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An Outlook user writes:

I need to be able to view other people's Exchange calendars on my iPad. On my iPad I can see one of my Colleagues calendars but all of my colleagues have shared their calendars out to me and given me full owners permissions, but I can't see their calendars.

The reason you can see the one calendar in your mailbox is because you copied the calendar to your mailbox. This is a copy of the calendar as of the day you copied it and it does not sync with the original calendar.

You cannot see other user's calendar's on an iPad (or iPhone, Windows Phone, Android, or BlackBerry) as these devices only sync your own calendars. You will need to copy the calendar to a folder in your mailbox in order to see it on the device.

See for How to View a Shared Calendar on a Smartphone for a solution that uses published calendars.

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  1. Missing BB functionality these days says

    This isn't true on blackberry. When scheduling a meeting from bb with a BES one can see free/busy information on the device. Is anyone aware of analogous functionality on windows phone, android, or ios, specifically with exchange?

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Yeah, BES made Blackberry the best for email, by far. Going from it to windows phone was a huge culture shock - WP couldn't do half of what I could do with BES. I understand the new blackberries are as bad as the other phones, because they use activesync, not BES.

      I'm not aware of any apps that can read free busy, but I haven't checked out all of the apps. As soon as my android recharges I'll check touchdown.

    • oasentalk says

      For what I understand should the new OWA app for mobile(iPhone and Android(this year) solve all this. But it will only work if you have an O365 account as well....

    • Diane Poremsky says

      I can't speak for what the app will do, but yeah, the apps Microsoft releases only work with Office365 Exchange, not on-premise.

  2. asad says

    In our office we are using Outlook mail exchange server for emails. I want to see my outlook calendar schedules on my cell phone. I am using samsung galaxy. Diane can you please help me in this regard. Thanks

    • Diane PoremskyDiane Poremsky says

      As long as Active Sync is enabled on your server, you'll set it up on the phone as an exchange account - this will sync the mail, calendar, and contacts. You can turn off mail and contacts sync if you want only the calendar.

  3. Bill Vriesema says

    Hi Diane,
    I work at a college, and we have around 12 Cabinet-level staff members that want a common "Out of office" calendar that can be interacted with on desktop and mobile. So, this does not have to read and sync from each person's personal calendar. It can be a stand-alone calendar (a shared calendar), and each individual would enter manually the days they are out of the office on this calendar. This would be used for emergency issues to see who is in the office that day, and who is not, at a glance.

    They would like to access via ipads and iphones as well as their computer.

    We have Office 365 hosted at Microsoft, and use Outlook 2013 as our local client in caching mode. These folks use PCs and Macs. We also have OWA.

    Any ideas on the best way to accomplish this? Mobile app recommendations if needed?
    Bill Vriesema
    Calvin College

    • Diane PoremskyDiane Poremsky says

      This is the problem: They would like to access via ipads and iphones as well as their computer.

      There are a number of ways to share, but only Outlook or OWA can access the shared calendars.... but what seems to work here is to share or public the calendar and add the ics to OWA - this calendar shows up in the native ios app as read-write but in Outlook (desktop or ios app) as a read-only calendar.

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