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This is a collection of tools for the Microsoft Outlook Calendar folder that are used for reminder management. Many of these reminder tools send the reminders to an email address, cell phone, or pager.

One notable exception is Reminder Manager and Extended Reminders, both of which allow you to set reminders in any folder (pre-Outlook 2007 versions) and replaces Outlook’s reminder dialog with a more powerful screen.

To use VBA to send an email message when a reminder fires, Send an email when an Outlook reminders fires


E-mail Reminders

Forwards reminders to your mobile phone, pager or PDA. Please enter code WD9BHK53 during checkout.

Extended Reminders

Outlook COM add-in that enables you to receive reminders from any mail, calendar, contacts, or tasks folder in your default information store (Exchange mailbox or Personal Folders file) except the Outbox.

Important Dates+

Important Dates+ is a reminder system enhancement to Microsoft Outlook. It allows you to place reminders on any item in any private folder in Outlook or public folder in Exchange. For example, you can put a reminder on a contact and set daily, weekly, monthly or custom date patterns of your choosing. Reminders are sent as e-mail messages to all recipients noted on the Reminder. Important Dates+ works well as a "Bring Forward" or "Tickler" system and as a basic project and task manager. MS Exchange server is required.

My Schedule

Outlook utility to send e-mail reminders from Calendar appointments. Requires e-mail access to your pager


Pager gateway for Exchange Server. Use with PageMaster/ol to monitor multiple Outlook users' reminders and send pages for them, too.


Sends appointment reminder notices to your pager. Requires Microsoft Exchange Server.

Public Reminder Add-In

Public Reminder Add-In provides reminders from any email, calendar, tasks or contacts folder in Microsoft Outlook, Public ShareFolder or Microsoft Exchange Server. This allows you to set reminders on items in any folder in your profile, including mailbox, PST file, or Public Folders. Reminders can be emailed to any pager or email enabled communications device or can send SMS messages to any mobile device, PDA, Blackberry or cell phone which can receive emails.

Reminder Forwarding for Outlook

Automatically sends your Outlook reminders to your mobile phone when you are not at your desk. When any of your Outlook reminders pop up, Reminder Forwarding will wait for you to click Snooze or Dismiss, or open the item. If you do not click on the reminder within 30 seconds your reminder will instantly be sent to your mobile phone.

Reminder Manager

Reminder Manager provides reminders from any email, calendar, tasks or contacts folder in any open mail store. This allows you to set reminders on items in any folder in your mailbox or PST file, secondary PST files or public folders. Reminders can be emailed to any pager or email enabled communications device.

Reminders Assistant

With the Reminders Assistant plugin for Outlook you can set reminders for each and every Outlook folder including embedded ones.Reminders Assistant is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2002 (XP), and Outlook 2000. The Reminders Assistant component is one of the 18 addins included into the program MAPILab Toolbox.

Reminders By Email

Reminders by E-mail gives Outlook the ability to send Reminders (for tasks, appointments and mail messages) to another email address. Each reminder e-mail that is sent to your forwarding address will include the subject, body and start and end dates of the reminder-enabled item. Compatible with Outlook 2000-2013, 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Compatible with Windows XP - Windows 8.

Reminders For Anniversaries and Birthdays

Now with new features, a new UI and 64-bit Outlook support! With the click of a single button, reminders will automatically be added to every Appointment in your Calendar that is an anniversary or birthday for one of your Contacts. You can even choose the reminder time and sound. Compatible with Outlook 2000-2013, 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


ShowReminders brings the native Outlook reminder window to the forefront without taking focus away from your currently active application. Reminders are no longer hidden in the background.


Automatically dismisses reminders from past appointments as soon as they've reached the end date (or have started more than 20 minutes ago; whichever comes first).


Outlook 2010 does not display pop-up meeting reminders in the same way as previous versions did - they no longer display on top of other windows. SureAlerts addresses this problem and displays your reminders in a small window in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen, very similar to the way Outlook displays new incoming e-mails. Supports Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013 32 and 64-bit versions. v.1 (Was Reminder Alerts)

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Other useful calendar tools can be found on the following pages:


  1. Gustaf Eriksson says

    I'm close to screaming.. I'm using Outlook 2007 and I'm missing important calendar entries because I don't get the entry emailed to me. Is this only possible with Outlook 2010 or the free Google Calendar? :-/.

    I really like my Outlook calendar.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Outlook (the desktop client) doesn't include an option to email reminders, but you can do it with addins or reminders., microsoft's counterpart to gmail and yahoo, has an option to email reminders.

    • M Uddin says

      When accepting an invitation from others it creates multiple remiders (more than 5 times) on outlook 2010 but when I create an invitation on my calendar it creates only 1. I have tried /cleanreminders switch and used mfcmapi to delete the whole reminder folder to create it but the issue still exist. Can you please suggest what else I can try. Thanks

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Does it happen if you start outlook in Safe mode?

      I'll see what I can find out. I'm not familiar with any other complaints so its hard to say if its unique to your situation or rare bug.

  2. sunk818 says

    Are there any Calendar Reminders that are free? I've missed a few meetings already after we switched to Outlook 2013 from GroupWise and would like to prevent this in the future without having to pay out of pocket.

    • Diane PoremskyDiane Poremsky says

      Reminder Manager has a free version. I take that back... it doesn't have a free version. :( Sorry, if none of the utilities on this page are free, then no, I don't know of any.

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