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Scheduling Office 365 Protection Reports

One of the things that is constantly improving is the reporting available in Office 365. You'll find all of the latest reports under the Reports option when you visit the Office 365 admin center.


First look: on Office 365

Microsoft started moving users to the Office 365 interface earlier this week. Learn about the features and changes you can expect to see when your account is moved.


Outlook's Conversation Groups

We hear a lot of complaints about the Conversation Groups that were introduced in Outlook 2010. They don't work as expected with Exchange 2003 or 2007, conversations don't stay expanded, and the old conversation view from older versions is not available. The conversation group features uses a Conversation field to determine if the message belongs  


Outlook 2016 Preview

A first look at some of the new features in Outlook 2016 (for Windows).


File Sent Messages with the Original Messages

Use Conversation view to view sent messages with the original or save sent messages with the original.


Don’t email, Yammer

One of the major trends we are seeing in the technology landscape is the move away from traditional communication mediums like email to social networks.

Automatically BCC All Messages

Outlook doesn't have a built in method you can use to automatically include yourself (or other email address) in the BCC field when you send a new message. You can use Rules Wizard to CC and address but not to send a BCC.

office365-owa is moving to Office 365!

The big news for anyone who uses for email, or to sync calendar and contacts to smartphone: is moving to the Office 365 infrastructure in 2015.


Ignite 2015 Session Recordings and Slides

Microsoft hosted the first Microsoft Ignite Conference May 4-8, 2015. There were over 680 sessions, with the majority of them now available on Microsoft's Channel9. Below is a list of the sessions targeting Office developers and IT Pros. The full catalog of the sessions is available at Channel9.

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Outlook 2010 Updates for May 2015

A small update was released for Outlook 2010. This update fixes the following issues: When responding to a meeting request by using the Edit Response Before Sending option, the font is set to the system font unexpectedly. If you use Outlook Security Group Policy to configure a VSTO add-in as trusted according to Manage trusted