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I think everyone has experienced this at least once: Someone sends a message to a large distribution list and the recipients use Reply All instead of Reply. Then one or more recipients reply all to ask people to stop using reply all. Then some people reply all to say they want to be part of the discussion.

Can everyone please stop using the reply to all option? I have more important things to do than cleaning up my inbox.

Click Ignore to automatically filter messages in a threadThe easiest way to avoid wasting time cleaning up your Inbox is to use Outlook's Ignore. When you click the Ignore button (or Ctrl+Del) the selected Conversation moves to the Deleted Items folder and all future messages in the conversation are moved to the Deleted Items folder as they arrive. Problem solved.

If you change your mind, select a message from the conversation in the Deleted Items folder. The Ignore button is highlighted to indicate it's enabled; click the Ignore button once to disable it. All previously ignored messages in the Deleted Items folder are moved back into the Inbox and any new messages in the conversation will remain in the Inbox.

Move a conversation

If you want to move a conversation out of your Inbox but not delete it, select the message and click the Move button or right click on a message in the conversation and choose Move > Always move messages in this conversation and select a folder to move the messages into.

Always move a conversation

To stop moving future messages, click on Move or right click on a message and choose Move > Disable always move conversation.

Stop moving messages in a conversation

Clear Delete and Move Conversation rules

To clear all ignored and move rules (but not move messages back to the Inbox), close Outlook and restart it using the /cleanconvongoingactions switch. Press Windows key + R to open the Run command then type or paste outlook.exe /cleanconvongoingactions in the Open field. (There is a space between Outlook.exe and the switch.)


  1. Frank Salazar says

    Quick question does anyone know why, when a Delegatee hits the ignore button on an email in their inbox it deletes that same email from the Delegate's inbox?

    • Diane PoremskyDiane Poremsky says

      They were both recipients of the same message? Does the delegatee have the delegates mailbox in their profile?

    • A. Keller says

      It's just a regular MS Exchange account for a small business.

      The version is MS Home & Business 2010 running on a Windows 7 Pro OS.

      (The button works on other PCs in the office, just not this one for some reason?)

    • Diane PoremskyDiane Poremsky says

      I wonder if there is a policy set on that computer that disables it. Key would be under

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