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An Outlook 2011 for Mac user wanted to know how to turn off autocorrect:

How do I turn off AutoCorrect? The incorrect replacements are especially problematic because they often are very difficult to spot and often result in significant miscommunication or embarrassment. I now have to proof-read every single e-mail I write with a high level of scrutiny.

To fix this in Outlook 2011 for Mac do the following:

  1. Create a new e-mail message
  2. Expand the Edit menu
    Change the Spelling options on the Edit menu
  3. Select Spelling and Grammar from the menu
  4. Uncheck Correct Spelling Automatically

If you prefer, you can right-click in the message body to select Spelling and Grammar then deselect Correct Spelling Automatically.
Right click on the message


  1. and wanted to mention this says

    This won't work on its own; you also need to turn it off globally on the Mac, which is under System Preferences > Keyboard > Text > "Correct spelling automatically"

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