Access Folders in Other Users Mailboxes

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When you share a mailbox with another user, they can open the folders using File, Open, Others users… but what if you have subfolders in your mailbox? Only the default folders are listed in the Open other user’s folders dialog.

In order to open other user’s subfolders, you need to open the mailbox in your Exchange profile as a secondary mailbox. See How to view shared subfolders in an Exchange mailbox for instructions, including the permissions necessary on the mailbox root and subfolders.

Using OWA

If you are using OWA, you can view other users folders if you know the full path of the folder within the mailbox.

When logged into your mailbox with OWA, type the alias or STMP email address of the shared mailbox at the end of the URL. If you have the proper permissions, the mailbox will open. Should you only have rights to the calendar (or another folder), you’ll need to add "/calendar" or the folder name to the alias. Remove the username and folder name from the URL to return to your mailbox.

You’ll need to include the full path to the subfolder. (You may need to replace spaces in folder names with %20.) 


For complete information, see Open Other Users Calendar with OWA

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3 responses to “Access Folders in Other Users Mailboxes”

  1. דפי צביעה

    I tried to share another user mailbox, and when i open it from the other account- I can see only specific folders i shared again, and not all of the mailbox subfolders.

    How can i fix it?

  2. Diane Poremsky

    You need permission to the folders - permissions are not pushed down to the subfolders.

  3. Nancy

    I manager a number of calendars. When I go into File, Open, Other Users Folder, and type in a name and select calendar, if the person has shared their calendar with me, their name will populate on the left side of my calendar page. Typically, I will have all of the calendars I manage listed so I can click on them at any given time. However, on another computer I sometimes use, it doesn't save my searches and I don't know why.

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