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This is a collection of tools for the Microsoft Outlook Calendar folder that can be used to assist you in billing based on appointments in your calendar.




Credenza turns Outlook into a practice management tool. Organize your calendar, tasks, email, documents, research, phone calls, notes, billable time and more according to your client matter files or projects. With Credenza you can easily track time as you work. Recapture lost billable hours stolen by email and bill for any activities in Outlook. Credenza also makes collaboration easy by allowing you to create a Team to share information with other users.

Did from Puzzlepart

With Did, your time tracking days are over. By keeping your calendar updated your timesheets will be ready for your approval on Friday. Did does not make use custom plugins for Outlook. It builds on standard Outlook functionality such as Categories and Private marking to convert your calendar to a time sheet.

Email Stopwatch

Automatically track the time you spend reading and writing email. Makes it easier to confirm before invoicing and get properly paid for your time, especially with clients who love to email.

Inlook Time Management

Inlook Time Management helps you optimize how you spend your valuable time. Inlook leverages advanced email and meeting analytics to help you prioritize your day to day work, increase productivity and measure how much time you are spending per task, per project or per customer. Inlook also helps you implement email handling techniques by automating many time consuming, administrative actions such as smart archiving (fully automated or by providing smart suggestions) , deferring email handling, scheduling time to handle an email and more.

Talygen Time Tracking

Standalone web-based time tracking solution. Does not integrate with Outlook.

Team TimeSheet for Outlook & Database

An enterprise time reporting and billing management solution for teams of any size to work, plan, execute project related activities and timesheets within Microsoft Outlook, and publish to a central database. Leverage the familiar Outlook calendar and task interface to track time and expenses towards projects, clients or any entity your business requires. Generate attendance, payroll, cost estimates or billing reports for accouting purposes in Excel, PDF, XML or HTML. Support auditing of timesheets, offline usage, automatic alerts, custom fields and OLAP analysis. Ideal for organization and teams that charge by the hour.

Team TimeSheet for Outlook & SharePoint

An enterprise time reporting and billing management solution for team of any size to work, plan and execute project related activities and prepare timesheets within Microsoft Outlook, and publish to the company's SharePoint list. Leverages the familiar Outlook calendar and task interface to track time and expenses towards projects, clients or any entity your business requires so that you can generate attendance, payroll, cost estimation or billing related reports. Support offline usage, automatic alerts, custom fields and OLAP analysis. Ideal for organization and teams that charge by the hour.

Time Card for Outlook

TimeCard for Outlook summarizes and calculates expenses and time worked, based on appointment items in the Outlook calendar. Create reports on behalf of someone else. Provides a mechanism to standardize customers, tasks performed and rates. Reported data is saved to an Access or SQL Server database, directly or via ASP-page. Report data can also be exported to Excel. PDA/phone integration. Outlook 2000 or later. Win 2000-7. Full Unicode support. Workgroup and Single User versions.

Time Tracker Outlook Add In

This Outlook add-in makes it possible to record the time spent by the user on processing mail or tasks, and can be exported as report.


Time and expense tracking for Outlook 2000 or later by project, activity, and employee. Generates reports using Excel templates. Free trial available. Version 2.9

TimeSheet Reporter

TimeSheet Reporter makes it possible to report time on organizations, projects and activities via your Microsoft Outlook Calendar.

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7 responses to “Time and Billing Tools”

  1. Wolfgang

    maybe you have other Information, but in my experience the appointment.billinginformation property is not synced through the Microsoft Exchange Servers. (using an Outlook 365 account). so when we try to share billing Information on appointment entries (shared Outlook calendars) the billing info is only availble at the "authors" side. strange?

    1. Diane Poremsky

      It should be synced if you use outlook, it works here. The account has reviewer permissions to my calendar & full free/busy - using Office 365 hosted exchange.

      If you are accessing it via smartphones, probably not (I have not checked), because EAS supports fewer fields. OWA may not display all fields either.

  2. muffitt


    I am self employed, and simply want to have an automatic time tracking system on windows 8 that simply tells me what time I started and finished work on what day. is this possible. when i start i log into windows 8 pc and sign out when finished

    1. Diane Poremsky

      Outlook won't do that - you could set up a macro to open a journal item and set the timer then save and close it on exit, but there might be better options with addins or applications outside of outlook.

  3. muffitt

    that sound s like a simple good idea.
    How do i do that please?

    1. Diane Poremsky
  4. sohibsanam

    thanks so much Diane Poremsky , ...

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