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Connecting Gmail calendar to Outlook is a popular request and unfortunately, it's not possible unless you use an add-in. However, if you only need a read-only calendar, you can add a Gmail calendar as an Internet Calendar and view your appointments (but not edit or add new appointments).

You need to use the Private ics link in Gmail and add it as an Internet Calendar in File, Account Settings, Internet Calendar.

Another option, if you use, is to subscribe the calendar in The shared calendar syncs with the account. It's still going to be read-only, but avoids the occasional send and receive errors a subscribed calendar generates.

The Google Calendar Sync Utility utility will work with Outlook (all versions).

  1. Go to your Gmail calendar
  2. Right click on the calendar name in the left column and choose Share this calendar
  3. share google calendar

  4. Click the Calendar Details tab.
  5. Click the ICAL icon for the Private Address.
  6. Google Calendar details

  7. Right click on the URL and choose Copy. Note the HTTPS in the URL. You'll need to remove the S to use the URL in Outlook.
  8. Get url to icalendar

  9. In Outlook, go to File, Account Settings, Internet Calendar tab.
  10. Click New.
  11. Paste the URL in the address field and remove the S from https.
  12. Add Gmail Calendar to Outlook

  13. Click Add. Enter a friend name for the calendar and return to Outlook.
  14. Add Gmail Calendar to Outlook

The calendar will sync to Outlook but it is read-only. You can't add appointments in Outlook and have them sync up to the server. Updates made to the calendar online should sync down to Outlook hourly.


  1. Neal says

    NEED HELP REMOVING THIS SYNC. I've done this exact procedure and it worked great... thanks!. But I am selling my computer and need to remove this syncing. If I delete the gmail calendar in Outlook, it tells me it will delete my gmail calendar online as well. I simply want to have Outlook 2010 on this computer not download my gmail calendar any more. Help!!

    • Diane Poremsky says

      How are you syncing it? If you uninstall the sync server, it can't remove it from gmail online.

  2. Neal says

    I really appreciate your efforts to help! I've been trying what I thought to be the equivalent to windows .pst file... exporting contacts as an .olm file. After trying every possible variable via that route, I gave up. I also tried the text file option you suggested....and that did actually export files. I was excited! However, when I imported it, I discovered that Groups were not imported and all formatting on the notes was lost (just one long text). Having reliable access to Groups is one of the reasons I really wanted to continue using Outlook. And losing formatting on the notes was a pain I shouldn't have to deal with. Any other suggestions. Right now I'm leaning toward just switching to Mac Mail app for everyday use: it syncs nicely with my gmail contacts.... I'll use Outlook only when I need to utilize group emails. I'll keep an old Windows 7 laptop around...and keep it's Outlook contacts synced with gmail contacts (there is an app that does that nicely in the Windows world). Then export that .pst file to a flash drive and import it to Mac Outlook. Convoluted... but what choice do I have? At least I know this works.... Open to any other suggestions?

  3. C. Stanley Morton says

    Your procedure works like a charm. The problem now is if I want to print a weekly sheet that shows all the calendars combined, I have no idea how to get there. It appears that they all appear separately but not together as they do in Google. Any ideas? Thank you.

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