Export (save) Outlook Contact photos

Last reviewed on May 22, 2013

Use this VBA to save contact photos to a folder on your hard drive.

This is an example of a contact photo:

Contact photo

To import photos into contacts, see Batch Import Photos into Outlook Contacts

Note: make sure you change the folder path in the VBA!

Sub SaveContactPhoto()

Dim itemContact As ContactItem
Dim fdrContacts As MAPIFolder
Dim colAttachments As Outlook.Items
Dim colItems As Outlook.Items

Dim fname As String

Set fdrContacts = Session.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderContacts)

On Error Resume Next

For itemCounter = 1 To fdrContacts.Items.Count

    Set itemContact = fdrContacts.Items(itemCounter)
    Set collAttachments = itemContact.Attachments

    For Each attach In collAttachments
      If attach.FileName = "ContactPicture.jpg" Then
        fname = (itemContact.FirstName & itemContact.LastName & ".jpg")
        attach.SaveAsFile ("C:\Contact Photos\" & fname)
      End If


End Sub

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