Verify and Update Outlook Contacts

Last reviewed on February 4, 2014

The tools on this page work with Outlook Contacts and allow you to get automatic updates and corrections.

Note that Outlook’s Social Connector provider for LinkedIn downloads current contact data for others who are in your LinkedIn connections. It won’t update contacts in your Contact folder but adds them to the a special contact folder used only by LinkedIn.

If you have an Exchange mailbox, the social connector will update your contacts with information in the GAL. See Help! My Contacts are being updated for more information.

Several other kinds of tools related to contacts are listed on their own pages:

Tools in the Spotlight

Actual Contacts for Outlook

Actual Contacts for Outlook is a Microsoft Outlook add-in for validating and updating your address book. Select contacts and ACO will send them a message containing a form. E-mail addresses in your Outlook can be verified with just a few clicks.


Plaxo Contacts

Send and receive contact updates. If you exchange contacts with other Plaxo users, your contact records for those users stay up-to-date automatically. Free.

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