The information contained in this section will help you solve problems with Outlook. While some of the problems are related to bugs (which may or may not get fixed), many of the problems are just how Outlook was designed, which doesn’t necessarily fit with how we want to use it. Other problems are caused by the interaction between Outlook and other programs or Outlook add-ins.

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Add-in can only be Disabled by an Administrator

When you attempt to remove an add-in, the dialog tells you that only an administrator can connect or disconnect the add-in: This add-in is installed for all users on this computer and can only be connected or disconnected by an administrator.

Email address was spelled wrong, is delivered

When you use the Resend button in an NDR to resend a message, the incorrect email address may be visible on the received message.

Cannot Expand Outlook Folders: Not Enough Memory

This error affects Exchange server users with a large number of folders in their profile, either in their mailbox, public folders, or SharePoint lists. In most cases, you won't have a problem until you exceed approximately 1,000 folders, or a gigabyte of space is used. Outlook works fine for a little bit (5-10 minutes) before  

Outlook is asking me to accept the End User License Agreement

We get many questions about Office activation failing: "After installing and activating Office, Outlook keeps asking to accept the End User License Agreement (EULA)." This is caused by Windows security and permissions. Your Windows user account doesn't have the necessary permissions to write the activation to the registry. How to Fix Method 1: Right click  

Help! My Email is Marked as Read

How can you read email on a smartphone and not have it marked read before you read it in Outlook?

How to Stop Accidentally Closing Outlook

How to help prevent accidentally closing Microsoft Outlook by displaying the "you have unsent messages" dialog.

Outlook Virus Misconceptions

We used to think that you had to open or, in some case, preview a message for it to infect your system with a virus. It's now been proven that malicious code can enter your system via an Outlook mail message from the Internet — even if you do not open or preview it. The  

Outlook Crashes When You Reply or Create a New Message

Solution for issue for Microsoft Outlook crashing when replying to messages or creating new messages or Sending reported error (0x8004010F) : 'Outlook data file cannot be accessed.'

Signatures and the Send to… command

Microsoft finally published a long-overdue KB article explaining why signatures are not added to messages initiated using Send to menus in other applications, the Send to Mail Recipient command in Windows Explorer, or by creating the message programmatically. You also can't do anything in Outlook until the message is either sent or saved and closed.  

How to Prevent Skype (Lync) from Locking Outlook's .OST File

How to fix the error message "Cannot open this item. File access is denied. You do not have the permission required to access" the ost file when using Outlook and Lync.together.

Application failed to start because MSVCR80.dll was not found.

This error often caused by add-ins installed by Norton security products, but if you have an Acer computer, the eDataSecurity add-in for Outlook may be the cause. Note that these two applications are the most well-known cause but other applications may cause it as well. Unloading the offending add-in will usually fix it, if not  

Error with the To-Do Bar's Task list

We're seeing a rash of errors with the To-Do Bar lately. This following message appears at the bottom, where the Task List is: "The operation failed. An object could not be found." Also, in the To-Do List in the Tasks module, the error message is "Cannot display the folder." Depending on the cause, it may  

Say No! to Compatibility Mode

Enabling Compatibility mode in Windows 7 will cause problems in Outlook, including operation error messages and problems creating accounts or new data files. Tutorial shows how to check compatibility settings.

3 Ways to Run PST Recovery (and a Better Alternative)

Why do organizations need to run a PST recovery? Is it because users love to save so much email that their PST files exceed all reasonable storage limits and then blow up – putting hundreds or thousands of business critical emails at risk? Or is it because they try to store these enormous PSTs on  

Icon is not correct on the Junk Mail Folder

The red crossed circle has disappeared from the Junk Mail folder. I tried starting Outlook with the folder reset switch, but no luck. The icon is still the standard folder icon. As long as the Empty folder commands work, it's not broken, but to restore the junk folder icon, you'll need to make a new