Changing the Look of Replies (older versions)

Applies to Microsoft Outlook 2003 and older All versions of Outlook allow you to change the font used for the text you insert when your reply to a message. (You can't change the font in a plain text message, of course.) In Outlook 97 and Outlook 98, it is also relatively easy to change the  

To Create an AutoSignature for WordMail

Applies to Microsoft Outlook 2003 and older Signatures in Outlook 2003 can be assigned to email accounts in your profile. When each account is assigned a signature, you can change the sending account and the signature will change to the one assigned to the account (requires Word as the editor in Outlook 2003). You can  

Hiding Global Address Book Fields

Remove fields from the Address Book view of the Global Address Book (GAL) in Outlook 2007 - 2013.

How to Repair Office 2010, 2007, or 2003 Installations

Follow the instructions on this page to repair your Office 2010, Office 2007 or Office 2003 installations to fix errors in Outlook. For help repairing Office 2013 or Office 2016, see How to Repair Your Office or Outlook Installation Outlook 2010 Because Office Diagnostics was mostly useless, it was removed from Office 2010. You'll need  

How to Repair Your Office or Outlook Installation

One common troubleshooting method is to uninstall and reinstall Office or to repair the Office install. While uninstalling and reinstalling rarely fixes the problem (it will only help if the install is corrupt), reinstalling (without uninstalling Office first) will almost always have the same effect as uninstalling and reinstalling: it will either fix the problem  

Office 2016 for Mac: Released

Office 2016 for Mac (version is 15.11.2) was released to Office 365 subscribers.

Outlook 2010 Updates: July 15 2015

The Outlook 2010 update for July 2015 addresses just a handful of problems.

Outlook 2013 Updates: July 15 2015

July 2015 update for Outlook 2013 takes care of a few issues. The issue I'm always asked about is the lack of email addresses in message headers and I’m happy to report that it’s fixed in this months update.

Office 365 Exchange Online Utilities

The utilities on this list were specifically designed to work with Office 365 Exchange Online.

Exchange Server and Self-Certificate FAQ

Common questions about self-certificates and Exchange server client connectivity.

How to View a Shared Calendar on a Smartphone

A common question Exchange users want to know is how to access shared calendars and contacts on a smartphone. While the usual answer is “you can’t”, it is possible to open a link to the shared calendar in OWA, which allows it to sync as a calendar within your mailbox and sync to devices (and  

The changing way to access information in Office 365

The typical process most information workers follow when they initially sit down at their desks in the morning is to go into their emails. After a while they'll move to where their files are saved and work there. They also then spend some time inside a social network, whether business or personal. That makes a  

Use a Macro to Attach Files to New Messages

Use an Outlook macro to attach the newest file in a folder to a new message.

What does the "J" mean?

What does the J mean in email?

Adding Emojis to Outlook's AutoCorrect

How to add emoji characters and icons to Outlook's AutoCorrect.