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Create a New Message using an HTML File or Stationery

How to create a new message using Stationery or any HTML file using the standard commands of More Stationery or Insert > Insert as Text command. You can also use a macro to create the message.

Apply Outlook Stationery to Replies and Forwards

Although Outlook doesn't include a way to use stationery with replies and forwards, you can use a macro to insert stationery into a reply or forward. You can also use the macro to insert a boilerplate text file.

HelpDesk Utilities for Outlook and Exchange Server

This page contains a list of help desk utilities for Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Server. These utilities can be used for help desks, customer support, issue and ticket tracking systems.

Outlook Folder Management Utilities

This page contains a list of folder management utilities for Microsoft Outlook.

Transfer POP3 Mail on an iPhone to Outlook

This question came from an Outlook & iPhone user. The user wants to upgrade her phone and her small business is considering moving to Office 365. I have an iPhone 5. I use Outlook on a Windows computer without Exchange. I'm replacing my phone and need to preserve my sent messages for my business from  

New Message Indicator for Subfolders?

Replace Outlook rules that file all messages on arrival, and deeply nested folders with Search Folders and Quick Steps to keep Outlook organized and find the messages when you need them.

Add Secure to the Message Subject before Sending

Several users asked me how to add secure to the message subject before sending the message. I need a way to change the subject of an email after I hit send. Specific example: If I have a subject that says "meeting", after I hit send I would like the subject to be automatically changed to  

Office 365 or Office 2013?

Over the last few weeks, I’ve seen several threads asking “What is the difference between Office 365 and Office 2013?” and the answers reminded me of the story about the blind men and the elephant – everyone has a different idea about what it is. The guys focusing on IT explained what Office 365 services  

Receive a Reminder When a Message Doesn't Arrive?

Use a run a script rule to set reminders to alert you if a new message (such as routine server alerts) doesn't arrive within a specified time.

Calculate Days Overdue and Days to Complete Tasks

Outlook doesn't track extensions and date changes, but you can view the number days overdue and days to complete each task using custom fields.

Create a Series of Tasks Leading up to an Appointment

The code sample on this page creates tasks from a selected appointment, with each task due in the days leading up to the appointment.

Using Voting Buttons in Email

I had a few questions about Outlook's voting buttons this week. Several users wondered why the voting buttons weren't working on messages sent to addresses outside of the company. When you add voting buttons to an email, the message is sent using Rich Text Format (RTF). Because only Outlook can decode RTF messages, many Exchange  

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