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In 2015, all accounts will be migrated to Office 365. Microsoft is moving accounts over in waves. If your account was migrated, this page will be obsolete. accounts will be configured as Exchange accounts. Articles on the new

Android phones support "Exchange ActiveSync", or EAS, which allows the phones to sync "over-the-air" with mailboxes that use EAS.

At this time, Gmail, Hotmail and, of course, Exchange server (including Office 365) support EAS and will sync calendar, contacts, and tasks (if supported by the device) directly with the smartphone. Note that while Gmail can sync it's calendar and contacts with the phone, you will need to export your Outlook calendar and contacts to gmail or use a sync utility.

You can use a "Microsoft Account" (LiveID/passport) to sync calendar and contacts over-the-air. Create a Microsoft Account for your email address and set it up in Outlook using the Outlook Connector or EAS (Outlook 2013). For more information, see Use a non-Microsoft email address at Hotmail or

Email accounts should be configured directly on the smartphone, preferably as an IMAP account so sent items, deleted items, and read state are synced with Outlook (also configured for IMAP). and your email in Outlook and a smartphone

When you use a POP3 or IMAP account and want to sync the calendar and contacts between Outlook desktop and a smartphone, you'll either need to use a utility or will handle the calendar and contacts and you'll add the email account to Outlook and the device.

This video uses a GMAIL email account and an Android device, but the same method works on Apple and Windows devices. If the Microsoft Account/ account is your email address, you'll choose the manual options and use as the server name.
These are the basic steps.

In Outlook:

  1. Add the account to an Outlook profile. Choose the manual option if it's not an, Hotmail, live, or msn email address. Use as the server name.
  2. Add your email account to the profile
  3. The data file is the default data file
  4. Your email account is the default email account

On the device:

  1. Add your email account (it's the Android account in my video demo and already configured in the Gmail app)
  2. Add the account as an Active Sync account in the Android mail app. Depending on your device, the account type might be called Exchange,, or Corporate. Choose the manual option if it's not an, Hotmail, Live, or MSN email address. Use as the server name.
  3. Turn off email sync on the account.
  4. Turn off or hide calendar and contact sync on your account if needed.

Sync Directly Between Outlook and Android

I want to sync my contacts and calendar back and forth with my Android smartphone. Will Outlook 2010 sync freely with Android?

To sync an Android phone directly with Outlook requires the use of a third party utility. Outlook has no part in the sync process, it only supplies the data you want to sync. Sync software does all of the work.

Your phone manufacturer may include sync software, if not, you'll need to purchase sync software. companionlink supports most phones. MyPhoneExplorer from the Android App Store will sync calendar and contacts (and more). Mobiledit is another option.

Boppy2010 made this recommendation in OutlookForums for syncing Outlook to Android: "Installing icloud, transferring all my personal appointments to that calendar and then opening that icloud calendar on my iphone. Then I installed an app for $4 to sync the icloud calendar to my android tablet - it's called "smooth sync for cloud calendar". So while not a free solution, considerably cheaper than the suggested alternatives on the interwebs that all involve Google." Another user recommended Outlook Calendar Transfer Sync.

It is possible to configure a POP3 account in Hotmail, which will allow you to sync over the air with phones that support Exchange ActiveSync (EAS). Sync calendar and contacts using and a non-Microsoft LiveID

Sync Androids with Outlook and iCloud

An Android user who is using the iCloud to sync Outlook and an iPad asked if it would be possible to sync their Android smart phone with iCloud. They wanted to avoid installing another sync utility when the iCloud worked great.

There are two Android apps, CardDav-Sync and CalDav-Sync, that can connect to the iCloud calendar and contacts. The iCloud will handle the Outlook-to-iCloud sync and the Droid connects to the iCloud website to sync.

Sync Tools

Akruto Sync
Akruto Sync

Use Akruto Sync to synchronize your Outlook Contacts and Calendar directly with Windows Phone, iPhone or iPad, and Android. Akruto Sync runs on your computer and makes your computer appear to mobile devices like a reduced functionality Microsoft Exchange server. Just run Akruto Sync on your computer and tell your phone that there is an Exchange Server in your house. Syncs via Wifi. Note: It does not sync Google Calendar and Outlook directly; it syncs Outlook with unlimited devices.

CompanionLink for Android
CompanionLink for Android

CompanionLink keeps Microsoft Outlook and your Android device synchronized. No Exchange Server required. Choose a USB connection or the secure DejaCloud wireless service. Both options include DejaOffice app for Android that provides an Outlook-like experience on your device. The app enables business features like color categories, database encryption and password-lock, integration with Caller ID and voice dial, and much more.

Calendar Sync +

This utility synchronizes Outlook calendar entries to a designated Google calendar. It allows user to choose Outlook Profile, Mailbox and Calendar. It deletes old entries from Google calendar and updates new appointments. User can Setup Sync Frequency as Hourly, Daily, or Weekly. Uses .Net framework 4.5. Outlook 2007 and above are supported.

Calendar Sync for Outlook and Google Calendar

Software to sync Outlook Calendar appointments with Google Calendar events. Allows you to sync one-way with either Outlook or Google as master as well as 2way sync by last changed appointments/events. Option to schedule a sync at regular intervals.

CodeTwo Exchange Folders

CodeTwo Exchange Folders is an easy to use application which synchronizes contact, calendar and task items from Exchange public and personal folders to mobile phones and back. It allows for central folder and access rights management and is totally secure thanks to Triple DES 168-bit encryption.

CodeTwo Public Folders for Android

Mobile version of CodeTwo Public Folders allows you to access your public Outlook contacts, calendars and tasks on your Android phone or tablet. Requires CodeTwo Public Folders desktop installation.

CompanionLink for Mac

CompanionLink for Mac keeps Outlook for Mac contacts, calendars, tasks, and categories synchronized with either a Google account, smartphone, or tablet. You can choose your destination in the Settings menu of the software. Two-way direct sync.

GO Contact Sync Mod

GO Contact Sync Mod synchronizes your Microsoft Outlook contacts with your Google Mail address book, including pictures, categories and notes. Since version 3.5.6 it also syncs your Outlook Notes on demand to Google Drive. Since version 3.7.0 it also syncs your Outlook Calendar Appointments on demand to Google Calendar. This Mod fork adds many enhancements and bug fixes to the obviously dead project 'Go Contact Sync'.


gSyncit is an Outlook add-in that allows for two-way synchronization between Google and Outlook calendars, contacts, notes, and tasks with your Google account. In addition, gSyncit also supports synchronization between Outlook and Toodledo, Pocket Informant Online, Evernote, Dropbox, Simplenote and Nozbe. Version 3.6 and higher support Windows 8 and Outlook 2013. Supports Outlook 2010 and 2013 64-bit.


IQTELL is number one solution for GTD. Sync Email, Calendars, Contacts & Evernote to iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. IQTELL connects to and syncs with any and all email providers, including: Gmail, Yahoo, Exchange, Office 365, AOL, iCloud, cPanel, Hotmail,; as well as any other providers using either IMAP or POP3 Free trial.


MOBILedit! allows you to control your phone from a PC. After downloading MOBILedit! to any computer, you can connect your phone via cable, Bluetooth, or IrDA. You will then be able to view the entire contents of the phone where you can synchronize, add, edit, or delete.


Connect your phone via cable, bluetooth or wifi to manage your Android phone. Direct sync Address Book to Outlook, GMail, Windows contacts, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, and Lotus Notes. Sync Organizer to Outlook, Google, Sunbird, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Windows calendar(Vista), Rainlendar, Lotus Notes, and net shared calendars (WebDAV, FTP, local). See wbsite for complete list of features.


Sync Google calendars and contacts with Outlook. Requires yearly subscription.

Outlook Google Calendar Sync

Outlook Google Calendar Sync is completely free and syncs from the default Outlook calendar or any subfolder of it to a Google calendar of your choice. Attendees, reminders, free/busy attributes are all synced and events can be merged with existing if you need to. Does not need to be installed (can just be unzipped) and can automatically sync on a schedule or on request. Currently only one-way sync from Outlook to Google, but two-way sync is coming soon.


Use SyncMyCal to synchronizes Google Calendar calendaring service and Microsoft Outlook calendars automatically. Sync multiple calendars in Google Calendar calendaring service with single Outlook calendar and vice versa. Free Lite version available.


  1. Ginefra Fabio says


    Is it possible to syn Outlook tasks and/or notes without a 3rd party app?
    If yes, how can it be done?
    If no, what app would you recommend?

    Kind regards,
    Fabio Ginefra
    Samsung Galaxy Y Pro GT-B5510 (Gingerbread 2.3.6).

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Only if you use an Exchange server account (including Office 365) and only if your phone supports syncing notes. Some only support calendar, contacts, and tasks. I don't use a Droid so I'm not really the best person for recommendations, but the 3 listed on this page were recommended to me by many droid users. If I had a droid I would try MyPhoneExplorer first.

    • PAUL D. VESELY says

      Dear Fabio , The solution is simple. Try Companion Link. The software is great. Mapping is identical. After leaving the Blackberry world I needed a way to transfer ALL my outlook information to my new phone Galaxy S3 . Companion link offers a variety of sync methods . I chose wifi method. No clouds , no issues. Easy set up. GREAT support from the folks at Companion Link . Live Tech support. Fast ! You might suspect I work for Companion Link but I assure you I don't. Just appreciate software that works as advertised and a very good company who supports their product.

      I don't recognize your phone . Companion link lists all the phones it supports on their site so that should be easy.

      Google mapping doesn't match outlook . Certain functions not available. I forget exactly which ones . Sorry .

      Good luck

  2. Dorothy says

    I have all my gmail and other e-mail forwarded to my Outlook e-mail. I would like to sync my 2007 outlook mail with my Galaxy S 111 and don't have any idea how?

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Gmail is forwarded to Outlook email as in ? If so, you need to set the account up on the phone as a Hotmail account or Exchange account, if your phone doesn't have a separate setting for or Hotmail. Use as the server name.

  3. Chuck says

    I have Outlook 2013 with BCM on Windows 8 and a HTC one phone. The HTC Sync Manager program is extremely buggy. While I prefer desktop sync, I would not mind going to some kind of cloud sync.
    I have several POP accounts including Gmail and one IMAP account (Hotmail).
    I really need to have seamless sync for Contacts and Calendar. Tasks sync is nice but not necessary.
    How do you suggest that I proceed if I were to go to the cloud option?
    How do you suggest I proceed if I were to stay with Desktop sync?


    • Diane Poremsky says

      Where are your calendar and contacts? Both Gmail and Hotmail should sync calendar and contacts directly with your phone. Hotmail calendar and contacts sync with outlook - gmail requires an addin to sync calendar and contacts. I use companionlink to sync calendar and contacts between outlook & gmail, but there are free/lower priced options for gmail sync.

  4. Chuck says

    All my contacts are consolidated to single contact folder on Outlook 2013 in a PST file where I consolidate all my POP accounts. (not Hotmail folder - Hotmail with IMAP shows up in a separate folder). The BCM syncs to the Outlook contacts folder (Not Hotmail).
    Calendar is similar - it is an Outlook folder (not Hotmail).
    Don't know if moving the contacts and calendar to Hotmail folder on Outlook will do the trick or if I will lose any significant functionality in terms of details and notes in the contact file (not even sure if BCM will even sync to a Hotmail contacts folder)
    BCM tasks is another potential issue - not sure if they can be synced to Hotmail.
    To work around the HTC Sync Manager issue, I have temporarily installed MyPhoneExplorer and that should get me through for now but not sure if it is a good long term solution.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Companionlink can sync BCM with other services and they have a trial, so i recommend trying it. You will lose some functionality in hotmail - no attachments, no formatting in the notes field. One option is syncing outlook to a gmail account. You can create a gmail account for a personal address and use companion link to sync outlook to it, then sync the phone to gmail calendar. I have a gmail account for my own email address, which uses office 365 Exchange online - i use it to sync my calendar with the scheduleonce web service (which only syncs with gmail).

      The other option, if you own your domain, is Exchange online. It's a much better experience for both syncing phones and using outlook on multiple computers, but costs $50-60/yr.

    • Chuck says

      Thanks. Looks like the current solution I have (MyPhoneExplorer) is probably the best temp work around.
      Exchange Online seems to be a well keep secret. Never heard of it before.Took a quick look and the hosted VM feature isn't bad either. May be a good long term solution. Will look at it in the future.

  5. Sue says

    I would like to sync my Outlook calendar subfolders (user-created calendars) to my Samsung Galaxy s4. My outlook default calendar syncs perfectly. However, my Samdung refuses to find the other 3 Outlook calendars (in the same account) that I use for my business. Is there an app that can sync multiple calendars from the same Outlook profile?

    • Diane Poremsky says

      I'm not aware of any apps, but I don't use a Droid, and I'm not familiar with all of the software available for it.

      What type of email account do you use?

    • Diane Poremsky says

      If you go the menu and then Select folders, can you choose the other folders? If not you'll need to check the app store for a utility.

  6. Raymond says

    I was looking for such informative article on syncing outlook with my smartphone, Finally i will be able to sync now.


  7. Carey Vandenberg (@CareyVandenberg) says

    I am so amazed at how may times you have helped me out with the info on your site and your personal guidance Diane.

    I just migrated from a BB Phone to Android and the MyPhoneExplorer is absolutely awesome. I was familiar with CompanionLink and had used it before but actually seems better.

    I did have one problem with the desktop software not finding my phone via usb, wifi and bluetooth however going to the Developer options on the phone and allowing debugging fixed it.

  8. matt smith says

    I have two email accounts one is a btinternet account which works fine, the other is an exchange account for work emails which worked fine for the first month then as a security procedure we have to change our password which i did but now i cant recieve emails on my phone!?! I can send them but not recieve ive taken my phone to my employers i.t dept and they are stumped. Im new to android i have switched from the iphone and now im frustrated. Does anyone have or come accross this problem before??

    • Diane Poremsky says

      it's odd that you can send but not receive. I assume you changed your password on the phone? Do you need to use 2 factor authentication? If so, you need to use an app password, not the real password.

      Did you try removing the account from the device and adding it back?

  9. Gregory Peterson says

    Our IT guy just synched up my Thunderbolt HTC Verizon with my Microsoft Outlook so that I can get my email, contacts and calendar on my phone. I had always kept a separate calendar on my phone and copied it onto the PC. Now I have double calendar items on my phone, but the real prpoblem is that the PC to phone works fine, but if i make an entry on the phone, it won't go to my Outlook on the PC when synched.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      How are you syncing? Over the air with Exchange server? Does the phone have one calendar or separate calendars for each source? Are you creating the appointments in the correct calendar?

  10. AJ Karleton says

    I have searched many time on the web, so I have decided to ask you directly, since your website and posts have regularly helped me with other office issues. I have Exchange email at work and use Outlook 2010. I recently upgraded to an Android phone, and I have been frustrated that the color of my calendar appointments doesn't sync (all the appointments are the same color). I'm not sure if this is an issue with how Android deals with the Exchange data or with what data Exchange sends for syncing, but is there any way to fix this? Or is there an app that would import the color data along with the date/time data? (If you know which company is at fault and could recommend a place to submit suggestions, I wouldn't mind that information too.)

    Thanks for all the help you provide with MS products!

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Color application is a feature of the app. Hmm. I have colors in the default calendar app. Oh, i bet those are free/busy colors. (I've only had my Android tablet a couple of weeks.)

      I know the touchdown app syncs colors (although they are not matched automatically, purple in outlook is red in touchdown, but you can change the color). It's not cheap though. :(

    • AJ Karleton says

      I'll take a look at Touchdown and see what that is like. My problem is probably that Android is doing the Google Calendar thing and making each calendar a different color, so all Outlook items come out in a single color. That's a flaw in my book (I don't want to create different calendars for class, meetings, etc., but do want them different colors), but at least I have access to my calendar, which I didn't have with my flip-phone As you mentioned, though, it sounds like "there's an app for that..." :o)

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Yeah, it colors the events by calendar (I keep the calendar list hidden and didn't notice that). To be fair to google, it's a common practice when there are multiple calendars in one view. I agree with you on calendars - categories and one calendar is better, not separate calendars, but a lot of people insist on multiple calendars (and contact folders) to sort their life.

  11. Iftikhar says

    Hi Diane
    I need your help regarding sync anriod contacts with outlook 2007.I am using micrsoft exhange server email account with outlook 2007 and have problem with email address fromat when it is sync with outlook,then it changes to e.g. Smith("Smith" ) and I can't send email through outlook to this accountdue to change of format.But on anriod samsung glaxy S4 ,there is no problem for sending email & format remain same as

    Please advise how to fix. thanks

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Was the contact created in outlook or on the S4? It looks like maybe the field mapping is bad.

  12. elanbuendia says

    This is awesome info!

    So, I have a hotmail email acct that is run via outlook and I use a Samsung S3.
    My calendar in hotmail does not sync to my phone and vice versa, though my email does!
    Am I missing something!?

    Thanks for any help you can provide!


    • Diane Poremsky says

      You're using the native Android app? Open the calendar app, click on the 3 dots on the left to open the menu, then choose Settings. Is the Hotmail account listed? If so, select it and verify the calendars are set to sync.

      I have my account configured in the app from Microsoft/Seven and the calendar & contacts sync.

  13. elanbuendia says

    Thanks tons!!

    It didn't 'look' exactly as you described, but because of your input, I was able to figure out what to do!


  14. iftikhar says

    Hi Diane
    Thanks for your reply. Contacts were created on S4 have mapping problem but contacts which were created by outlook have no problem .
    Please advise thanks

    • Diane Poremsky says

      I'll see if i can repro the problem. I don't recall seeing complaints about this, but I can't imagine that it's a configuration problem on your end - it's not user configurable.

  15. Dan Liberman says

    Hi Diane. i am a reader but never asked for help before. I have 3 different primary email accounts representing 3 business units. One is on Office 365 (the one I can control) and the others are attached accounts. I have been using Touchdown for sometime and it is ok. My real problem is with outlook 2010. Attached accounts come through but a reply goes out on the primary account with the wrong signature. i have created imap accounts for some of the attached in outlook but often forget to use them directly. It seems my only option is to eliminate the attached accounts and use imap to force myself into using the correct reply account. Touchdown, however, does not support anything but exchange. So 2 questions: 1) Is there an Android app that supports full sync with exchange (tasks, notes, calendar, email...) that I can use instead of touchdown? 2) is ther a better solution that I ma overlooking?

    many thanks. - Dan

    • Diane Poremsky says

      AFAIK, touchdown or OWA on the android. Is the reply problem in Outlook or on the driod? If in Outlook, can you use a macro? If so, a macro may set the correct reply account. It won't change the signature if the "attached accounts" are managed mailboxes since you can't assign signatures.

  16. Dan Liberman says

    Touchdown only does exchange accounts. No imap or POP. The problem does seem to be in Outlook so I will try a Macro. If I could find a droid client that could handle exchange and imap/pop and still sync things besides email (tasks, calendar...) i would just eliminate the attached accounts and let outlook handle it on Windows and that droid client on android. - thanks very much.

  17. Greg C. says

    Hello, Diane, I'm reading all this with interest and hope you can provide a bit more of your excellent advice. Having recently left the corporate world with automatic Exchange-supported synchronization of my Outlook information on a PC with my iPad and Samsung S4, I'm looking to replicate that functionality (tracking mail, calendar, tasks and contacts).

    I will continue to use Outlook, and my e-mail currently all flows through Gmail. I'm using Apple's mail app and the Gmail app on the S4, but am not averse to changing those. I've done a one-time contacts sync from Outlook to the mobile devices, but am not yet using the mobile calendars because of the lack of sync. It's the mobile calendar that I miss the most, but dynamic syncing of tasks and contacts would be very helpful also.

    Gsyncit looks like a good app to accomplish what I need, but I've also discovered the option of Exchange Online. Exchange is more expensive, certainly, but I can't quite figure out if it would be a better solution or not. What are the pros and cons of each of these solutions?

    That's a pretty general question, but any insights would be helpful. One specific concern does come to mind: if I accept a meeting request from a third party (meaning that I don't own the meeting), will that meeting be propogated amongst my three client devices using either or both solutions?

    Finally, I'm using POP access to Gmail right now so that I can use Outlook as the master repository for viewing and filing e-mail. I could switch to IMAP but am concerned about "messing up" the "master view" in Outlook by cleaning out mail on the mobile devices. Any tips in this area would also be appreciated.

    Thanks very much.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Re: POP3 in Outlook. I'd use IMAP and file in folders within the IMAP account if you need to file mail. IMAP wont delete mail from the server.

      Exchange online: this is by far the best experience. It "just works". You can use multiple computers and have everything on each - views, rules etc - plus mail, calendar, contacts. It's not free and is best if you your domain name - you can suck gmail into the Exchange account, but replies will be on behalf of the gmail account.

      If you don't own the email domain and don't want to invest in Exchange online, gysyncit, sync2, or companion link can sync gmail calendar and outlook. The benefit of these utilities is that it's a one-time expense.

  18. Per says

    Hello Diane

    I found this post while looking for an answer to my current problem. I had an HTC phone which synced my Outlook calendar from my desktop no probs. Last year I changed phones to a Sony Xperia and syncing to Outlook wasn't an option using their Sony PC Companion software (it just didn't work). However, I have since updated to Outlook 2007 (was 2003 before) and had a phone android software update, and now when I use Sony PC Companion it "says" it is syncing contacts and calendar. Outlook Contacts have definitely been added to the phone. Outlook Calendar? Well when I ran the sync I could see it working, it came up with conflicting appointments,and asked me to choose which one I wanted to keep, and at the end in the report it says that it has added new appointments.

    That all sounds great except that

    1. I have never added any appointments to the phone calendar so why would there be conflicts?
    2. I can't find ANY appointments in the phone calendar! So where has it saved them?

  19. Per says

    Cancel that, I just discovered the problem! There was an option in Calendar to select "default account" that I just found. Now the events are showing. :)

  20. Lori says

    Hello Diane. Do you know how to UNsync Microsoft Outlook 2010 from Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Since I did the sync, I can no longer see who I emailed as "bcc" in Outlook or my gmail account. And for work reasons, I need this information.

    Thank you for your help!

    • Diane Poremsky says

      You can remove the account from the phone to stop syncing. Unfortunately, it's probably not going to fix the view.

      Are you using IMAP on both outlook and the phone? If you save sent items in a pst file instead of on the server, the BCC field will be preserved. You won't have Outlook's sent items accessible on the phone, but will have the bcc.

  21. Greg C. says

    Hi, Diane. I gave up on Exchange online because, after I started looking into the minimum investment and ongoing fees for a single user, it was much more expensive than I'd thought. However, I then tried gsyncit and it has worked flawlessly, doing exactly what I needed it to do. Thank you for your advice.

    My only issue now is that I'm really struggling with the Gmail app for Android, which makes it very difficult to decipher a message that includes a new message buried in a long history of previous emails in the thread. I think this issue is exacerbated when the old messages have been read on different devices. Do you have any suggestions for either configuring the Gmail app or using a different email app?


    • Diane Poremsky says

      I don't have any suggestions, but I'm not familiar with any problems. In what way is the message difficult to decipher?

  22. Greg C. says

    Maybe it's user error or not being familiar with the Gmail interface, but for me the new message is buried somewhere towards the bottom of a long thread, where each of the previous messages is shown in full, so you have to scroll through increasingly long repetitive old messages to get to the new message, which can also display the whole thread after it.

    For example, if you've got five messages (A-E) in the thread, and each shows the history, it appears to me that the last message, E, is buried in a string of messages that looks like this: ABACBADCBAEDCBA.

    It doesn't seem to display this mess all the time, but more often than not. Is there a configuration setting or user procedure that would, for example, but the new message at the top of the thread, like Outlook does?


    • Diane Poremsky says

      As far as I know, the android app doesn't allow you to change the sort order. I certainly can't find the a way to do it.

  23. Greg C. says

    Thanks. That is why I was wondering if there was another app that people prefer for accessing gmail.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      I recommend using imap in outlook and gsync it to sync calendar and contacts to outlook. Sync Gmail to the device -calendar and contacts will be in the calendar and contact apps, Gmail mail will be in the mail app.

  24. Michael McCarthy says

    Hi Diane. I have a Yahoo account set as POP to my Microsoft Outlook on my PC and also POP to my phone. I am a new to Android user and cant seem to get my HTC One to sync contacts and calendars bidirectionally between my phone (generic email) and my Microsoft Outlook (not exchange). Using the HTC Sync Manager will sync changes from my PC contacts or calendar to my phone, but will not sync changes on my phone contacts or calendar back to my PC.

  25. Charlie C. says

    Hi there,

    I've been looking for some tips on how to UNSYNC ms exchange email folders from my samsung s4. My work email is connected to my personal phone and I get a lot of emails at work. So I'd like to be able to only see on my personal phone, emails that I get in my inbox. If I move them from my inbox, I don't need to see them so I don't need the folders to sync up with my personal phone. Is there a way I can delete or unsync folders in my cabinet in Outlook at work off my personal phone? The only options I get when go to settings-> folder sync settings-> and select a folders is: Sync schedule, Peak Schedule, Period to sync Email. Within these options, I don't even understand what the choices are. Currently they are all on manual and I dare not changing in case they open flood gates of emails coming into my phone.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Are you using the default android app? As far as i know you can't unsubscribe from Exchange folders, but they should only sync if you open them or if you enabled sync. Select the folder so it's open in the mail app and click the options button (3 dots here) - Screenshot:

    • Charlie C. says

      Hi Diane,

      Thank you for your response. Yes, I am using the default app. I figured as much just wondered if I was missing something. will try to find a better app for my email!

    • Diane Poremsky says

      I'm using touchdown (nice but pricy), but I didn't check to see if it lets you forcibly unsubscribe to a folder - I'm pretty sure it works like the default app in that mail only syncs if you request it, with the folder list available to view. You really can't avoid it.

  26. Claudia Cargill says

    I'm looking for a way to sync my Outlook calendar to the calendar on my android phone. I have been using googlecalendarsync for several years with success, but I got an email from them yesterday indicating that the service would cease on Aug 1, 2014. The Outlook calendar doesn't come through without a separate syncing app of some kind. Of course, free would be nice.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Someone else mentioned it but didn't say where they got the information. I wondered if they found an old google article about ActiveSync ending July 31 of a previous year. Thanks for letting me know.

      Do you use google for email? If so, you can use one of the utilities that sync outlook to google. can sync, Companion Link (not free) is very good.If you own your own domain Office 365 hosted exchange is as little as $4 a month and it will sync great with phones and other computers.

      mobileedit and myphoneexplorer work with the phone tethered to the computer. (Both are in the tools section).

    • Claudia Cargill says

      I've looked into a lot of these, but I'm probably going to admit defeat and migrate to google calendar as my primary. It's totally up to date (current and past history) due to using the google calendar sync for years and the rest of this stuff is just too much trouble/expense for a personal calendar. It would be nice is Microsoft got the message and updated MS Outlook to be relevant in the current IT world, but it's probably too much to hope for.

  27. Dan Liberman says

    Office 365, of which I am a user, only supports the exchange account. Everything else is a connected account. This means it will sync to your phone but you will lose the identity of the incoming account. You can't automatically reply through the incoming account. Outlook handles these things as entirely separate and can't create a combined inbox, not even with search folders. These are major flaws in Microsoft's email capabilities and sadly far behind the rest of the world.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      I usually recommend configuring individual accounts - most phones will display a unified inbox view and outlook has instant search if you want the unified view with imap accounts or put all the inboxes on the Favorite list in the mail navigation pane. Connected accounts in office 365 tend to stop working now and again.

  28. Martin Gain says

    Not so much a comment but a query and potential cry for help!
    Why is it not possible to set preferences in ActiveSync prior to connecting my android phone or tablet?
    It is not necessarily uniform that I wish to have them in complete sync. I may wish to have the opportunity sometimes to get the PC to over-ride the phone, but also vice versa. If I connect my wife's phone on, to update our contacts, she won't necessarily want or need my diary details. Not that there is any reason to be ashamed of what I am up to on any given occasion; after 54 years of marriage it is not a problem

  29. Mike W says

    Hi Diane,

    in order to deal with a high volume of spam, I recently set up a consolidation account in Gmail to grab email from 3 separate non-gmail email accounts. I set it up via gmail's "Check mail from other accounts (using POP3)" feature.

    I still prefer to use Outlook so I set up Outlook with IMAP.

    In gmail online, I am set up to automatically reply via the proper email address to which the original email was sent. However in Outlook, it is defaulting to reply from my "dummy" consolidation gmail account.

    Is there any way to set up outlook to recognize which email address the email was sent to and have the reply's be sent from the account to which the original email was sent? Thanks.

  30. euric says

    Hi Diane,

    I configured the email (Exchange) of my boss on his new S6.Sending and receiving works fine. But i got an issue on the Sent Items. All sent items even the old once are syncing on his phone.
    is there any chance you encounter this type of error?


    • Diane PoremskyDiane Poremsky says

      How many days are you keeping synced on the phone? all folders will sync and if you set it to sync everything, all of the old stuff syncs too.

  31. Manfred says

    Hi Dianne, I have O365 with Outlook 2013 on my PC which was installed as standalone (because of the internet access costs where I was working but things have changed) I also have now installed Office on my Android as part of the licence. I am using my own domain and want a seamless experience. I can get the phone to pick up the emails as the mail accounts are IMAP but can't for the life of me find a way of accessing the same calendar. Have thought about moving the Outlook account as a whole into the cloud but can't find out how such a migration might be effected. Any help suggestions you can offer would be gratefully received.

    • Diane PoremskyDiane Poremsky says

      When you use an imap account, you need to use a utility to sync with the phone or use or an exchange account.

      If you own your own domain, an office 365 business account with exchange online would be perfect. The calendar will sync to every computer and device you use. The cheapest plan is about $5/mo per mailbox. If you use general mailboxes for things like Sales or Support, they can be set up as free shared mailboxes - you'd only need paid mailboxes for yourself and other users.

      The big difference between keeping imap and using or paying for office 365 exchange is with imap/, you'll have two data files, one for imap, one for, where the calendar & contacts are. With office 365 exchange, everything is in one mailbox.

  32. Manfred says

    Thanks Dianne, bit of an "ouch" on the cost. While it is our domain it is not a commercial proposition. I thought with the move to windows 10 things would have got easier. Looks like I will just have to wait 'til the sync software people update for Windows 10. If I would have known I probably wouldn't have upgraded. C'est le vie.

    • Diane PoremskyDiane Poremsky says

      Honestly, not much has changed with the sync capabilities - it's the same as before. accounts are free and will be moving to office 365 exchange - it's an ok experience now but will be better after the move. If you don't have an account now, a small % of new accounts are created on the new servers currently; later this fall all new accounts will be on the new servers.

  33. Manfred says

    Understand but for MyPhoneExplorer (which I basically used for calendar and contacts sync) doesn't work under Windows 10 - it apparently won't recognise the ports although the computer (in file explorer) can clearly see the phone as a drive etc. Just a bit of a timing pain. In terms of using I have set up our domain with a host of purpose specific emails so moving across is really not practical - I guess I could redirect everything and still send out indicating my domain as the reply to but it starts to get rather messy.

  34. Mike W says

    I sycn with the gmail account that is the default for my phone using gSyncit. That way, outlook calendar syncs with Google and Google automatically syncs with my android.

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