Common Problems and their Solutions

The information contained in this section will help you solve problems with Outlook. While some of the problems are related to bugs (which may or may not get fixed), many of the problems are just how Outlook was designed, which doesn’t necessarily fit with how we want to use it. Other problems are caused by the interaction between Outlook and other programs or Outlook add-ins.

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OUTLOOK.EXE continues running after you exit Outlook

Problem: After closing Outlook, it continues to run. Outlook can't close properly if another application is accessing Outlook's message store and you need open the Task Manager and End Process.

Error Opening Outlook and Control Panel's Mail Applet

We're seeing reports that Outlook won't open, returning a (basically useless!) error message that Outlook won't open. Attempting to open the Mail applet in the Control panel results in an error message that Outlook is out of memory or system resources. "You need more memory or system resources. Please close some Windows and try again."  

Help! My Email is Marked as Read

How can you read email on a smartphone and not have it marked read before you read it in Outlook?

Messages are Double Spaced for the Recipient

When messages are double spaced for the recipient, you need to customize your paragraph settings.

How to repair a damaged Outlook Personal Folders file (pst)

How to repair a damaged or corrupted Microsoft Outlook pst file, personal folder or data file and recover your Outlook email, calendar and contacts. In many cases you can repair your data file using the free Inbox repair tool (scanpst) that Microsoft includes with the Outlook installation.

Repair a large Outlook Personal Folders File (over 2GB)

Microsoft Outlook limits the size of older Personal Folders .pst files and offline folders .ost files to 2GB. If a new or changed item increases the size over than limit, you will not be able to use the .pst or .ost file. Even if you delete items from the server mailbox, the .ost file will not synchronize.

Convert an Offline File (.ost) to a Personal File (.pst)

Oftentimes, Microsoft Outlook users who are leaving their current employer want to take their mail, calendar, or contacts with them and do one of two things – delete the Microsoft Exchange account from their profile without realizing the Contacts are stored in the Exchange account or they take the OST file with them, not realizing  

Use FireFox as the Default Browser to Open Links

How to fix the "Locate Link Browser." error when clicking on links in Microsoft Outlook.

Enter Network Password dialog keeps popping up

If the Enter Network Password dialog box is constantly coming up with a send and receive error, including for AT&T or Yahoo email accounts, try these solutions.

This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect

How to fix the error: "For more info, please contact your help desk" or "This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator." comes up when you click on a hyperlink in Outlook and other applications.

Messages are stuck in the Outbox

Common problems and their solution when email is stuck in the Microsoft Outlook Outbox and won't send.

Outlook and iCloud: default data files

New for iCloud v.2 released September 2012: the ability to set the iCloud data file as the default data file if you use a POP3 account as your default email account. Unfortunately this doesn't work if an IMAP account is the default account.