Outlook Folders Move Around When Clicked

Many users have discovered an annoying 'feature' in Outlook 2013: the folders in the navigation pane shift around. This is due in part to the ability to arrange folders (and data files) in any order in the navigation pane. Many users report the problem is solved when they put the Inbox at the top of  

Open Attachment Dialog: 'If you continue, you'll lose changes'

The scenario goes like this: A user starts to compose a message and adds an attachment to the it. The user then opens the attachment and edits it. When Outlook's auto-save kicks in, an annoying and confusing warning message pops up telling the user that changes will be lost. If you continue, you'll lose your  

LinkedIn Social Connector Provider: Gone

As many users of the LinkedIn provider for Outlook's Social Connector learned a couple of weeks ago, they would no longer be receiving information about their LinkedIn contacts, specifically, the LinkedIn Contact folder will be removed and feeds won't sync. For the time being, LinkedIn contacts and profile photos are still syncing with Outlook. In  

Outlook 2013 March 2015 Update

This month's update for Outlook 2013 fixes a long list of issues, including the following: Excessive and unnecessary sync issues between Outlook and Exchange server were addressed. Recover Deleted Item window supports keyboard navigation to recover or permanently delete items. When your password has expired and you use MAPI over HTTP to connect to your  

Outlook Update and Office for Mac Public Preview

Microsoft released a public preview of Office 2016 for Mac . This preview (aka beta) of Office 2016 for Mac includes updated versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook is open to the public, works only on Yosemite, and times out in 60 days.

Outlook Search results are limited to 250

A user had a question about the number of search results Outlook displays initially: I’m using Outlook 2013 and my search results only show 250 items. Why is this? Outlook limits the number of results displayed in order to speed up the search results in cached Exchange mode. The limit is 250 in Outlook 2013