Outlook User's Solutions Center

Publishing Calendars to Office Online Now Defunct

Notice: Office.com calendar publishing ended April 4, 2014

Macro to Export Outlook Fields to Excel

Use a macro to write Outlook values to an Excel spreadsheet.

Backup Calendar, Contacts, Tasks in an IMAP data file

Use a macro to copy appointments, contacts, tasks, and notes to a *.pst file before removing an IMAP account from Outlook 2013.

Hide Read Receipts in Conversation View

How to create a custom view to hide read receipts and non-delivery reports in Outlook's Inbox.

Read Outlook Messages using Plain Text

How to configure Outlook to read all messages in plain text format.

Outlook and the latest RTF Exploits

When Word parses specially crafted RTF-formatted data an attacker could execute arbitrary code. Solution: stop using RTF in Outlook. I'll show you how.

Convert RTF Messages to Plain Text Format

Use a simple macro to convert RTF formatted messages to plain text format.

Office 2013 SP1

Office 2013 SP1 is available and should be automatically installed for Home Premium and ProPlus Click to Run subscriptions.

Outlook 2013 hangs due to hardware acceleration

One of the new features in Office 2013 is Hardware Graphics Acceleration which is supposed to improve performance. It doesn't always work well on older computers (and even some new ones). Symptoms include blurred text, cursor hangs randomly, and Outlook freezing for a few seconds (or longer).

Filing email in folders: Good or Bad?

Is it better to file email by sender or dump everything into one folder?

Outlook AutoReplies: One script, many responses

How to use one Run a Script rule in Outlook to respond with different Autoreply messages.

Macro to file Outlook email by sender's display name

Use a macro to file Outlook Email in folders by sender's name. Or file your email by received date.