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Anyone who lives in Outlook's calendar has run into popup and other annoyances that can't be turned off or disabled.

When the mouse rolls over a date, an annoying popup opens with the appointment details. It doesn't show you much new information over what you can see on screen: more of the subject, the end date, and if a reminder is set or the appointment is recurring, but no Notes field. In the day or week view with preview, you'll see all of this information plus as much of the body as the time slot allows. The only redeeming benefit of this dialog is on Surface or Ultrabooks - the font in the popup is bigger - and readable - on small, high resolution screens.

appointment details

Click and Type

click and begin typingThe click 'n type feature for an all-day appointment in Calendar's monthly view is responsible for more complaints. First, if you want to create an all-day appointment, a reminder isn't set when you type on the date. If you double click to open an appointment form, a reminder is not set by default, but if you use the All Day Event button or right click on choose All Day event, guess what - you'll have an 18 hour reminder. Click New Appointment and select All day event and the reminder is set for a half a day.

If you copy appointments to other days to avoid typing everything over, it doesn't always work as expected. When you copy an appointment then select another date to paste it on, Outlook thinks you want to type to create a new event. If you paste the copied appointment in the white block, it creates an all-day event using the copied appointment's subject. You need to press Esc to exit this edit mode then paste the appointment to create a new appointment. Using the arrow and page up and page down keys to select the new date avoids the problem, but is more key presses.

Click 'n type comes up every second click (not a double click - that opens a new appointment form). The click you make to copy the appointment is click 1, which makes the click to select a new date click 2 so Outlook thinks you want to type in all day appointment. On the day and week view, a click doesn’t open a box for typing but you can start typing to create an appointment on the selected time period. The month view should work the same way (but doesn't).

To exit the click 'n type field, press Esc or click the difficult-to-see X in the upper corner of the blue box.


Peeks are love 'em or hate 'em. When Compact navigation is enabled, it's too easy to slide over the buttons and open the peek and the only way to close the peek is by moving the mouse off the peek or using the Esc key. I'd like to click to show the peek, double click to switch to that folder.

hover over the calendar to peek

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  1. Gary Witt says

    My most annoying problem is not being able to see more than 2 or 3 entries in any day block of the monthly calendar. How can I see more of them? Thanks.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      How many you can see depends on the height of the window - minimize the ribbon, select 2 weeks in the navigation calendar, maximize the outlook window. Incresing the screen resolution will help too, but that isn't very practical for most people.

  2. Gary Witt says

    In the newest Calendar, is there any way to change the size or color of the line highlighting the current day (in Monthly view)? The old version was a lot easier to pick out. Thanks.

  3. John Meyers says

    Is there any way to "minimize" the info displayed for each appointment? Outlook 2010 was nice in that it only showed the Subject line where as Outlook 2013 shows several line for each appointment. It makes my monthly calender look crazy busy!

    • Diane Poremsky says

      No, sorry, as long as you aren't using the Preview view, you can't change the view to show less. The preview view might show more lines, if there is room in the time periods.

  4. Jay B. says

    Having just moved to Outlook 2013, the appointment popup in the Calendar is INCREDIBLY annoying. I don't need it, and as I move my mouse around my calendar, I get a series of unnecessary flashes as the windows pop on and off. To make it worse, the actual popup doesn't show me anything I can't already see by looking at the appointment.

    If anyone finds a way to disable this "feature", please share.

  5. Brandon says

    So is there no way to turn this Click and Type bs off? When I want to set an appointment, I open a window and fill out the info, I have never once wanted to make an appointment when clicking one time on a date.

  6. Edoardo says

    Hello, in the new 2013 calendar I very often have trouble in distinguishing the weekdays (in week view), especially when I have parallel meetings. Is there a way to define a darker line colour separating two days? Thanks

    • Diane PoremskyDiane Poremsky says

      Sorry, you can't change the color. Some people find it helps to turn the monitor brightness down a little.

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