Using OneDrive or Cloud Storage for PST Files

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With the release of Office 2013 and it's emphasis on OneDrive storage, I've had several people ask about moving their pst file to OneDrive, DropBox and similar services.

The answer: It won't work. Outlook puts a lock on the pst file when the pst file is open. OneDrive (and other cloud solutions) continually syncs the local folder. It won't be able to sync the pst because Outlook has a lock on it and as a result, the pst file could become corrupted and data loss occur.

While you could use OneDrive or another cloud service to store backup copies of your data files, its not recommended due to the large size of many pst files: uploading a large data file can take "forever". If you shut the computer down before its completely uploaded then try to open it from another computer, the pst may be corrupt.

There are online backup services that can backup pst files when Outlook is open and incrementally backup the pst, so only changes are saved. These are safe to use because they are designed to work with Outlook data files. However, unlike backing up a file to OneDrive or DropBox, you can't download the pst file to another computer or when needed. You need to restore it using the backup application.

When you use a backup service I highly recommend verifying the backup several days after setting it up, so your sure it's getting the pst files and also every few months to insure it's still working as expected.

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22 responses to “Using OneDrive or Cloud Storage for PST Files”

  1. Jim Wagner

    I found this website that someone is using his skydrive for his pst. I am skeptical.

    1. Diane Poremsky

      You should be skeptical. It won't work. SkyDrive will not sync the pst file while it is open in outlook, only one outlook can be using the pst at one time, it will not sync changes (only the entire data file), and it is limited to 2 GB file size. Finally, sharing a pst file is not going to make it an Exchange server. It just makes the same copy of a pst file on two computers. You can use SkyDrive to backup a pst or copy it to another computer if you want... close outlook, copy the pst file to the skydrive folder. Copy it out of the skydrive folder before using.

      Also, his recommendation to move the pst and wait for outlook to complain is likely result in a corrupt profile in Outlook 2007 and up.

  2. Jeke


    I want to put my Outlook 2003 pst file (600MB) on SkyDrive and copy it to another computer using Outlook 2010. Problem is can I use the 2010 version and copy it back to be used in Outlook 2003 as the current pst file? In other words move back and forth between two computers with different versions.

    1. Diane Poremsky

      It will work, as long as you move (or copy) it out of SkyDrive to use it, you can't add it to your profile in the SkyDrive folder.

  3. Jeke

    Thanks for your answer, Diane. Does that also mean a 2010 pst file will work in 2003? I thought they were slightly different in that 2010 contains more info than 2003.

    1. Diane Poremsky

      They are slightly different (but still Unicode format) and yes, they will work - I have not had any problems. If you get any error messages when you try to use a pst with both versions, let me know.

  4. Joseph McKown

    I do not want to copy it to the sky drive... I want it to LIVE on the sky drive. that is where I want to access it like it was on my D drive... What would be the issue with doing that? This way I could access it on my desktop from work, or from my Surface when I am at home. I will never access it from 2 different computers at the same time...

    1. Diane Poremsky

      The pst file can become corrupted very easily. When a file is in skydrive, it tries to sync it every time there is a change and there will be constant changes but Outlook keeps a lock on it, so it can't sync until outlook is closed. If the computer crashes or is shut down too quickly after you close, the updated pst won't be upload to the server or a corrupt copy will be uploaded. Temp files will be uploaded, which can quickly eat up server space. Using (Hotmail) or Office365 (Exchange server) or even an IMAP account is a better, safer option for sharing data between computers.

  5. Ken Isaacson


    Please tell me if you see a problem with the following: I have two desktops in different locations. I won't be using them "together"-- I'll be weeks at a time at one, and then weeks at a time at the other. When I'm leaving Desktop No. 1, I want to copy the OL pst file (say, to my notebook), travel to Desktop No. 2, and copy the pst file there. When I'm ready to leave Desktop No. 2 and go back to No. 1, copy the pst file and then put it back on No. 1.

    The important thing (I think) is that when working on Desktop No. 1, no one will be using Desktop No. 2 (and vice versa), so there's no danger of changes being made to both machines. Only one machine will be used at a time.

    This should work, shouldn't it?

    Many thanks!

    1. Diane Poremsky

      It should work, yes. If you leave mail on the server, it might redownload mail though.

  6. Mike Handi

    You referred to some tools that allow an online backup of a pst to a cloud service. I can't seem to find a service like this. Would you have any recommendations?

    1. Diane Poremsky

      You can copy a pst into onedrive, google drive dropbox etc, but you can't open the pst file in outlook while its in the cloud drive. Well, you can, but you risk corruption. If you want to backup files automatically, Mozy and Carbonite are two that can backup outlook files. There are more.

  7. Joel Bancroft-Connors

    I find it mind boggling that the company that owns and understands best how the PST operates is unable to support its use in a modern Cloud environment. It almost defeats the purpose of Office 365 when one of the most important parts can't be cloud enabled.
    There isn't even a way to sync this with

    1. Diane Poremsky

      The issue is that the pst file was never designed to work over a network - outlook keeps a lock on it. When Outlook was designed nearly 20 years ago, this wasn't an issue. The problem now is that most cloud services can't sync it and even if they could, syncing a multigigabyte file can take forever. Mozy, Carbonite, and a few others that do incremental backups do a better job, although there is always the chance that the pst will be corrupted.

      The solution is to use Exchange mailbox (best) or for email if you need to access your mail, calendar, and contacts from multiple computers instead of a pst file and POP3.

  8. Roberto Estrada

    Dear Ms. Diane: Good day. I want to move away from PST files. My company has given me a large amount of storage space in my cloud inbox in Outlook - we just migrated to office 365; I am going to create folders and move the contents of the PST files to the inbox. I know the cloud service will back up but for peace of mind: can I back up those folders to my PC?

  9. Greg

    Hi Diane, I currently work through an exchange server based email. I am trying to find out how to link my email to my onedrive account so that all emails are stored on the cloud. I currently work on the basis as mentioned above where I have a .pst folder set up which runs on google drive. I know now that this isn't the best option due to the google drive syncing the whole file on a daily basis (currently sitting at 15Gb and getting bigger). From what I have read it is possible to link up your exchange email to onedrive through office 365. Am I correct and if so can you point me in the right direction in getting this set up?

  10. George

    My pst file is around 10G and it's stored on a second HD in my pc which makes it really really slow to access. I dont want to go to an SSD solution at the moment, however since i got much space on the cloud (via OneDrive that comes with 365 + Dropbox) can i take advantage of that space in order to make access faster??

  11. Mike Worley

    I'm considering going to Office 365 but have concerns about this issue. As I understand from the Microsoft tech support people, I can move the contents of my pst file to an ost file on the exchange server (one drive?) and then in that way access my mail, contacts, and calendar from multiple computers. Is that correct? My plan is to have 365 on my home PC and on my macbook, and the outlook app on my iPhone and iPad.

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