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OWA doesn’t include the ability to insert images into signatures. This is because inserting an image from the local computer won’t do much good when you access OWA from another computer and OWA doesn’t have the capability to store it online for you.

However, you can create a signature that contains an image, provided the image is on a web server accessible from the Internet and you paste the rendered HTML into the signature.

Add an image to a signature in OWA

Note: This method will not work if you have the S/MIME Control installed. Images will be sent as text links. Check in the Options, Email Security section. You’ll also need to use HTML message format (set in OWA’s Options.)

You need view the image code in a browser and copy it. For example, I use the code below to insert the site’s logo into messages I send from OWA but I need to copy the image as it appears in a browser.

<IMG height=36 alt="Slipstick Systems Outlook and Exchange Solutions Center" hspace=8 src="//" width=150 vspace=8 border=0>

Also note that you need to use IE when you send messages from OWA in older versions of Exchange Server as only premium OWA supports HTML messages. Other browsers use OWA light and the image will not be included because OWA light is plain text only. Note that Exchange 2010 and newer support the use of HTML in OWA using most browsers.

Step 1: Prepare the image

If you are using a corporate logo that is published on your website, you can right click on it and choose Copy. Otherwise, create an HTML page containing the image and view it in a browser, Then right click and copy the image.
Copy the rendered code from the browser

To make you own HTML page, upload the image to a web server then make your signature in an HTML editor.

If you don’t have an HTML editor, copy the code below and paste it into Notepad. Replace my URLs with the URLs to your image and website. Change the height and width to match the height and width of your image. Save as signature.htm.

Go to Windows Explorer and find signture.htm. Double click to open it in IE. Right click on the image and choose Copy.

<DIV><FONT face=tahoma size=2><a href="//"><IMG alt="Slipstick Systems Outlook and Exchange Solutions Center" src="//"  /></a></FONT></DIV>

If you don’t want to make the image clickable, remove <A href=”//”> and </A> from the code.

Step 2: Paste it in the signature field

After copying the image, go into E-mail Signature in OWA’s Options and paste the signature in place.

paste the copied image into your signatureYou may see the picture placeholder in your signature in both the signature editor and when composing messages. It will show in the recipients messages, provided they allow downloaded content. Otherwise, they’ll see the picture placeholder too.



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  1. Daniel Graham Boswell-Patterson says

    An easier way is to do the following:
    if you have Gmail, just send yourself a message, from your gmail, insert a picture > from the internet > put the url of the image that you found off the internet, into that bar in gmail,
    then send the image to yourself on your Outlook Web access acount, and just copy it and paste it into your signature
    p.s. for me I can only edit my signature on Internet Exploreer, not usually on Firefox or Chrome or Safari. Though sometimes it lets me.

    Anyways, I hope somebody finds this helpful!! :) Have a wonderful day, and you are a beautiful person!!! Never forget that!!! :)

    Daniel :)

  2. Anthony Ching says

    Just want to contribute, posted this in TechNet as well to share what I've found out.

    I have just installed 2013 and I remember this question: how to add Picture in a signature made in OWA.. While doing some crazy test, I revisited the case and tried one more time to solve this riddle.. Now I finally nailed it!

    Assuming you have created your signature (with Picture) using your Outlook Application and had sent emails before;

    Now my workaround:

    Login to OWA.. Go to your SENT FOLDER. Choose one of your email sent via MS Outlook (with your signature). Copy the signature into clipboard.

    Go to OWA settings, create signature, then paste it (CTRL + V) or whatever.

    *** Why not just copy the signature directly from Outlook Application?? Simple, it won't work, believe me, I tried that few years ago. Emails with picture viewed in OWA is "embedded / encoded", so when you paste it, you are pasting HTML code into OWA's signature window.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Yeah, you need to copy the rendered HTML... you can use this same method to use images in outlook's signature, if the image is already hyperlinked - select it, copy and paste. (Yes, I'm lazy. :))

  3. SammBee says

    Copy the signature into clipboard. - does this mean that you just right click the image and click copy? Enlighten me please. Thanks.

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