Exchange Server Administrator

How to change the Out of Office message subject

How to change the subject in Outlook's Out of Office automatic reply.

Exchange 2013 SP1

Along with Office 2013 SP1, the Office servers were also updated to SP1 in February 2014, including Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync.

Use PowerShell to Import Appointments

How to use Exchange Management Shell cmdlet to import appointments from a CSV into an Exchange Server mailbox Calendar.

Create Rules and enable Out of Office for a Managed Mailbox

How to set up server-side rules and Out-of-office replies in an Exchange Server shared mailbox you have full access permission to. Use this method to send a mail merge from the shared mailbox.

Enabling the Contacts Folder as an Address Book

How to enable your Outlook contacts folders as address books, so it is available when you click the To button when composing email.

OWA Light and IE11

When using Internet Explorer 11, OWA Light loads instead of OWA Premium. All versions of Exchange/OWA are affected, including Exchange Server 2013, Exchange 2010, Exchange 2007, and Exchange 2003.

Fixed: Autodiscover problems with Outlook 2013 and Exchange 2007

After installing the November security updates, Outlook 2013 users had issues connecting to Exchange server 2007. These problems are fixed by the December 13 2013 update.

Outlook 2003 messages are cut off

Outlook 2003 messages are cut off or incomplete after installing Windows Updates. Outlook is sending the message from the draft folder and it's not the final copy. Messages that are composed and sent quickly will be complete, messages that take longer to write may be incomplete.

Create a list of inactive Exchange mailboxes

How to create a list of Office 365 Exchange online users and their last log on time.

Exchange Server and SMTP Servers

A user with an Exchange mailbox had this question: In the account properties for my Exchange mailbox, it does not allow me to change the SMTP server, which is automatically configured for the Exchange server. I would like to use a different SMTP server. Is it possible to change? No, its not possible to change  

Exchange 2007 Message Transport Rules

In Exchange 2000 Server and Exchange Server 2003 it was challenging to manipulate e-mail messages as they were routed through the organization or as they passed through the gateway to and from the internet. In those versions, SMTP was managed by an extended implementation of IIS SMTP. Controlling SMTP messages in simple ways, such as  

"Folder sharing is not available…" error

Outlook error message: Folder sharing is not available because of permission settings on your network.