Using the Calendar Peek in Outlook 2013

Last reviewed on October 31, 2013

As of an Outlook 2013 October 2013 hotfix, the Calendar Peek includes appointments for up to the next 7 days. It will be included in a future Cumulative update or you can install it separately from Description of the Outlook 2013 hotfix package (Outlook-x-none.msp; Outlookintl-<Language-Code>.msp): October 16, 2013. Note: Office 2013 Home Premium subscribers and some business subscribers will need to wait for the automatic update.

View up to the next 5 appointmentsUsing Peeks is easy: click on Mail to open the Mail module. Hover over Calendar, People, or Tasks word to see a flyout or double click to open their navigation module. (If you use the Compact view, you'll see icons under the navigation pane, not the words.)

Click on the pushpin in the upper right to pin that peek open on Outlook's right edge.

Click or right-click on the three dots to open the Notes module, Shortcuts, or the Folder list and to access Navigation options.

You select today's date in the calendar peek to see all day events and upcoming appointments for 'today' and up to the next 7 days.

Select any other date in the calendar to see all day events and appointments due that day.

right click to see optionsRight click on a word to see options:
Open in New Window
Pin the peek
Show the peek
Options (opens the Options dialog)

Compare Peek and the To-Do Bar

The Calendar peek is limited compared to the To-do Bar:

  1. It shows only the selected day's appointments and upcoming appointments for the next 7 days. You cannot limit the number of upcoming events. (Update required to see up to 7 days of appointments.)
  2. You can see only one navigation calendar at a time
  3. The navigation calendar doesn't support dragging messages to create appointments on a specific date.
  4. Dragging a message and hovering over the word "Calendar" will not open the calendar folder.
  5. You cannot interact with the appointments in the peek or pinned peek.

You can drag to the word "Calendar" (seen in the screenshot) to open a new appointment with 'now' as the default time and date. Right-click & drag a message to "Calendar" and you'll see options to create new appointments as text, shortcut, attachments etc.

Pinning the peek to replicate the To-do Bar (which we've had for the last two versions) is a multistep process. You need to pin each peek individually (and unpin individually) and once pinned, it applies to the current folder type only. For example, if you pin the calendar open when viewing the Inbox, it's open in all mail folders but not shown when you view the tasks folder.

Need to look over the next 3 months? In Outlook 2007 you can drag the edge of the to-Do Bar inward and see multiple navigation calendars.

view multiple months in Outlook 2007

Do this with a pinned peek in Outlook 2013 and you'll still see just one month.

Outlook 2013 shows only one month


Outlook 2013 Add-In (To-Do Bar)

This To-Bar Bar add-in adds extended appointment calendar to see events for several upcoming days, and enhanced new email notification system to delete/flag incoming emails.

Outlook Todo Pane

A To-Do Bar for Outlook 2013. Displays multiple calendars and several days of appointments. Select a date in the To-do bar calendar to see the upcoming appointments beginning that day. Drag and drop to create appointments. Display appointments from multiple calendars.

SlickSchedule for Outlook 2013

SlickSchedule replaces the functionality missing from Outlook 2013 to create new appointments by dragging messages to a date in the To-Do Bar calendar. Click a button in the ribbon and SlickSchedule will create an appointment from an email.

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