Exchange Server Administrator

Send messages from additional Office 365 Exchange addresses

How to create a single member distribution group in Office 365 Exchange Online and use it to send messages.

Convert an Exchange mailbox to a shared mailbox

Convert Exchange 2013 or Office 365 mailboxes to shared mailboxes and remove the license from the account.

Outlook Online mode creates an OST file

When Outlook is using Online Mode, an OST (offline file) is created. This behavior can be controlled using registry values.

Allow or block file types in OWA

Using a mailbox policy to prevent users from opening certain file types using OWA.

Exchange Archives & ActiveSync?

A user wanted to know if he could access his Exchange 2010 archive mailbox using active sync. No, its not possible. Although the archive mailbox is separate mailbox and some mobile devices support multiple Exchange accounts, it is limited to primary Exchange mailboxes, not secondary mailboxes. Plus, it's not very efficient to load old messages  

View Site or Shared Mailboxes on a Smartphone?

Public folders won't sync to smartphones, but what about site mailboxes? Can they sync?

Viewing Your Exchange Server Topology

If you've ever used a tool like Exchange Best Practices Analyzer (ExBPA), you may have wondered how it figures out what your Exchange topology looks like. Just as ExBPA discovers your environment by examining the Active Directory, you can use tools to examine your Active Directory and see what is stored by Exchange into the  

Configuring "Send As" Permissions on Exchange Server

There are two ways to give other users the ability to "send as" another user, mailbox, or public folder address when you use Microsoft Exchange server. The first is using the Delegates feature on the Tools, Options menu. This is configurable in Microsoft Outlook by any user and adds "on behalf of" to the From  

Managing the default folders with multiple mailboxes

A user had this question: "I have 4 Exchange accounts set up in Outlook 2010. Only one account is used for mail, calendar, contacts, notes, tasks; the other accounts are only used for email. My Outlook tree is cluttered, duplicating all folders for the 4 separate accounts. Is there anyway to remove the calendar, contacts,  

OWA's Signature Size

An administrator asked "We're using Exchange 2010. We can’t create signatures more than a couple of lines in OWA. Any longer and we get a message: “The text you typed is too long. Please shorten it and try to save it again.” I remember there was a Registry change for Exchange 2003 that would set  

How to change the Out of Office message subject

How to change the subject in Outlook's Out of Office automatic reply.

Exchange 2013 SP1

Along with Office 2013 SP1, the Office servers were also updated to SP1 in February 2014, including Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync.