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I think every release of Outlook had at least one printing bug slip though the beta testing phase because so few people print calendars and Outlook 2013 kept up the tradition. This time around, the bug is with the Calendar details style: Appointments are duplicated in the print out.

This problem was fixed in one of the July 2013 updates. Verify Office is updated from File, Office Account, Update Options. You should have version 15.0.4535.1511 or higher.

The Calendar Printing Assistant for Outlook should work with 32-bit Outlook 2013 if all updates are installed.

Calendar print bug sample


  1. Nic says

    Bottom's broken, among many other problems, and instead of a fix, you get more marketing of junk product. Gmail is a better and more reliable option for FREE.

  2. Jimminy Kricket says

    Even if most people don't "print" their calendars persay Microsoft should be smarter then this and should realize that some people use "printing" of the details style calendar for posting and sharing travel itineraries within workgroups as I do. I print it to PDF, convert it to word, make the changes I need and print it back to pdf. This error makes my old process nearly impossible as it is so time consuming. Since I upgraded my office products it has not only cost my company money to upgrade but now extra money in time spent working on itineraries when I used to have a perfectly good working system sharing through the calendar with colleagues etc. I have checked back periodically for a fix for this and I am extremely dissapointed that it is not out there yet.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      It appears to be fixed in the July updates just released. At least it is here and also for another person.

  3. Michael John Pyott says

    it is now August 19/2013 and my computer (windows 7, office 2013)is updated all the time, so I believe it is at the current Rev, I still can not print combine calendars or load Calendar Printing Assistant for Outlook on to my computer as it says it can not find Office 2007.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      CPAO doesn't support Outlook 2010 at this time. It's been awhile since I asked if they were going to update it (and received a very non-committal response) so I'll check again...

  4. Jonathan says

    Please do! You could also ask them why the download page for CPAO specifically says it _does_ work with Outlook 2013 when in fact it definitely doesn't.

  5. Alan says

    Diane, do you have the link for the July's update? My pc here at work doesn't allow me to install updates through the Windows Update icon.

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