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This is a collection of tools used to view inside MAPI message stores, including Exchange mailboxes and PSTs. Two of the tools, MFCMapi and MDBVu32 are provided by Microsoft.

While these tools are designed for developers, they can be used by anyone with basic knowledge to browse for and delete hidden items in a mailbox or PST. Should you need to use these tools, always make a backup of your PST or mailbox first. If you delete messages or other items in error using these tools, you cannot recover them unless you have a backup.

Redemption provides a hook into Extended MAPI which developers can use to create add-ins that avoid security alerts. has more information on using Redemption.

See Outlook Developer Resources for more resources.


Add-in Express Extensions

The Add-in Express Extensions for Outlook is a plug-in included in Add-in Express packages that allows you to customize Microsoft Outlook forms and folder views by embedding feature-rich forms into the Advanced Microsoft Outlook Regions. So, you can design forms and views in Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003, 2007 and 2010 32-bit and 64-bit both programmatically and in design-time.

Add-in Express Regions for Outlook and VSTO

An extension for Visual Studio Tools for Office that allows you to create view and form regions for Outlook Explorer and Inspector windows. You can customize several Outlook panes including Navigation pane, Reading pane, Folder view pane, Outlook super grid pane, To-Do Bar and Inspector windows such as e-mail, task and appointment windows. Visual Studio 2010 and 2008 with VSTO installed (C# and VB.NET), Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010 (32-bit, 64-bit) are supported.

Advansys PST Creator

PST Creator a programming add in which allows you to create PST files on the fly and hook them into your profile. It will also allow you to copy profiles and work with them. Features include the ability to copy an existing profile to another, remove profile information, create PST files as needed, and attach or remove PST files from profiles.


Open source project to read MS Outlook autocomplete (NK2) files and extract email addresses. Beta version 0.5

DELPHI Sample Message Store

Sample message store project, based on an old Microsoft example for building a Message Store. The message store is based on the file system. Each folder is a directory and each message is a file. Additional files hold properties of folders and of the message store itself. Supports all versionsof Outlook, including Outlook 2007. Also available: DELPHI Peer Transport Provider and DELPHI Flat File Address Book Provider.

Exchange Hook

Strictly for developers, a mechanism for adding Exchange/Outlook client extensions that perform actions when you open or close messages, based on an address in the From field on the message. When Exchange Hook is installed, you'll see a Message Handlers tab in the Tools, Options dialog. (If you don't see this tab in Outlook, make sure Exchange Hook is installed in the Add-In Manager.) Use this tab to configure Exchange Hook to process messages with programs that you create in VB or other tools. With source code. Outlook 2010 and earlier.

IMI ADODB ExMAPI Address Book Provider

IMI ADODB ExMAPI Address Book Provider starts off with the easiest to implement but also most commonly used Service Provider - Address Book. The current version included in the project consists of two parts - an Administrative part and the Address Book Provider itself. In the administrative part one can


The IMIMSP32 is a sample message store that uses Microsoft Office Access 2000/2003 MDB or Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005 (incl. Express Edition) as backend store.

Kernel OST Viewer

Kernel OST Viewer is a FREE utility to view the contents of OST files. It does not require Outlook installation. A connection with Exchange is also not required. Just select the OST file and it will mount it in its Outlook like GUI instantly.


MAPIViewer is a free simple to use Windows NT/2000/XP utility that provides an Explorer-like interface for browsing MAPI stores accessible via the win32 MAPI API's, including MAPI stores, folders, and message item properties, and hierarchy.

MDBVU32 (Information Store Viewer)

Use MDBVu32 to view or set details about a user's message storage files, which consist of the private information store, the personal folder file (.Pst), the public store and the offline folder file (.Ost). The Information Store Viewer shows the properties available for each message, how you can use them, and in what format they appear.


MFCMAPI uses Microsoft's published APIs to provide access to MAPI stores through a graphical user interface. Its purpose is to facilitate investigation of Exchange and Outlook issues and to provide developers with a canonical sample for MAPI development. Updated frequently.

Outlook 2007 Add-Ins: RulesAddin, TravelAgencyAddin, and PrepareMeAddin

Outlook 2007 Sample Add-Ins are a learning tool to help you understand some of the features in the Outlook object model. Each sample is available in a version for Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office Second Edition (VSTO 2005 SE). Information on Using the Rules object model, to create or access rules supported by the Outlook Rules Wizard (Rules sample), Implementing a form region for a contact item (Travel Agency sample) and Adding a custom task pane to an AppointmentItem (Prepare Me sample)

Outlook Extensions Library

Toolkit for Outlook developers that provides many features that make Outlook act more like a database (so maybe you don't need that external database after all) -- record locking, generating a unique ID, field-level data encryption, task and appointment synchronization (look for the ItemSync object), and lookup from other Outlook folders or from data maintained as a separate Outlook item. Also includes WYSIWG printing. The same company also offers TeamWork for workflow, with or without Exchange Server

Outlook Tools: sample tools for managing PST files in Outlook Profile

Sample tools are available from the Microsoft Download site that will give administrators the ability to add a new or existing .pst to the profile, remove a .pst file from the profile, or retrieve information about .pst files in the profile.

Outlook Year View Control

ActiveX control that provides a full year view of Outlook appointments, with different colors for categories. Setup program builds a web page to display the planner view of any calendar folder in Outlook as a folder home page. Includes ASP .NET application for Internet or Intranet use.


This update adds full support for the final version of Outlook 2007. It has a new hex viewer and editor for the binary (PT_BINARY) MAPI properties, a new script editor ("Script Editor" window and "Script" tab for the IDispatch-derived objects), along with several new symbolic MAPI property tags. Supports Outlook 2013 and Windows 8.


PMAPIWrapper is a small COM library offering functionality to get around the Outlook Security prompts introduced in Outlook 2000. It provides a set of functions to get properties without invoking the security prompts, and also some properties not available to the Outlook Object Model.

PSTViewer Pro

Use PstViewer Pro to view, search, print, reply to, and export email stored in your Outlook .PST files. Just start PstViewer Pro and select the folder with your .pst files. Click on the .PST file to reveal folders, emails, and file attachments. Renders Outlook emails in their original html, rich text or text formatting. Export your emails to different formats, including PDF, HTML, MHT, CSV, JPG and more. Can also open .eml and .msg files, Outlook not required.


Update added support for Outlook 2013. Version 5.5

Security Manager for Outlook

Security Manager for Microsoft Outlook is a one-line programming tool that allows you to bypass security settings and avoid security warnings, alerts or prompts in add-ins and applications that interact with Microsoft Outlook. Security Manager is developed for .NET, VCL and ActiveX platforms (VB.NET, C#, C++, Visual Basic 6, Delphi, VBA, Word MailMerge) and supports MS Outlook 2000, Outlook 2002 (XP), Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 with / without service packs.


vbMAPI is for developers who need to send emails through Outlook and want to avoid the Outlook security warnings. The vbMAPI library provides an interface for Outlook that completely avoids the security warnings and exposes many new features. vbMAPI can be used in any VBA, VB6, VB.NET or C# project. vbMAPI doesn't require you to distribute any DLL files to your end users.

Visual MAPI

(Formerly MAPI Mate) Automatic code generator for MAPI (i.e. CDO) projects in Visual Basic or VBA. Follow the instructions in the Readme.txt file to install. Donationware. Requires the VB 6.0 runtime. 391kb, 15 Nov 99.

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