Exchange Server Administrator

Delegates, Meeting Requests, and Rules

How to use a run a script rule in Outlook to add a category to delegated meetings.

OWA, SharePoint, and Chrome

When you use Chrome to access Outlook Web App, the Exchange Admin Center, or SharePoint, some pages or windows won't appear.

Cannot Expand Outlook Folders: Not Enough Memory

This error affects Exchange server users with a large number of folders in their profile, either in their mailbox, public folders, or SharePoint lists. In most cases, you won't have a problem until you exceed approximately 1,000 folders, or a gigabyte of space is used. Outlook works fine for a little bit (5-10 minutes) before  

Rename Exchange Mailbox and Account in Outlook 2013

How to rename Exchange account display names that are shown in the navigation pane and From field in Outlook 2013.

Fix the Outlook Folder Type after Exporting an IMAP Account

After importing IMAP folders to Personal Folders or an Exchange mailbox, messages in the imported folder are hidden.

View Site or Shared Mailboxes on a Smartphone?

Public folders won't sync to smartphones, but what about site mailboxes? Can they sync?

Create Rules and enable Out of Office for a Shared Mailbox

How to set up server-side rules and Out-of-office replies in an Exchange Server shared mailbox you have full access permission to. Use this method to send a mail merge from the shared mailbox.

Send messages using additional Office 365 Exchange addresses

How to create a single member distribution group in Office 365 Exchange Online and use it to send messages.

Can't delete folder until sync is complete

Error message: Outlook is synchronizing local changes made to items in this folder. You cannot remove this folder until the synchronization with the server is complete.

Convert an Exchange mailbox to a shared mailbox

Convert Exchange 2013 or Office 365 mailboxes to shared mailboxes and remove the license from the account.

Outlook Online mode creates an OST file

When Outlook is using Online Mode, an OST (offline file) is created. This behavior can be controlled using registry values.

Allow or block file types in OWA

Using a mailbox policy to prevent users from opening certain file types using OWA.