook?

  21. Carl says

    That worked great! Thanks for the info, I would have never figured that out on my own. Now I can finally put that old XP PC to rest.

  22. Wes says


    I cannot seem to get this fix to work. Creating the registry key to force selection. And when I tr the install link, it downloads it but errors: "Error accessing the registry".

    I went to the shown location, right click on options and create a new DWord. Named it ForceAccountSelection. Double click to open and set the value to 1.

    Is this correct? When I open Outlook nothing has changed and still send from same account without asking.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      What version of Windows do you use? Is this a personal computer or work computer? Do you use any security software that locks down the registry?

      Yes, 1 is the correct value to force the default account.

      The registry error makes m wonder if your registry is locked down against changes.

  23. jJoynt says

    Hello Diane - you are very knowledgable about this and I hope you can help a not so tech-literate Outlook 2010 user in windows 7... Everything worked fine until all old Outlook data/contacts/folders/emails migrated over to new computer set-up when upgrading from XP to 7. To keep things simple for my employees I want all incoming emails from three pop3 email accounts to go to one Inbox, and their Junk and Deleted Items accordingly to go to one place. Two of the email accounts are creating duplicates when I created a rule to point them to one Inbox - any suggestions? or a clear guideline as to how to do this? I have read and tried many slightly different fixes and versions online but still getting duplicates. The one email account that is AOK is an account. The other two are through my business website. Thank you!

    • Diane Poremsky says

      The #2 and #3 accounts are suffering with duplicates? Are they POP3 accounts? Are you leaving mail on the server?
      If you disable the rules, do you still get duplicates? (Multiple rules applying to the same message is a common cause of dups.)

  24. Mark says

    I have 2 imap accounts using rules to deliver to 1 PST file. When I hit reply it always uses the default account. I would like to have outlook reply with the original address the mail was sent from e.g. respective imap account. Also the same to use the correct signature for each account.

    This used to work in outlook 2007

    Any suggestions would be appreciated

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Are you moving the mail to the default pst file or the other imap pst file? I'll try to repro it in the morning.

      Does your account support POP3? That might meet your needs better.

  25. Jos says

    After using the above "Registry key to force account selection every time" it works very good. But when clicking on an emailadtres in a text or a "mailto" Outlooks opens with a senderadress. So in that case I"am not forced to chose.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Yeah, that is normal behavior as the new message is called using simple mapi, not extended mapi.

  26. Mark says

    Moving the mail to the default PST file. This is separate from the imap pst file created by outlook.

    POP3 is not an option unfortunately.

    Thanks for your reply

  27. Diane Poremsky says

    @mark - Do you have SP1 installed? If that doesn't help, you can use custom reply buttons that set the reply account.

  28. Mark says

    I do have sp1 installed. managed to get it replying with signatures now.

    How do I use custom reply buttons

  29. Barry says

    I have a problem after combining my contacts. When I start to type in an email address in the "TO:" Outlook doesnt recognize the names on my list, and doesnt start to fill out the correct name. I have to go to the address book search the name, then create the email.

    I have tried naming the contact list as default, and moved it to the top of the list, but to no avail.

    Is there anyone that can help me?

  30. Clark says

    I use Outlook 2010 with one current Comcast POP3 account. I will be moving to a non-Comcast area in a month, and will be starting a new internet ISP (Brighthouse/TWC). I will be creating a new email address with this new ISP. Can I just add the new ISP as a new Outlook account, and conitnue to use the same (previous) .pst file and folders in Outlook?

    Thanks, Clark

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Yes, you can. When you add the new account, you can choose to use the old pst as the default for delivery too. If you use autodiscovery, click the Manual button in the lower left after Outlook configures the account - you can select the data file on the screen that comes up.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      If you have multiple POP3 accounts (and/or multiple IMAP accounts) delivered to one pst, you will only have one calendar and one contact folder.

      If you an Exchange server account and a pst file, the Exchange calendar is in the mailbox (so free/busy works).

  31. Joe says

    I have a user that has exchange with blackberry enterprise server, but uses gmail with pop/smtp for email and wants all emails (new and replies) to send using the gmail account.

    Currently when we forward the emails from gmail to the exchange account and she replies to an email it uses the exchange account. Is there any way to force outlook to use the gmail account only for sending reply emails?

    The only way I could get this to work was to make her leave her pc on and have it download gmail messages via pop into the exchange mailbox, but she wants to be able to shut down the pc when out of town.


    • Diane Poremsky says

      When you use Exchange server mailbox / protocol, Outlook always replies using the default account. You could add the gmail address as the default SMTP address on the mailbox. Rather than leaving the computer on, you should use a POP3 connector to collect her mail and drop it in the exchange mailbox. POP3 Connectors

  32. Sue Graves says

    I need to send a monthly newsletter/email to a Group set up in Outlook 2010 using the mail merge facility in Word 2010 but it needs to be sent from a specific POP3 account, not the one I usually have set as my normal default.

    I have changed the Account Settings in Outlook to the required 'other' POP3 address and set this to be the default, but the merge still shows as coming from my usual default address.

    What else should I be doing for this to be possible. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Is the default an Exchange account? Exchange tends to be an account hog. The only real solution is to use two profiles - one to use for the mail merge with only the pop account in it. If you need addresses from the other mailbox, create a mail merge list before changing profiles. If the list never changes, you can save the address list Word creates (.OMM file) and use it each time.

      I don't think you can force it using VBA but will look into it. A little tweaking of one of the macros on page 2 might work.

  33. Sue Graves says

    My default account is also a POP3 account.

    Our latest thought is to set up Outlook and a profile for just the merge email address on a spare pc - it will mean loading applications and moving all of the data across but maybe that is the answer if I can't get it to work on my machine. .

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Unless you are doing the merge frequently, i would just make a second profile on your computer and switch profiles when you need to send the merge.

      See create a new profile for instructions - in the screenshot there is a selector to ask which profile to use.

  34. Sue Graves says

    Thank you Diane, I will set up a new profile on my pc and let you know how I get on. Many thanks for your help.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      When you add the 2nd and 3rd accounts to the profile and use separate pst files, the accounts *should* use the calendar folder in the default pst file. This calendar will sync using the BB Desktop manager. You need to configure the BB desktop software to sync the calendar.

  35. Ralph says

    I have 2 exchange accounts (exchange 2010 and exchange2003) on different domains. I set the 2010 account as send by default, go back and look later and the old account is set to default. I would use the registry tweak above but if the account changes then all the email will use the wrong account. Please advise

    • Diane Poremsky says

      In outlook 2010 with 2 exchange accounts, each one is 'default' when you are looking at mail in their folders. I would get in the habit of changing mail folders rather than messing with tweaks.

  36. Jorge Matos says

    Wow Diane I can't believe your register file link worked so flawlessly and automatically. This issue its been driving me crazy for months on end and with a couple of clicks I solved it thanks to you. Thanks again for this great information and resource. The web needs more people like you:)

  37. George says

    I've been using Outlook for several versions, recently installing 2010 on my wife's new computer and on my laptop. On my laptop, it was an upgrade and all went as expected, with my several email accounts all operating from the main set of folders (inbox, drafts, deleted items, etc) But, when I set up my wife's PC, each account I set up has its own full set of folders (inbox, deleted items, sent items, etc.) None operate within the default file set and it is very confusing to deal with. I don't know what I should have done differently. Now, I just want to combine her email accounts under the default folder and eliminate the other folder sets. Can this be done?

  38. George says

    PS: I've wondered if I can just change the destination file for each account on the account window to the default Outlook.pst file. If so, will that automatically execute the rules correctly, or might I need to re-create them?

    • Diane Poremsky says

      In File, Account Settings, select each account and then click the change folders button. Select the folder where you want the account delivered to. Repeat for each. You'll need to repoint the rules to the correct folders.

  39. Rick Stambach says

    A Simple Way to set the default sending account is to go to the account settings select the account you want to send from and move it up above the other accounts in the list.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Setting an account as default moves it up the list, but constantly changing the default gets old fast. Sp1 fixes the problems so you don't need to change the default.

  40. Ron says

    Hi. I am having the problem described above. I have 3 pop accounts configured in Outlook with one designated as the default account. I want all new emails to be from the default account unless I make that change manually. Alternatively a manual selection for all new emails would also be fine. If I am reading correctly it seems that Office 2010 sp1 was supposed to fix that. I have that update but it is still defaulting to the outgoing email being from whichever pst the cursor is in. Can you help?

  41. Phil says

    Hi Diane,

    I am having the same problem but on Outlook 2011 for Mac.

    I have 2 exchange accounts setup and am using the unified inbox. When I send a new email it automatically chooses the "From" line to whichever email inbox is highlighted at the time. This is very frustrating since we use a centralized support inbox and then have our own personal inboxes as well.

    Is there any way to set Outlook to automatically send from the default address all the time? I know I can select to always reply and forward from my default account but why can't I choose to always send from the default account too?

    Please help. It makes no sense that they would fix this on Windows and not on Mac. Wait yes it does since they also make windows...

  42. Johnathan Dodds says

    I have 8 different .PST FILES for 8 different emails in Outlook 2010. I keep getting duplicate emails sent to over 8 different folders when an email is sent to the DEFAULT EMAIL. I'm constantly clicking on DIFFERENT FOLDERS under the DEFAULT INBOX and deleting the duplicate emails. Is there any solution? I don't have a virus.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Do the 8 accounts all use the same username and password to log into the server?
      Are you leaving mail on the server?
      do you use rules to move mail? If so, you need to use stop processing action in the rules that move mail.

  43. Phillip Mobin says

    You rock. This fixed a very annoying problem for me especially with signatures. Changing from the wrong account would not bring the new signature in and had to insert signature manually every time. Now it is all good. Many thanks.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Glad to have been a help. :) Do you have signatures assigned to every account? If you assign a blank signature to every account, signatures will switch automatically.

  44. Jo says

    Hi Diane

    Your help with all these queries is terrific. My question relates to a small business that is having trouble with duplicate emails. The situation is that Outlook 2010 has 2 accounts - a new one for the new office person has been added (jean@...), but the previous account (brenda@...) is retained as it has all the archived emails in it.

    On the hosting server, a forwarder directs all the brenda@... emails to jean@... but, because emails are being retained on the server (as a backup), any emails to brenda@... go into both the jean@ and the brenda@ inboxes. What they would like is for the emails only to go into the jean@ account, while retaining the brenda@ account for archive purposes.

    Is there any way of doing this? Thanks very much

    • Diane Poremsky says

      What type of email account is it? Do you want the new mail to go into the brenda account as part of the archive? If not, you need either set the forwarding rule to not deliver to both mailboxes, but to forward only the the new one. Or you can add the brenda address to jean's mailbox and remove the forwarding rule - the brenda mailbox will have a new default email address (which doesn't matter since its not getting email). This would be easier if you use Exchange server (mostly because I know how to do it. :)) AFAIK, all mail servers support the first option - not sure how many besides Exchange support the second one.

  45. steve says

    when i send emails out it says my name then{}

    Is there any way to make it just say my name and not my email address to??

    • Diane Poremsky says

      If you use a pop3/imap/hotmail account, you can control it, but not if you use exchange - it's controlled by the server.

  46. Frank says

    I applied the Outlook 2013 registry key and now my IMAP account defaults for all new email.

    But when i create a new appointment or meeting, outlook 2013 still defaults to the forst POP3 account and not my IMAP account.

    Is there a way to force meetings and appointments to my IMAP account?

  47. Randall Bryant says

    Hi Diane

    After reading through all the comments here and seeing your correspondence with other needy folks, I'm optimistic in my chances of resolving some Outlook issues I'm having. Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Here's a few details...

    I am trying to setup my grandmothers new gmail address in Outlook 2010 (SP1). She just moved home's and had to get a new ISP due to the new home being in a rural area. The previous ISP provided her with an email address when has been canceled, and we started her a new gmail address to use moving forward.

    The old email address has been setup in Outlook for sometime now and has performed with no issues. It appears that the old email address uses the same .pst file as the Outlook User Account which leaves only one account (email address) as a option on the left-hand side pane. When I add the new gmail address in IMAP (imap is desirable so that she can log into gmail from other computers throught the web interface and see her email account exactly as it is on her home computer which utilizes Outlook), it creates a new .pst file. I noticed that the new .pst file is being created in a different location than the old one. The old file is at ...documents/Outlook Files... The new .pst file for the gmail account is being created at ...AppData/Local/Microsoft/Outlook/.. The 2 separate Outlook Data Files are showing up on the leftpane (1 is the old email address, the other the new gmail address). How can I consolidate these two data files? I selected all the mail in the inbox of the old email address and moved it to the inbox of the new gmail address. The address book data and the calendar data from the old account need to be part of the new gmail address. I've tried every angle that I can possibly see and haven't been able to accomplish getting the new gmail account setup with the old data and getting the old email account removed.

    Again, any help would be greatly appreciated.


  48. Dave Englund says

    I work on a help desk. We each have a personal exchange mailbox, and also work in a shared exchange mailbox. When we do a reply out of either mailbox the "From" information is correct for the mailbox we are in. So far so good.

    However, now that we are using Outlook 2010 there is a new wrinkle. If I do a Reply or Reply All from *within* our Remedy help desk application, even though the original email attached to the ticket was from the Help Desk mailbox (its a copy of the most recent Sent message), when the reply message comes up it defaults to my personal mailbox as the "From" sender, instead of the original help desk sender mailbox. Are there any registery tweaks that would fix this?

  49. Dave Englund says

    I go into Accounts > Email, and select my personal account. Double-click it to Change it. Choose More Settings. In Microsoft Exchange dialog, go to Advanced tab. We added two shared Help Desk mailboxes under "Open these additional mailboxes" (e.g., Help Desk 1, Help Desk 2).

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Ok. Replies should use the right account - new messages won't (you need to select the account). I have VBA that will open a new message addressed from a different address.

  50. RM says

    Diane, I have 2 separate IMAP accounts (Personal and Business) on my home computer using Outlook 2010. My business is set to my default account.

    Everything works fine except for when I go to accept a meeting request from a 3rd party.
    My acceptance email always comes from my personal account, even though the meeting request was sent to my business account. I tried the Edit this response to modify where the email comes from, but there are no options. It defaults to my personal account.

    Do you know how I can change the accept from email to my business account?

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Outlook should send the response from the account that received it - if not, from the default account. So, it should be using the business account.

      I would do one of two things: set the personal account default then set the business account as default or remove the personal account, restart Outlook, and then add it back. If the personal account was added first, this might fix it.

  51. Larry Cooper says

    Since installing to Outlook 2010,, mail that I cc; or bcc; back to my own account gets sent to the intended recipient from the correct account however; the CC, or BCC copy that I send back to my account gets sent from my Hotmail account and a copy of the sent mail goes to my Hotmail sent folder instead of the original sending account sent folder

    I use this method so that I can file sent mail into each recipients own folder.

    I didn't have any problem with sending myself emails in 2007 Outlook.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      What type of email account do you have configured in outlook? If the cc or bcc is sent from your Hotmail acct, the original should be sent from it as well. Outlook wouldn't send the same message from two accounts.

  52. mikkishull says

    Diane...I am at my wits end. Would it be possible to engage your services to figure out what is going on with my new Outlook 2013?

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Sure, I'm available for hire. Email me at diane @ slipstick .com with the details of your problem and we can set up a time to look at it. I have gotomeeting available so i can view your configuration.

  53. John says

    i need help with regards to my email account, this is how it goes, i do have an existing should i say default email account, i just want to ask if i will going to add one more account but i dont want to set up together with my default, all i want to is to get those incoming emails from the other email. is there any way i can received those incoming emails from the other email account? any other suggestions? please realyy need help.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      You have two options in Outlook: a new profile for the second account or add the second account and either deliver it to a new pst file or to the same pst as the default account. If you want to receive on the second account but send any replies from the default account, use the method at send-only POP3 account- the incoming server will be correct for the account, the outgoing server will be for the second account. Set up outgoing authentication on More Settings > Outgoing server

  54. David Butt (@dbuttireland) says

    Hopefully you can help on this one....
    I have several POP email accounts set up on Outlook 2010. I had reason to delete the default account and re-install it. The account is working well, but it is now listed at the bottom of the dialog box, so I have to scroll down to see its progress.
    Can this be changed and moved back to the top as it was before?
    Appreciate you help:-)

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Is it set as default? The default should be on top then the rest follow in Alphabetical order.

      File, Account Settings to check - you can also arrange the order they are listed in the dialog - that controls the order in the From address picker.

  55. David Butt (@dbuttireland) says

    Thanks for coming back so promptly Diane - I've been ill for the past few days hence my delay in replying.

    Yes it is set as default, and yes is is at the top in the From address picker. Interesting to note however, the dialog box does not seem to be following the same rules as the address picker. Have you seen this happen before? Is there anything else I can do?

    Thanks again Diane, appreciate your help

  56. Sree Kumar says

    HI, I have a problem. I had created two profies in my outlook 2007. One for personal and one for my business. The default profile is my business one, but the frequency of mails are more in personal. Most of the times my outlook will be on in default mode, but personal mails are downloaded in this profile. I don't need that to happen. How can you help me in this?

    • Diane Poremsky says

      So mail from a second account is downloaded when it's not int he open profile? Do the personal and business accounts share a catchall mailbox?

  57. Nigel Palmer says

    Hi I have a peculiar difficulty where I have removed the multiple accounts. Each account had of course the same username which is the same as one of the accounts. If I have to have one account only I don't want the original one so have chosen another. This works fine but still sends 'From' the username not the email address I have chosen. Can you help me please?

    • Diane Poremsky says

      What type of email account do you use? How are you choosing the email address? I know accounts will not use any other From address - other email providers may do the same.

  58. Harry says

    I need to share a Windows 7 Professional computer with Outlook 2013 with different users with unique pop3 email accounts, each of which must be private. I can set up multiple profiles ok, but am not sure how to set them up so a specific person can only log into and see their unique email account. Can you help?

    • Diane Poremsky says

      You need windows user accounts if you want the accounts private - in Windows, type user account in the start search field. Create a user account for each person. Then switch users or log off/log on to change windows accounts.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      No, its not necessary. The policies key is normally applied by Group policy but can be used by anyone. The only difference is the policy key disables the option in the interface, if one exists, which one doesn't for both of the options on the page.

  59. Steven Papier says

    I use an Outlook Exchange account as my primary email address, and I've set up several POP3 accounts. One of those POP3 accounts is my default "from" account. In Office 2007 I could create a Word mail-merge document and all of the generated emails would use the default POP3 account. .In Office 2013, that's no longer the case. My Outlook Exchange account becomes the "from" account for those emails even though it isn't my default "from" account. In fact, there seems to be a small bug when I try to manually change the "from" account in mail-merge generated emails, but the real problem is it isn't practical to manually edit those messages. Using your registry key change instructions doesn't seem to help.

  60. Alain says

    THis works great for mails on Outlook 2013 Thanks! I'm now looking for the same registry tip to do the exact same for calendar invitation. I would like that calendar invitations to be sent using the default email account. Any ideas? Thanks

    • Diane Poremsky says

      There is not a reg hack for meetings - I thought this one worked for all mail - meetings included. I don't know if a macro would be able to change it - I'll check.

  61. coreen says

    Related to the IMAP POP3 discussion I am trying to set up folders within my inbox. and the message I keep getting is that it is "a limitation of my IMAP server. In order to create a folder that can contain sub folders append '/' to its name as you create it." I don't seem to understand how to do that cause the various ways I try are not working. If I want a sub folder named website in my inbox what is it asking me to name it? website/ ? website/inbox? Feeling pretty dense about the exact way to do this

    • Diane Poremsky says

      We can be dense together. :) I haven't seen that message before. The Inbox already exists, so you'd create website/ - or so i think. The other option is to make a folder at the same level as the inbox, although it may error too.

  62. Steve Richards says

    Brilliant! I clicked the link and the fix was taken care of for me. You are awesome, thank you.

  63. Dafne Dovllansky (@DafneDov) says

    Hi I would appreciate if you can help me about how to configure from which account are e-mails sent even though they arrived through IMAP. The situation is as follows:
    I am using Outlook 2010, and I have my gmail account configured as IMAP, besides other POP3 accounts. My gmail account is checking other account (POP3) and I have other accounts forwarded to my gmail, as well. The problem is that when I reply messages from outlook it is automatically determined that the outgoing mail is the gmail one, and since I have configured the SMTP for all these accounts to be able to send messages directly from outlook I would like that when pressing reply, the outgoing mail will be the one to which the email was sent to. I tried with the rules, but I can not set up any different rule than the predetermined… and this is not included there :( (Rules where much better in previous versions!)
    Can you help me?

  64. Ali Sagheb says

    This is great! Thanks! Any chance you have the solution for Windows 8? There was not a 'Mail' key under 'Options' in the registry. I tried making one and adding the value but it didn't work.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      The keys are the same in all versions of Windows, the outlook version is what matters (when the path includes the version #). If a key doesn't exist, you need to create it - or use the correct reg file for your version.

  65. Fabrice Ravel says

    I have 2 PC, one with outlook 2013 and the other with outlook 2010.

    These PC have 2 outlook accounts :
    - One pop3 account (principal)
    - One Exchange 2010 account which supports shared calendars.

    Under outlook 2013, I selected the "Always to use the account by default during the composition of new messages " option, then :
    - Any new created e-mail, whom we are in the file of data pop3 or Exchange, uses well the account by default which corresponds in pop3.
    - Any new meeting added in the Exchange calendar use for the opportunity the Exchange account .
    It corresponds completely to what I want.

    On the other hand in outlook 2010, with the same marked option, the new meetings added in Exchange leave with the account pop3, what raises me problem.

    Is it possible to obtain the same behavior with outlook 2010 as in outlook 2013 ?

    Thank you for your help.

  66. Jerry says

    Well, not sure if this has been answered but i'll ask anyway. I'm working with the following 2 pop accounts on outlook 2010 each one pulls mail from the same server. & the is the default. All I want to do is for every reply, replyall is to always use the as the outbound account. The received generic inquiry emails and bulk mail. is there an easy way to accomplish this. i do have the using the reply to option and it's smtp is the


  67. Sieg says


    I have set up e-mail forwarding from my ISP email (POP3) to an office 365 email, however I would still like all outgoing email to be my ISP email (i.e. contacts will only see my ISP email, not the office 365 email).

    I have set up both emails in outlook, hence your regedit solution, solved the part for creating new email (auto selection of my ISP email as outgoing email).

    My question is when replying to an email, is there a similar solution such that whenever I click reply in the office 365 email inbox, it will automatically select my ISP email as the out-going address (current default is the office 365 email)? Instead of manually selecting through the drop down list?

    I'm using outlook 2013 on windows 8.1

    Your help is very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  68. Jonathan Dimsdale says

    I recently purchased a Windows phone so that my calendar and contacts would be automatically synchronised between the phone and my Outlook 2003. I had a nightmare trying to get this to work including spending 2 1/2 hours on the Microsoft chat line and getting absolutely nowhere. In despair, I updated to Office 365 including Outlook 2013 as I was told that I couldn't export my calendar from Outlook 2003 as an ics file. My daughter then directed me to this website and I have followed the tutorial and your instructions but I am completely lost when you talk about editing the registry file. I don't know where to find a registry file or registry editor and when I went to the link above referring to Outlook 2013 and rightclicked on the contents, there was no option to 'save link as' (I am using Firefox and Windows 7).

    I also have a problem in that when my calendar is transferred to my phone, it doesn't record the appointment, only that I am busy between the relevant hours.

    I would be most grateful if you could help a geriatric novice!!

    • Diane Poremsky says

      I'm not sure why you need to export the calendar as an ics and I'm not sure what on this page would help with the calendar. :)

      In Outlook 2013, select a calendar folder then File, Save Calendar... click More options buttons to change the level of details.

      When you say Office 365, do you mean Home Premium or a business suite that includes Exchange Server mailbox?

  69. Jonathan Dimsdale says

    On the Outlook,com website, it said that I had to import my calendar as an ics file. My Office 365 is Home Premium but how do I find out if it includes an Exchange Server mailbox? It does have a facility for including an email account as ExchangeActivSync which I have done. It was after doing that, as per your tutorial, that you said that I had to alter the registry, which was when i got lost:)

    • Diane Poremsky says

      If you are using, and have the Home Premium subscription, you don't have the Exchange services. Exchange Active Sync is just the type of protocol that is used to connect to

      As for the calendar, you do need to move the appointments into the calendar, and importing an ics is one option. The other way is to copy the appointments to the calendar folder in outlook. Some of the appointments may not sync up to the server when you copy the appointments, but the ics method should work 100% of the time.

      I'll have to review the tutorial - the options on this page need to registry setting only if you need to send mail from a specific account all the time. It wouldn't affect ics files.

  70. Jonathan Dimsdale says

    I exported the calendar because said that I had to if I wanted to import a calendar to, which I was led to believe was necessary in order to enable the synchronisation of my calendar with my phone. I have Office 365 Home Premium. I am not sure whether I have an Exchange Server mailbox but I was able to set up a new email account as an Exchange ActiveSync as per your tutorial. That was when I got stuck on the requirement to change the registry.

  71. Jonathan Dimsdale says

    Yes I do need to send my emails from my normal account so I think that I do need to alter the registry according to the comments above. I would be grateful if you can tell me how to do this as I can't find the registry and when I go to the link under Outlook 2013 and right click, I don't get the option of 'save link as' (I'm using Firefox).

  72. Colin Farrant says

    Diane. Apologies if you have covered this above but I have not seen it. I have downloaded the run this registry file to set the ForceAccountSelection key: and it works in that it asks me what account I want to use. Great. When I try press send from mail merge, it says I need to choose the do I do that from the word/mail merge doc?

  73. Joe Fucito says

    Current - Running two Outlook 2007 profiles (on window XP laptop). One is for my main business that pops several email accounts (multiple ""). Also have contacts and calendar related to business. Other profile is personal (my own main domain, a hobby-business domain, and an ISP email). Also have contacts and calendar set up in this profile.

    Primarily did this so i didn't have to think about the Sending Account being right for the main business emails and also be right for the main personal emails (obviously, each profile has its own pst file). Doing it this way allowed me to set the correct Default Sending Account to make that part of sending emails automatic.

    By the way, I sync the calendars through Google Calendar which also syncs to the calendar on my Bionic mobile. Kind of a pain now; open one profile, enter appointments, hit google sync, close profile, open other profile, hit google sync, etc., etc., you get the point.

    Now have new laptop running Windows 7. Want to set up email with the same concern about not having to think about whether or not the sending email is the right one. Can this be accomplished with only one Outlook profile in Outlook 2013 (and thereby maintaining one Contact and one Calendar). Or do I still need to maintain two Outlook profiles?

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Yes, with Outlook 2013 you only need one profile - if the accounts are delivered to separate data files, outlook will "default" to the account that is delivered to the data file you are currently viewing.

  74. Adriana Bennett says

    Hello, I am in Outlook 2013 and I have multiple e-mail accounts. I also need to have separate calendars for each e-mail account. Although I opened new calendars linked to these e-mail accounts I do not seem to be able to use these calendars for meetings - sending meeting invites and accepting meetings. When sending a meeting invite from one of the calendars I get a message saying "The meeting is not in the Calendar folder for this account. Responses to this meeting will not be tallied". Would you be able to help. Many thanks in advance.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      What type of email accounts do you use? Is the correct account listed in the from field when you create a meeting request?

    • Diane Poremsky says

      It depends on your account types. With POP3 or IMAP, yes, you can have one calendar and contacts. If you want to try and keep these separate for each account, you can do that too.

  75. Joe Fucito says

    All POP3 and one calendar and one contacts is preferred. Have separate now in two profiles and pain to keep syncing them each with a google calendar (only way I found to get each Outlook calendar in sync with each other and my cell phone calendar. Looks like new setup will make this easier. Thanks for your help. (and promptness)

  76. John P says

    Thank you Diane for sharing your deep knowledge of this. I am using Outlook for Mac 2011 and I have nearly the identical problem as Joe Fucito (needing to separate my business and personal emails), but in my case I had both accounts dump into the same .pst file. I just discovered that when I compose a new message, although it gives me the option to choose which account to send the message from in a little drop-down box in the "From" field, that option is *ignored* and the email is always sent from my business account. Do you know if I would have to set up a new profile and new .pst file in order to avoid that? Outlook's behavior is totally counter-intuitive (and has the potential to do real damage to people's lives), since it makes you think that you are successfully selecting the account that you want to send your mail from, but you aren't.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Outlook shouldn't do that - I'll check it on my mac and see if i can figure it out.

  77. John P says

    Thank you. I should have mentioned that both accounts are set up as POP accounts, and both are Gmail accounts. I can log into them from a browser and they send outgoing mail from the separate accounts as expected, but from Outlook, outgoing mail is all sent from my work account.

  78. Sieg says

    Hi Diane,

    Thank you for your reply.

    "Office 365 supports connected accounts and they reply should use the correct address if the account is set up as a connected accounted. "

    I know of this function, however if I use this function instead of direct e-mail forwarding from the ISP server, the incoming email will often have a 10-20 mins lag between the email reaching the ISP email inbox and the Office 365 inbox.

    Is there other ways other than macro? Say change the time interval in which Office 365 receives email from the ISP server?


    • Diane Poremsky says

      You can't change how frequently Office 365 checks for mail - I think it's on a 15 min schedule, which is generally the ISP recommended time.

  79. Olabimpe says

    Hello. I have three accounts set up on my outlook 2010. I want outlook to automatically determine which account to send from based on a specific word in recipient addresses. I discover that Manage Rules and alert does not have this option. please is there a way I can achieve this?

  80. Martin says

    OK the game moves on I am using Win 8.1 Outlook 10 SP2 but have the default account selection issue to overcome. The Regedit paths are different to those described above and so I would appreciate an update if possible.

  81. Terry says

    In a Active Directory Exchange 2013 environment, Outlook 2010 will go to default email address. Added registry to force choice but still goes to default, even disable use default in registry.So I can change the"From:" address from the From dropdown list but it goes into the default email Sent Items. Is there some group policy that may be in place on the Server?

  82. Martin says

    So would you be able to give some advice on the registry folders for Win 8.1 which are different to Win7? I would like to force the account seletion.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      the windows version doesn't matter, the office version does. You need to go to either HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Office\15.0 (outlook 2013) or HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Office\14.0 (outlook 2010).

  83. Warren says

    Hi. I have a user using office 2013. In outlook he has his exchange account (default) and multiple Pop3 accounts all with different email addresses. His exchange account works no problem but one of his Pop3 accounts keeps wanting to get repaired. I have already run the repair process once and then the second time I reinstalled office and added all the profiles again, but now the same email address wants to be repaired again. The user is running windows 8.1 now. Everything worked on Windows 7 with outlook 2010

  84. Warren says

    Thanks Diane for the quick reply. The problem has happened twice but on two separate POP accounts. Unfortunately this has nothing to do with our server as the POP account isn't on our server and we don't have access to those servers.

  85. Janice Landon says

    Hi, I have two email accounts in outlook 2010. I also have two company files in my MYOB software.One email account is for one company and the other is for the other one. The original company emails through the original email account but I want to be able to email from the new company through the new email account. Is it possible to make a choice, please help.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      If I understand the problem correctly, you want to send email from MYOB using account #2. The best way to do this is by creating a second profile with only this account in it. Close Outlook, open Control Panel and find Mail. Select the profile and click copy. Open the copy and set the second acct as default and remove the first account (to avoid confusion). Set it so outlook asks which profile when you start it. Open the profile you want to use then go into myob.

  86. Andrew says

    Forcing the account works great for new messages. I have a ton of messages that are in shared mailboxes. I read through most of the above replies but I don't believe there is a way to default to a certain account every time no matter who the original sender was? I most certainly don't want to have to select the "from account" each time.

    Any ideas?

  87. john says

    Thanks for the automated registry change but I think I figured out my mistake causing emails to go out from the wrong email account. So, how can I change the registry back -- is it as simple as deleting the piece that was added?

  88. Debbie Anne says

    Hi, I have OL2010 and cannot change the default email account, I have 6 separate mail boxes set up. I have changed the registry to force an account, which seems to be selecting the account from which mail box is currently open, very good. However, when I try to mail merge documents from Word 2010, the emails are all going out with the first account, my personal account, and I have to manually change the send account on every email. Very painful. Is there any way to fix this?

  89. Brian says

    I have a similar problem to those listed above, but I don't think it has been addressed. Many references on the internet say “Replies and Forwards” always use the account the message arrived on” – this is NOT what I’m finding !! HELPLet me explain :I have several POP3 email accounts – let us call them (set as default account in Outlook)abc1@domain1.comabc2@domain2.comabc3@domain3.comI receive an email addressed to my default email address ( and when I reply Outlook attempts to send the reply from one of my other email addresses (for example – but it could be any of the non-default addresses). I then need to manually change the “from” email address before sending – being human I sometimes forget to change it.How can I make it actually default to the “default” email address always or come up with a “select the from e-mail address” – I’ve seen that this can be done for a NEW email by making a registry change but the various references imply that it does not work for replies or forwarding of emails.HELP !!I’m using Outlook 2013 32 bit with Windows 7 64 bit.This same problem existed when I had Office Professional 2007 installed, I then installed Office 365 (in the hope the problem would go away – but it has not!) and subsequently uninstalled Office 2007. All settings for Outlook 2013 were automatically taken from 2007 when 365 was installed.Thanks for any help.

  90. Brian says

    One part of my posting is not clear after up-loading - that part I repeat below with better punctuation :HELP Let me explain : I have several POP3 email accounts – let us call them : (set as default account in Outlook),,,, I receive an email addressed to my default email address ( and when I reply Outlook attempts to send the reply from one of my other email addresses (for example – but it could be any of the non-default addresses).

  91. Brian says

    Thanks for your very prompt reply.There are 5 separate accounts (each with a different user name) all down loading into the same inbox in Outlook 2013. Each account downloads separately - sequentially one after the other. The accounts are separate in the Outlook 2013 - there are 5 lines - one for each account - in the File-Info-Account Information-Account Settings-E-Mail accounts-E-mail tab.Any further comment appreciated - if the macro is still relevant, what do I do with it ?Brian

  92. Steve Rauscher says

    Hi Diane,

    Periodically, I've been sending out mail merge emails using Word & Outlook, with emails stored in an Excel file. These go out under my default business email account, which is an IMAP account.

    I recently purchased a new computer and am now trying to do the same thing with Office 2013. However, these emails are now going out under my personal gmail account (also IMAP) instead of my default business email account.

    I tried to find the folder in the Regedit registry. I can find HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Office\14.0\outlook\.

    However the \options folder isn't there and I can's seem to create it.

    Can you provide some step by step instructions on how to make sure that emails using email mail merge with Word/Excel/Outlook go out under the correct default business email account?

    Many thanks,


    • Diane PoremskyDiane Poremsky says

      If the folder doesn't exist, you need to create it. Is the business account set as both the default email account and default data file? With 2 imap accounts, it definitely should use the default account.

  93. Steve Rauscher says

    Oh, I just checked. The business accont was the default email account, but not the default data file. When I changed it and tested it, mail merge now goes out via the right account. Many thanks for your help.

  94. Alex says

    Hi Diane,
    In Outlook 2013 I use gmail for mail and for everything else. When I create an appointment and invite someone, the invitation always sends from the address. How can I default to always send from gmail? The registry trick NewItemsUseDefaultSendingAccount does not help.
    many thanks

  95. Alex says

    The macro page link you provided doesn't show macro for creating default account appointment but your 2nd suggestion - start request from email section - works fine! Thanks Diane -

    • Diane PoremskyDiane Poremsky says

      The code under the 'Send a meeting request using a specific account' section should work - it's a macro you need to click to use. When i get a chance, I'll look at making it work when a new appointment form opens.

  96. wkadams says

    When I try to follow your steps to modify the registry I get down to the options where it says to select mail. However, I don't have an option for mail. what can I do. I simply want to just send email from my default account which is 1 out of 5.

    • Diane PoremskyDiane Poremsky says

      If the key doesn't exist, you need to create it. Or download the ready-to-run reg file and run it.

  97. Alex says

    Hi Diane,

    I really like the functions referred to in your article (ie reply from the same address the email was sent to). This has worked for me until now (outlook 2010), but I'm in the process of switching to mac and it doesn't seem to be working on Outlook for Mac (2011).

    I use rules to move pop emails into my exchange account, but now when I hit reply the exchange account is always used as the reply from address (or whatever I set as a default account). It's not ideal, I really liked that it used to choose the correct address and signature... any ideas how to fix this?

    • Diane PoremskyDiane Poremsky says

      As far as I know, there is no way to do it outlook for mac using a macro - you'll need to select the address before sending. Sorry.

  98. peapodsnappies says

    Thanks Diane, really appreciate your reply. Not to worry, might need to use something other than outlook as it appears changing the signature is also very difficult on mac.

    • Diane PoremskyDiane Poremsky says

      Are you using the newest Outlook for Mac? It has the blue icon like the windows version; the original outlook 2011 has a yellow icon. The signature is easy to changing in the newest versions.

  99. peapodsnappies says

    Hi Diane, thanks for that!

    I updated to the latest Outlook for Mac (blue icon) and it does fix the signature issue.

    Now to work out why emails sent from the Mac have a completely different font size when read on a PC... it looks terrible. Surely this should be an easier process :)

  100. ben says

    Hi Diane,
    I used the registry edit file linked and now I cannot open Outlook with that profile, only in safe mode.
    any suggestions?
    Thanks Ben

    • Diane PoremskyDiane Poremsky says

      Can you open the profile if you delete the key from the registry? Which reg entry did you use?

    • ben says

      I used the Outlook 2013 key and then deleted it after it wouldnt open and no luck.
      I have an exchange account and a pop3 account, and it will open in safe the pop3 now but the exchange account profile will not open, nor can I switch profiles and get it to open in non-safe mode.
      I'll admit this is the 3rd time ive ever edited the registry (been a Mac guy for most of the last 30 years), but not sure where I went wrong. Thanks!

    • Diane PoremskyDiane Poremsky says

      Do you get any error messages? The key is not something that would affect outlook like this - I'm guessing something is causing it and it's a coincidence that it happened at the same time. Open Control panel, Mail and edit the Email accounts - select the Exchange account and click or remove it and add it back.

  101. Cesar Castello says

    Hello Diane,
    I have 3 IMAP accounts in Outlook 2013, Windows 10. I was trying to change the Registry as per your instructions bellow, but it seems that this is different for Windows 10. Can you help me? Thank you.
    Value Name: ForceAccountSelection
    Value type: REG_DWORD: 1 for force, 0 to disable.

    • Diane PoremskyDiane Poremsky says

      It's the same in Windows 10. If the key doesn't exist, you'll need to create it. Or run the ready to use file to set it automatically.

  102. Susie Probert says

    Hi Diane
    This is really quite an amazing thread - and I am truly hopeful that you can help me with my situation.
    We have recently moved to office 365 and we have some shared mailboxes along with our licensed user accounts.
    We use MYOB accounting software and utilise the feature where we can email directly from MYOB. This uses the default account (as set up in Outlook). We want these emails to come from one of the shared mailboxes, so I have added that shared mailbox into Outlook as a profile and selected that as the default. However, when you create the email from MYOB the message goes into the Outbox (interestingly it is the outbox of the licenced user profile that is on that computer) and they sit there until someone manually clicks on them and sends them - they don't automatically send. This is not the behaviour when we make the licensed user profile the default - in that instance they automatically send. Seems to me that there is some issue with the officelink function (or equivalent) that the MYOB email function is using accessing the shared mailbox to allow the autosend - but I didn't know whether I could get around this via rules or something similar. The end work around will be that we have to pay a licence fee for this particular shared mailbox (and have it as a proper account) but if there is another approach that would work I would be interested in trying it...
    I'd love your thoughts on this.

    • Diane PoremskyDiane Poremsky says

      Is the mailbox also automapped to your profile or are you a delegate? Both can cause issues if you also open the mailbox as a mailbox. If so, remove your account as a delete or have the admin removing automapping.

      One option: Make a new profile for the shared mailbox, with only the shared mailbox in the profile. In autoaccount setup, use the shared mailbox address - when the password dialog comes up, put in your login information. When you need to send invoices, use this profile.

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