Rename Exchange Mailbox and Account in Outlook 2013

How to rename Exchange account display names that are shown in the navigation pane and From field in Outlook 2013.

Outlook Social Connector Shows the Wrong Picture

Outlook's Social Connector displays a photo from the wrong LinkedIn or Facebook account.

Use Outlook's Contacts, not Contact Cards

To open a Contact instead of a Contact Card when you right click on a sender's email address in Outlook 2013, enable the Legacy GAL Dialog.

Mail merge and send from a distribution group

How to use a macro to mail merge to email, add attachments, and send the messages from a different email address.

Map Contact Addresses or Meeting Locations

How to create a map or driving directions to one or more Outlook Contact's address or Meeting locations using VBA.

Send messages using additional Office 365 Exchange addresses

How to create a single member distribution group in Office 365 Exchange Online and use it to send messages.

Ignore conversations in Outlook

Use Outlook's Ignore command to delete messages in threads or the Move Conversation command to move threads.

Outlook cannot synchronize subscribed folders in Gmail

As of July 15, 2014, Outlook cannot connect to Gmail using basic authentication. Outlook Send and Receive generates error code 0x800CCC0E. Users need to use two-step authentication or re-enable basic authentication.

Syncing Outlook with an Android smartphone

How to sync an Android phone with Microsoft Outlook's calendar, contacts, and tasks.

Convert an Exchange mailbox to a shared mailbox

Convert Exchange 2013 or Office 365 mailboxes to shared mailboxes and remove the license from the account.

Create Birthday Events for Public Folder Contacts

How to use a macro to create recurring birthday events for contacts in shared calendars in Microsoft Outlook.

Remove an Address from Reply All

Use a macro to remove your own addresses when using Reply All in Microsoft Outlook.