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This is a collection of tools for the Microsoft Outlook Calendar folder that don’t fit any of the categories listed under More Information, plus a few for Microsoft Schedule+.


Tools in the Spotlight

Smart Schedules for Outlook
Smart Schedules for Outlook

Capture YOUR standard work flows by creating templates of entire series of appointments and tasks. Click a button to use the templates to accurately calculate and schedule all your appointments and tasks for a project. See the full picture by viewing all appointments and tasks for a project in one place. Finally when a deadline changes, Easily and Accurately reschedule ALL affected appointments and tasks. This is your complete Outlook based scheduling and project management tool.



CalendarShare is an Outlook calendar sharing solution with a different approach from other sharing solutions: instead of synchronizing appointments in the background while outlook is running, CalendarShare performs all synchronizations before Outlook is launched (i.e. first thing in the morning), working directly with the PST file, without relying on the Outlook API. All shared calendars can be viewed using Outlook, and in addition, CalendarShare offers a web interface, so users can view shared calendars from anywhere.


CONCIERGE SERVICES is meeting planning tool for booking resources and services such as catering, conference rooms, table settings and equipment such as cars, laptops etc directly from Outlook's meeting request. All bookings and orders made in CONCEIRGE SERVICES can be exported into the organization's financial application (for instance Dynamics AX/NAV). With touch screens, the employees will be able to book resources directly from the monitors. Print out guest labels and register and checkout guests right from Outlook.

Did from Puzzlepart

With Did, your time tracking days are over. By keeping your calendar updated your timesheets will be ready for your approval on Friday. Did does not make use custom plugins for Outlook. It builds on standard Outlook functionality such as Categories and Private marking to convert your calendar to a time sheet.

Ghost Meeting PowerToy

This PowerToy is designed for people who need to track multiple meetings in their Outlook Calendar but can't promise to attend them all. The Ghost Meeting PowerToy allows you to quickly copy meeting details into a private appointment when declining a meeting request, thereby creating a "ghost" that you can keep on your own calendar for your own use. For Outlook 2007. Free.


knowTime turns your Microsoft Outlook calendar into a fast, easy way to note what you did. A few minutes before lunch and at the end-of-the-day will provide you with soon forgotten details of what you did, the normal interruptions, and the exceptional situations. If you remember in detail what you did last month, you don't need knowTime.

More Productive Tools for Outlook

More Productive Tools for Outlook is an innovative tool that expands your ability to get information into and out of Outlook quickly and effectively. More Productive Tools provides you with a vast array of capabilities to make your Outlook use more productive and efficient. Supports Outlook 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003 and 2007. Currently Free. Beta

Outlook 2013 Add-In (To-Do Bar)

This To-Bar Bar add-in adds extended appointment calendar to see events for several upcoming days, and enhanced new email notification system to delete/flag incoming emails.

Outlook Meeting Tools

Outlook Meeting Tools enables you to handle the tedious and time consuming tasks easier and faster. Features: Correct view of the actual participant response status. Quick selection of receivers for follow-up mail. Quick selection of persons for participant list. Create questions for the participants - complete view each response. Free 30 days trial

Outlook Todo Pane

A To-Do Bar for Outlook 2013. Displays multiple calendars and several days of appointments. Select a date in the To-do bar calendar to see the upcoming appointments beginning that day. Drag and drop to create appointments. Display appointments from multiple calendars.


Qlockwork is a personal time tracker that automatically tracks PC activity and fills out a new calendar in Outlook with exactly what you did. It's hands-free (no timers), it tracks absolutely everything and it knows if you are working or away. It uses sophisticated algorithms to work out what you are actually concentrating on vs what you just have open.


RoboMeeting intelligently automates scheduling and calendaring key prospect meetings leveraging RoboMeeting and Microsoft Outlook functionality.

Scrum Tools for Outlook

You plan your sprint. You estimate, but what's your capacity for the upcoming sprint? The Sprint Capacity Tool with Outlook calendar integration gives you the answer quickly and easily. Free version: Personal Capacity Report Pro version: Team Capacity Report

SlickSchedule for Outlook 2013

SlickSchedule replaces the functionality missing from Outlook 2013 to create new appointments by dragging messages to a date in the To-Do Bar calendar. Click a button in the ribbon and SlickSchedule will create an appointment from an email.


TimeBridge is a web service designed to be your personal scheduling manager. One-step scheduling allows you to set up meetings with individuals or groups, across time zones, calendar systems and companies. Supports integration with your Outlook or Google calendar.

TimeSheet Reporter

TimeSheet Reporter makes it possible to report time on organizations, projects and activities via your Microsoft Outlook Calendar.

More Information

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  1. LOUKAS says

    Hi Diane,
    I am trying to figure out a way of getting replies to a meeting invitation reaching not only the organised but some other members attending a given meeting.
    For example:
    1) I send out an invitation to George, Vincent, Maria, Diane.
    2) The replies from all (regardless of accept or tentative or reject) reach me and Diane
    -Ideally, it would be in fact nice to configure who are the recipients every time I set up a meeting, as sometimes i might want to do this for all but other times maybe only specific people.

    What add-in / plug-in would you suggest as a solution to this problem?

    Kind regards

    • Diane PoremskyDiane Poremsky says

      I'm not aware of any plugins, but you can set the recipients for replies (in Properties) - but they won't get the responses.

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