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There are several issues you need to be aware of before upgrading to iCloud2. As of iCloud 2.1 (Nov. 2012), Outlook 2013 is supported.

  1. You can't edit meetings
  2. Appointment and contact notes are plain text only
  3. You can't select text with mouse
  4. Natural language not supported in date fields
  5. The contact linking field is missing
  6. Outgoing messages are stuck in the Outbox
  7. iCloud error on Windows 8: The set of folders cannot be opened.

Note that iCloud2 data files can be set as the default data file in Outlook. However there are limitations and there are problem if there is an IMAP account in the profile. See iCloud default data files for details.

If you use Outlook 2013 32bit you can set up the iCloud and use it with at least one limitation: Outlook crashes if you use the (default) People view in Contacts. If you don't see your contacts when you click the To button, your address book is likely corrupt. To fix, you need to make a new profile. See Contacts as missing when you click To for more information.

To apply a different view to all Contact folders, open the Folder list (Ctrl+6) and select a Contacts folder not in the iCloud. Switch to the View tab and apply a different view to the folder. Expand the Change views button and select Apply current view to other folders, expand the iCloud entry and select the iCloud contacts folder.

iCloud 2 users should also see Outlook and iCloud: default data files. General Outlook and iCloud issues are at Outlook and iCloud Sync Issues. . iCloud & Outlook Calendar issues are at iCloud and Outlook Calendar Sync Issues and Contact issues are at iCloud and Outlook Contact Sync Issues.

If you decide to revert to iCloud 1 to restore any of these features, you can. It seems to work fine with iOS6 devices. If your receive errors after reinstalling iCloud1, find the iCloud data file and delete it. iCloud will recreate it and Outlook should work again.

Can't edit meetings and appointments

After upgrading to iCloud2, you may not be able to type or paste notes into the notes field of appointments and meetings because the appointment or meeting is read-only.

The right-click context menu is disabled for appointments but Ctrl+V works to paste.

In my tests, all meetings are read-only, Ctrl+V does not work.

I'm not sure if iCloud is confused about who the meeting owner is or if Apple made all meetings read-only to prevent iCloud from resending meeting invitations. If the problem with meeting invitations is fixed, then read only is livable.

Click Forward to bring up the Move to iCloud buttonWorkaround for meetings: click Forward > Forward. Outlook will tell you that you can't forward the item and will offer to make a copy in your default calendar.

Click Yes and a new message with the appointment attached opens. Close the forward message without sending.

An appointment is left on the screen and it has a Move to iCloud button on the far right. Click the button to create an editable appointment in the iCloud. This creates a duplicate (but editable) appointment in the iCloud folder and you can delete the original appointment.

Use the Move to icloud button to create a copy of the appointment in the iCloud folder

You can't select text with mouse

In addition to being plain text only, text in the Notes field of Appointments stored in the iCloud can't be selected by dragging the mouse over it. You can use Ctrl+A to select all, use Ctrl+arrow keys or double and triple click in a word to select the word or the paragraph.

Appointment and Contact notes are plain text only

The Notes field in Appointments and Contacts is plain text only in iCloud 2. This may be "by design" due to frequent complaints about the formatting getting messed up.

Additionally, the date fields in iCloud appointments do not support natural language. You need to type the date in full short date format (2 digit year ok).
1d does not convert to tomorrow's date
12/1 converts to 12/1/2000
12/1/12 converts to 12/1/2012

The Contact linking field is missing

The contact linking field is not supported in iCloud 2. This is the field at the bottom of an appointment or contact that displays linked contacts. (It's turned off by default in Outlook 2007 and up and can be enabled via the Options > Contact Options dialog.)

Contact linking field is not available in iCloud2

Outgoing messages are stuck in the Outbox

Users are reporting outgoing messages getting stuck in the Outbox after installing iCloud 2.

Two possible fixes:

  1. Disable the iCloud, verify email sends correctly then re-enable it.
  2. Move the message from the Outbox to the drafts folder or delete it. Open it from Drafts or Deleted Items then Send again.

I tried to disable iCloud using the Outlook Trust Center but it won't let me. It keeps telling me only an Administrator can do this and I am one.

You need to close Outlook. Right click on the Outlook shortcut you use to open it and choose Run as administrator. If you don't see run as administrator, hold Shift as you right click. Now you should be able to disable it. Complete instructions (and screenshots) are available at Add-in can only be Disabled by an Administrator

iCloud error on Windows 8: The set of folders cannot be opened.

After upgrading to Windows 8, you may receive the following error:

The set of folders cannot be opened. The information store could not be opened.

You need to re-sync the iCloud data file. close Outlook, open the Control panel and search for Mail. Select Data Files. Select iCloud from the list of accounts then click the Settings button. Close Outlook and reopen Outlook.


Tools in the Spotlight

Companionlink for Outlook

CompanionLink synchronizes Outlook data with phones and other supported desktop applications and web-based services (like Google). Companionlink supports all versions of Outlook, including Outlook 2013 32-bit and 64-bit, and Windows 8, and Windows 8 Phones.


CodeTwo FolderSync Addin

CodeTwo FolderSync Addin is an Outlook add-in that enables synchronization of folders. The synchronization of data will always take place between selected folders and the user can choose several pairs of folders that need synchronizing. Freeware.

CodeTwo Sync for iCloud

CodeTwo Sync for iCloud syncs Outlook folders with iCloud folders automatically synchronizes Outlook contacts, calendars and tasks with the iCloud data file in Outlook. CodeTwo Sync for iCloud will let you keep the iCloud and Outlook folders in sync, so you don't need to move or copy contacts and appointments between the default Outlook folders and iCloud folders. 30 day trial available.


Backup and synchronize your personal data (contacts, calendar, files, bookmarks, etc.)with your phone, tablet and computer


Your sync-software can sync only default folders of Outlook, but you need also subfolders and public folders? OLMixedFolders can synchronize any Microsoft Outlook subfolder or public folders with your Outlook default folders. It uses categories to keep in touch with the origin folder. It is possible to create elements for the linked folders directly on your mobile phone. After synchronization, the element goes to the specified folder.

Pst Mail

Pst Mail is a pst viewer for iPad. With Pst Mail, you can use your legacy Outlook email on iPad, without a complicated email conversion process. You can search and view your Microsoft Outlook PST files. This pst file viewer supports iOS 6 and also iPhone 5. It has built in support for Dropbox and iTunes files. Given iPad's inability to receive standard USB drives, being able to load large files from a cloud drive is a huge plus.


  1. jeri says

    Helpful - but doesn't address what to do when iCLoud doesn't recognize Outlook. This worked fine in version 1, sigh.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      There shouldn't be a problem. Did you log out and back into icloud via the control panel applet?

  2. Scott Power says

    Fix doesn't work....It allows me to forward the appointment just fine and I still can't paste in the notes section.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      You don't want to forward it - you are just doing that to make a copy of the appointment. Outlook will say it can't Forward it and needs to make a copy. Say Ok and the copy opens, with a "Move to iCloud" button. Click it to move an editable copy of the appointment to the icloud calendar (you'll have the original one plus the copy on the calendar).

      Also, would you mind sending me a screenshot of what the uneditable appointment looks like when its open? You can send it to diane at slipstick. Thanks.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Thanks. The screenshots you sent me look like appointments - I'll keep trying to repro it as here only meetings are affected. Are all appointments affected or just some (besides the copy)? Do you know where you created the affected appointments - on outlook or on the apple device?

  3. Pedro says

    Dear Diane, by mistake I closed the icloud folder on the emails part of outlook and now i lost mu icloud contacts in outlook and my icloud agenda in outlook. All the information is in icloud on my iphone and ipad but can't get it back to my outlook.. Could you help me? thank you Pedro Pimenta

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Close outlook. Sign out of icloud control panel, then sign back in. When icloud is finished setting it up, reopen outlook. You should have everything back in outlook.

  4. Marieke Jonkman says

    I'm at my wits end here ;) and I can't seem to find an answer on the internet. I have windows 7, outlook 2010 and installed iCloud2, but iCloud2 does not recognize outlook. I get the message

    'ICloud contacts, calendars and reminders are available on'

    Any links or insights on how to fix this? I would really like to sync outlook with my ipad and mac!
    Thank you so much!

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Do you know which office suite you use? If its a click to run version, icloud may not see outlook.
      Did you use icloud 1 with outlook? if so, close outlook, sign out of icloud and sign back in.

  5. Marieke Jonkman says

    ah.... that may be the problem, I believe I have the downloaded version of office 2010? Could that be it?

    No, I'm brand spankin' new to Mac and iCloud :)

  6. Sandra Kegie says

    I would like to be able to right-click paste text from anywhere into a calendar event but since initiating iCloud cannot, into either the Outlook or iCloud calendars. This is really annoying - is there a way around this?

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Use Ctrl+V. The icloud calendar uses a plain text editor that doesn't use the right-click content menu and it can't be changed.

  7. Krista says

    I have set up a "rule" in my outlook from my company's server to forward my emails to my icloud email account and they are being sent from outlook but coming into my icloud acct. Can you PLEASE help!

    • Diane Poremsky says

      If you forward mail to the account does it arrive? If yes, the admin is probably blocking automatic forwards to internet addresses. You'll need to speak with the admin to get it changed.

  8. PHILIP says

    Dear Diane

    I am trying to set up my @me account on outlook
    i have followed the standard imap settings as supplied by Apple
    i am using windows 8 x64 with out look 365 latest version..

    however i am having no success
    can you advise

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Icloud set up mine when i set up icloud - I'm using and; port 995/SSL for incoming and 587/TLS for outbound mail. I understand they go up to p99- for the server names.

  9. Lee Garrett says

    Dear Diane,
    I had two versions of Outlook installed on a windows 8 PC. I'm unable to get iCloud Control Panel to recognize Outlook 2013 is installed after removing Outlook 2010.
    The steps to recreate the problem:
    1) Install microsoft office 2010 including Outlook on a Windows 8 PC.
    2) Install microsoft Outlook 2013 as well.
    3) Install iCloud control panel.
    4) sign in to iCloud Control panel.
    I receive a message saying there are two versions of Outlook installed, and to uninstall one of them.
    5) Uninstall office 2010 from Control Panel add/remove programs.
    6) sign in to iCloud Control panel, and there are no options to sync with Outlook presented as there would be expected--just a reference to go to for contacts, etc.

    Question, is there a registry item left after uninstalling microsoft office that tells iCloud there is no outlook on the system now, even though outlook 2013 is still installed? If so, can I edit the registry to fix this?

    • Diane Poremsky says

      I would repair Office 2013 install then open it to make sure the profile is working. Then close it and try icloud again. Also, make sure you have at least icloud2.1 - that is the first version to support 2013.

  10. Lee Garrett says

    Thank you, Diane. That solved the problem! iCloud Control Panel was installed successfully after repairing Office 2013, and it allows me to sync iCloud with Outlook 2013 now.

  11. S. Dhruva says

    Hi Diane:

    I upgraded my Offie 2010 to Office 2013 x64. Now the iCloud will not synch. I have "repaired" the installation, un-installed iCloud (2.1.x), re-installed that, deleted the data file for iCloud (.ost). Noe of these fix the link between iCloud and Outlook 2013. Any help? Thanks

    • Diane Poremsky says

      When you uninstalled/reinstalled, did it remove the icloud from the profile? If not, sign out of the icloud and sign back in.

  12. Bruce Maples says

    Hi there! Thank you for all you do and share. I thought I'd return the favor by sharing a problem and answer. I moved my contacts to iCloud, and a view I had created stopped working. Found the answer at this location. Apparently iCloud contact folders don't recognize categories for filters.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      They are working here - but you need to use a "contains" filter, not a "is" filter. category:("Category") finds all items with category in the category name. category:="Blue Category" finds items only in the blue category, as iCloud sees "blue category, green category" as one string, not two separate strings. This works in View filters too, but you need to use "contains" not equals.

      That article is not accurate re: IMAP. The iCloud *email account* is IMAP and imap does not support categories, without a little trickery. The actual iCloud data file used for calendar and contacts is a SQLite database. Categories work pretty much the same in iCloud as they do it outlook, with just minor problems.

  13. alex b says

    Having major problems with outlook 2010 and windows 8. Downloaded icloudsetup 2.1.2 and installed. However, outlook wont let me send email out from my mac account or any of my other email accounts (gmail, work). Uninstalled and reinstalled icloud. No joy. Uninstalled icloud and installed icloud 1.1. Outlook wont open.
    When i try to open outlook without icloud installed, i get an error window saying that...cannot start outlook. Cannot open outlook window. The set of folders cannot be opened. An unexpected error occurred. MAPI was unable to load the information service C:\PROGRA~1\COMMON~1\Apple\INTERN~1\APLZOD64.dll. Be sure that the service is correctly installed and configured.'
    When i reinstall icloud 2.1.2 - i can open up outlook, see emails but cannot reply or send emails from mac account or other email back to square 1.
    Can you help???????

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Your mac account is imap and you need a pst file set as default to use imap accounts with iCloud. You cannot set the iCloud as the default data file. File, Account Settings, Data File, Add... set a pst file as default. You can use an existing pst file, but not the imap data file.

      The error relates to the iCloud - removing the iCloud service from your profile should fix it, if you don't want to use icloud. (Control panel, search for Mail and edit the profile - remove the iCloud from the data files tab).

  14. Ted Blank says

    A comment above says: "Reverting to iCloud 1 will fix these issues (but it cannot be set as default data file)."

    What does does the "it" refer to in that sentence, as in "it cannot be set").

    What are the benefits, if any, of being able to set "it" as the default data file? I don't know what a default data file is.

    This related to Outlook 2010 with iCloud AddIn.

    ted blank

    • Diane Poremsky says

      For most people, the most noticeable thing is that the data file holds the appointments that display on the to-do bar. Because of the way Outlook 2010 handles accounts, the default data file is less important for mail handling and to to-do bar drives the default.

      The iCloud data file can't be set as the default data file in some builds of iCloud. When the iCloud data file can be set as default, the to-do bar displays appointments that are in the iCloud and newly created appointments may be saved directly in the iCloud (under some circumstances). When the folders where your calendar and contacts are is set as default, the user "experience" is generally a little better.

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