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Exchange Server Version Numbers

Since the first release of Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft has released many updates and service packs. Most of them also include updates for the old Microsoft Exchange client and Microsoft Outlook which is the premier messaging client of Microsoft. The following list is an overview of the available public Microsoft Exchange and  

Fax Tools for Outlook

Microsoft Outlook add-ins and tools for generating faxable documents, automatically printing them, and performing other fax functions including OCR.

Moving Outlook .pst files to a New Machine

Long-time users of Microsoft Outlook know that it's relatively easy to relocate a Personal Folders .pst file from one folder or drive to another. Just exit Outlook, move the file, then restart Outlook. When Outlook says it can't find the .pst file, you'll have an opportunity to point to the new location. The process isn't  

SSL Security Alert on Office 365 Accounts

Security error in the SSL library every time you restart Outlook when you have an Office 365 account in your profile.

Using OneDrive or Cloud Storage for PST Files

With the release of Office 2013 and it's emphasis on SkyDrive storage, I've had several people ask about moving their pst file to SkyDrive, DropBox and similar services.

Warn before sending messages to the wrong email address

Do you accidently send messages to the wrong email address? You can use a VBA macro that checks the outgoing addresses before sending the message.

Rename Exchange Mailbox and Account in Outlook 2013

How to rename Exchange account display names that are shown in the navigation pane and From field in Outlook 2013.

Outlook Social Connector Shows the Wrong Picture

Outlook's Social Connector displays a photo from the wrong LinkedIn or Facebook account.

Use Outlook's Contacts, not Contact Cards

To open a Contact instead of a Contact Card when you right click on a sender's email address in Outlook 2013, enable the Legacy GAL Dialog.

Outlook 2013 Favorites: Folder Order Frequently Changes

Folders on Outlook 2013's Favorites list change positions when Outlook is restarted.

Mail merge and send from a distribution group

How to use a macro to mail merge to email, add attachments, and send the messages from a different email address.

Outlook windows won't resize

Are your Outlook windows stuck on full screen or minimized?