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BCM error converting data type int to smallint

The problem: you receive an error while trying to delete a business contact or account: "error converting data type int to smallint". You can make changes to the contact, just not delete it. This problem occurs when there are more than 32,767 (the number that a smallint can handle at max) business contacts in the  

Outlook 2016 Preview

A first look at some of the new features in Outlook 2016.

Setting Custom Reminder Times

How to enter a custom reminder or snooze time in Microsoft Outlook.

Send a Task Status Report

Send an Outlook Task update using the Task Update button or customize the update using a macro.

LinkedIn Social Connector Provider: Going Away

As many users of the LinkedIn provider for Outlook's Social Connector learned a couple of weeks ago, they would no longer be receiving information about their LinkedIn contacts, specifically, the LinkedIn Contact folder will be removed and feeds won't sync. For the time being, LinkedIn contacts and profile photos are still syncing with Outlook. In  

Scheduling Drafts in Outlook

How to send draft messages at a scheduled time using a macro in Outlook.

Outlook Search results are limited to 250

A user had a question about the number of search results Outlook displays initially: I’m using Outlook 2013 and my search results only show 250 items. Why is this? Outlook limits the number of results displayed in order to speed up the search results in cached Exchange mode. The limit is 250 in Outlook 2013  

Disable Stationery and Fonts using Group Policy

I need to disable the ability of the end-user to modify Stationery and force a default stationery and font. I have found the "font" forcing but not the rest. I was trying to work with control ID but don't know how to find the right ones. You'll need to make at least three changes: 1)  

Email address was spelled wrong, is delivered

When you use the Resend button in an NDR to resend a message, the incorrect email address may be visible on the received message.

Forward Messages that were not Replied To

Use a macro to forward Outlook email messages that are waiting for a reply after a number of days.

Create a New Message using an HTML File or Stationery

How to create a new message using Stationery or any HTML file using the standard commands of More Stationery or Insert > Insert as Text command. You can also use a macro to create the message.

Apply Outlook Stationery to Replies and Forwards

Although Outlook doesn't include a way to use stationery with replies and forwards, you can use a macro to insert stationery into a reply or forward. You can also use the macro to insert a boilerplate text file.

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