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Many of the tools listed on this page also work with Microsoft Outlook's Calendar and Contacts, as well as with Tasks.



Tools in the Spotlight


EasyTaskLink distributes tasks and collects progress reports automatically via Outlook Tasks Folder and provide you with the needed Excel views so you can pull reports instantly. Deploys tasks to Outlook Tasks Folder and collects narrative progress reports automatically. Distribute tasks to your team members without using a server. Accepts and rejects status reports. Supports Office 2003/2007. Automatically updates Project MPP plans.

eeminders for Outlook

eeminders gives you an uncluttered inbox that shows you what you need to work on, in the order that you want to work on them. Defer/snooze emails out of your inbox and have them magically appear back when you actually need them. Get email reminders to follow-up on important emails right in your inbox. Get reminders for non-email actions in your Inbox. Prioritize or schedule your emails in the order that you need to work on them and more... Supports Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013 (32bit and 64bit). Free 30 day trial available

Organizer for Outlook

Ceptara's Organizer for Outlook Add-in helps you get focused by defining Projects and Focuses and saving them into the Categories field. To help you better process your collection points (e.g. email folders) we added new ribbon buttons & right-click context menus that embrace our 5Ds processing method (Do, Defer, Delegate, Delete, put in a Drawer). We added a new Project Explorer and Organizer Task Pane to simplify project planning, weekly and daily planning. To help you learn from past execution and plan more effectively, we added the ability to categorize appointments to projects and provided for timecard reporting.

Smart Schedules for Outlook
Smart Schedules for Outlook

Capture YOUR standard work flows by creating templates of entire series of appointments and tasks. Click a button to use the templates to accurately calculate and schedule all your appointments and tasks for a project. See the full picture by viewing all appointments and tasks for a project in one place. Finally when a deadline changes, Easily and Accurately reschedule ALL affected appointments and tasks. This is your complete Outlook based scheduling and project management tool.

Task Duplicates Eliminator

Either delete duplicate tasks or move them to a separate folder. Enter code WD9BHK53 during checkout.



Action Project Manager is the only affordable Microsoft Outlook Addin for project management, planning, scheduling and tracking individual tasks for small organizations and Individuals. You can create task and track them till its completion by sharing between multiple users. Professionally designed, easy to use Tasks on Steroids! Perfect for the busy individual who needs to manage a busy life. Create Multiple databases and never worry about complicated installations such as SQL Server , as most competitors require! Simple XML based Database. For Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 (32bit). Free 30 Day Trial!

Anti-Dupe for Microsoft Outlook

Remove unwanted Outlook duplicate records with Anti-Dupe for Microsoft Outlook add-in utility. Anti-Dupe for Outlook scans and deletes duplicate Outlook duplicate appointments, contacts, emails and tasks based on pre-determined criterion set by Anti-Dupe. Trial version available.

CCS HelpDesk

CCS Help Desk leverages the power of Exchange Server, Outlook, and the Web to bring you a simple, efficient and effective help desk, customer support and ticket tracking system. It is ideal for companies and organizations that are overwhelmed by user or customer requests and issues. Support requests are entered through Outlook, the Web or email, and then are assigned and tracked. The resolved tickets are kept in an Exchange public folder and can be reviewed if a similar issue arises again. Available in Pro, Standard, and Lite versions. Ver 4.2

CCS Service Request

CCS Service Request provides a central point for tracking and managing service requests for departments such as HR, IT, Facilities, Sales and Marketing. Tickets are submitted from an Outlook form, email or web page. The ticket is routed to the department providing the service. Department staff is assigned the request. Includes full reporting, knowledge base and flexible forms. Easy to install, run.

CodeTwo Task Workflow

Free project and task manager for Outlook 2010 / 2007. Use it to assign, monitor and track your own (or your team's) tasks in Outlook. Synchronize Outlook tasks with others in real time (via Exchange server or CodeTwo Public Folders).


Converts text in virtually any Windows application into Outlook contacts, appointments, tasks, or notes. Copies text to create an entire contact or appointment at once, without retyping. It works from email signatures, web search results, documents, resumes, and any other source of contact or event information.

Data Publisher for Outlook & SharePoint

Data Publisher add-in provides a means to bring your Outlook contents such as mails, appointments, tasks or contacts to SharePoint lists, where these can be shared with other users. This process can be performed manually, or automatically and is achieved without using any scripts or programming, with complete seamless experience to the users. In other words, Data Publisher extends your Microsoft Outlook to effectively act as a content provider for your enterprise SharePoint repository. It can be adapted to feed data to SharePoint lists for various purposes, such as for issue tracking, timesheets, projects or contact managements.

Easy2Add for Microsoft Outlook

Quickly create new events, tasks (to-do), contacts, notes from plain English in your Outlook Calendar (appointments, meetings, all day events), Tasks, Contacts and Notes folders even Outlook is not running. Adding Events feature is free, other features are available in registered version.


Create task from email message. Convert email to appointment in Outlook. Email2Task is an easy to use add-in for Outlook allowing you to turn email to calendar events, convert email messages into Outlook tasks and attach email. Move emails to predefined folder in one click. Use Email2Task form to modify the task or appointment details quickly. Easily organize your information in Microsoft Outlook with E2T time saving software add-in. Version 1.00.0007.

Extended Reminders

Outlook COM add-in that enables you to receive reminders from any mail, calendar, contacts, or tasks folder in your default information store (Exchange mailbox or Personal Folders file) except the Outbox.

Folder HelpDesk for Outlook

Cooperate on incident management inside Outlook. Folder HelpDesk may be installed in any Outlook folder. Manual or automatic conversion of e-mails into tickets with formatting, images and attached files included. Manual conversion also of Outlook Tasks and Appointments. E-mail history, FAQ answers. Statistics tool. Knowledge base. Supports Win 2003-8, Office 2003, 2007, 2010 (32-bit) and 365 and SQL Server, SQL Azure and Access databases.

Gantt for Outlook

The Gantt for Outlook Add-in is the first solution that provides easy and effective project management features to the native Outlook environment. When installed the Gantt view is just a click away. The user will experience the added features as a natural extension to the Outlook environment. The Gantt Add-in integrates with the Task folder, bringing unique features to help users to organize their day.

HelpDesk OSP

HelpDesk OSP connects Outlook to SharePoint. Use it for issue tracking incident management, user support or anytime when you wish to publish something to a SharePoint list directly from Outlook. E-mails can be converted into SharePoint list items manually or automatically. Rich text, formatting, attached files, priority, sender information is included in the ticket. Blank tickets can be created, and info can be taken from Outlook Contacts or GAL. Version 3. Full support for Office 365.

Issue Tracker for Outlook & SharePoint

An incident ticket management groupware add-in that leverages Microsoft Outlook, Exchange and SharePoint. Provide an easy way for support staffs to collect ticket data from emails, assign technicians and problem areas, set due date and other custom metadata. And then use this information to generate trouble tickets in one of the administrator defined SharePoint lists, where customer issues can be tracked and collaborated with other technicians and stakeholders to seek early resolution.

Message Pad for Outlook

Message Pad for Outlook replaces phone message pads, Post-It Note or bits of paper for your phone messages. Messages can be picked up remotely using email enabled mobile devices. Workgroup management to allow office groups to maximize productivity (requires Microsoft Exchange). Fully integrated with Outlook. Free evaluation.

More Productive Tools for Outlook

More Productive Tools for Outlook is an innovative tool that expands your ability to get information into and out of Outlook quickly and effectively. More Productive Tools provides you with a vast array of capabilities to make your Outlook use more productive and efficient. Supports Outlook 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003 and 2007. Currently Free. Beta

MS Outlook ICS and VCF Adapter

MS Outlook ICS and VCF Adapter is a set of VBA scripts that enables a user to connect any Calendar folder (appointments or tasks) to a remote iCalendar server in read/write mode (i.e. it is possible to read from the remote calendar and it is possible to publish to the remote calendar. Free.


Attach notes to messages and contacts using Notes4Outlook. Manage your notes from a central Notes4Outlook window, including reply and forwarding the message with or without the note. Available options include reminders (pro version), display a small window reminding you a note is attached when a message is selected or display the note when a message is selected. Outlook 2002/2003/2007/2010. (32bit support only.)

OLAP Statistics for Outlook

OLAP Statistics tool for Outlook helps you gain insight into your folder items and make new discoveries. It analyzes Outlook data in multi-dimensional view in grids, charts and graphs and supports pivoting, drill down/slice and dice and filtering. You can run analysis tool on individual Outlook or public folders. Specify any field as the measure using functions such as sum, count, distinct count, maximum, minimum etc, and use this against other fields to generate statistics. Save and share reports as PDF, JPEG, HTML or PNG formats.

Outlook Duplicate Items Remover

Free tool for removing duplicate items from Outlook folders. ODIR recognizes duplicates in Contacts; Calendar; Tasks; Notes and Email folders. Using ODIR is very easy: select a folder and click the button Remove Duplicate Items. ODIR scans the selected folder for duplicates and MOVES all duplicates found to a subfolder ODIR_duplicate_items. Version 1.2

Outlook Duplicates Remover

Removes duplicate items from Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Notes, and mail folders. Free.

Personal Issue Tracker for Outlook & SharePoint

An incident management and tracking add-in that allows you to raise trouble tickets from emails in Outlook to SharePoint lists, where customer issues can be tracked and collaborated with other technicians and stakeholders to seek an early resolution. Assign technicians and problem areas, set due date and other custom metadata to the SharePoint trouble tickets from within Outlook. Provides an automatic way for escalation and update of trouble tickets in SharePoint list from within Outlook.


Ever missed an action item buried in your email? Forward your important emails to Producteev to create to-do lists on the web and receive alerts when needed. Put Outlook tasks in the cloud and access them from all Producteev applications (mobile, desktop, web...)


QuickOutlookTask defines an alias for use with Find and Run Robot (FARR), a quick-launch application for Microsoft Windows

Reminder Manager

Reminder Manager provides reminders from any email, calendar, tasks or contacts folder in any open mail store. This allows you to set reminders on items in any folder in your mailbox or PST file, secondary PST files or public folders. Reminders can be emailed to any pager or email enabled communications device.

Reminders Assistant

With the Reminders Assistant plugin for Outlook you can set reminders for each and every Outlook folder including embedded ones.Reminders Assistant is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2002 (XP), and Outlook 2000. The Reminders Assistant component is one of the 18 addins included into the program MAPILab Toolbox.

ShareO for Outlook

ShareO is the folder sharing add-in for Microsoft Outlook, allowing users to synchronize and share Outlook folders such as Public and Private email folders, calendar, tasks, notes and journal items. This is a time saving and cost-effective solution for sharing Microsoft Outlook between multiple users. Share Microsoft Outlook Public or Personal folders, Windows documents and files with your coworkers, family and friends. It is an easy and effective solution for remote companies and groups.


Taglocity for Outlook enables users to assign unlimited keyword "tags" to any Outlook items such as email, contacts, calendar entries, etc. Instead of forcing content into conventional folder structures that too rigid, each tag essentially acts as a virtual folder, thus reducing the need for folder hierarchies. Taglocity can also automate common tasks by running actions when tags are set, such as turning email into appointments, assigning additional tags, or automatically moving messages into specified folders. Version 2.0

TaskColors 4Outlook

TaskColors 4Outlook is an Outlook addon that lets you color your task lists with different colors.


TaskController is an Outlook group task management solution for Exchange users. Use TaskController to share, manage, and collaborate on project tasks. Easily create, assign, and route tasks to your team or co-workers. Document and track your time on tasks for time billing. Easily schedule appointments for tasks on your Outlook calendar. TaskController automatically converts incoming mail messages into Outlook tasks in a public folder with customizable fields and turns completed tasks into knowledgebase entries. Improve productivity and take better control of your tasks and to do lists. 20-day trial available.

TaskCracker for Outlook

Manage tasks VISUALLY within native Microsoft Outlook interface using intuitive Urgency/Importance matrix. Build the right agenda for the day considering both Urgency and Priority of tasks. Ensure long-term success by singling out Important but not Urgent tasks. Save your time by sorting out not Important tasks to get rid of at all. Powered by Stephen Covey's, Getting Things Done, and Inbox Zero task management methods.


Taskline automatically schedules Microsoft® Outlook's task list. With Taskline, you know when each of your tasks is likely to start and finish, enabling you to meet deadlines with confidence. Taskline can also display tasks in Outlook's calendar. Taskline 4 now supports both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Outlook 2010 and 2013. It also includes enhanced task scheduling, such as the ability to manually adjust schedules by dragging tasks in Outlook's calendar.


The Outlook add-in TaskToCal displays your Outlook tasks in your calendar automatically. Every time you create a new task then a new appointment will be created in your calendar. The notes and the state of your tasks are shown in the corresponding appointment. If you move your task-appointment in your calendar then the new time will be reflected in your task, too. Delete a task in your calendar and your task will be erased in the tasks folder.

Team Helpdesk for Outlook & SharePoint

ITIL help-desk with automated ticketing and issue tracking for support team to log, analyze, collaborate, track and escalate support requests in a structured way in Outlook and SharePoint. Can auto-process incoming support requests, auto-assign technicians, enforce service level, set due date and send automated notifications to cut the overhead of manual tasks significantly. Support for Skype, mobile SMS and Phone calls. Includes Web Access sites for technicians and end-users.

Team TimeSheet for Outlook & Database

An enterprise time reporting and billing management solution for teams of any size to work, plan, execute project related activities and timesheets within Microsoft Outlook, and publish to a central database. Leverage the familiar Outlook calendar and task interface to track time and expenses towards projects, clients or any entity your business requires. Generate attendance, payroll, cost estimates or billing reports for accouting purposes in Excel, PDF, XML or HTML. Support auditing of timesheets, offline usage, automatic alerts, custom fields and OLAP analysis. Ideal for organization and teams that charge by the hour.

Team TimeSheet for Outlook & SharePoint

An enterprise time reporting and billing management solution for team of any size to work, plan and execute project related activities and prepare timesheets within Microsoft Outlook, and publish to the company's SharePoint list. Leverages the familiar Outlook calendar and task interface to track time and expenses towards projects, clients or any entity your business requires so that you can generate attendance, payroll, cost estimation or billing related reports. Support offline usage, automatic alerts, custom fields and OLAP analysis. Ideal for organization and teams that charge by the hour.

Trog Bar

Auto-prioritizing task manager for Outlook supports popular methodologies for managing tasks like David Allen's Getting Things Done, Total Workday Control, and Total Relaxed Organization. Manages emails as tasks automatically. Works with Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007, or 2010.

VIP Task Manager

VIP Task Manager is a client/server groupware for task management and team collaboration. It lets users plan human resources and tasks, manage projects, schedule employees, track time, automate their workflow. VIP Task Manager allows authorized users to simultaneously access and share common database through Local Network (LAN) to see, add and assign tasks, automatically send and receive notifications.

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