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The tools listed on this page are used for sending mail to multiple recipients, including mail merge. The utilities can be used for sending newsletter and other bulk mail and many can be configured to slowly send messages if your ISP limits the number of messages you can send in a time period.

While Microsoft Outlook supports mail merge, it does not support merging attachments with the message. You’ll need to either use one of the mail merge tools on this page (most support including attachments in the merged message) or use VBA.

I have Add attachments and set email fields during a mail merge to email, which adds attachments and sets other fields (like Importance) when the message is sent and Microsoft Word MVP Doug Robbins wrote the Mail Merge to E-mail with Attachments code sample using Word VBA to create a mail merge with attachments.

Additional pages of mail tools are listed under More Information.

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Easy Mail Merge for Outlook

Easy Mail Merge for Outlook gives you the power to fully personalize email messages and quickly deliver individual emails to your contacts list, being the perfect solution for your mail merge needs, such as personalizing email newsletters, business announcements, marketing emails or any other emails that need to be customized and individually sent to a large number of people.

EmailMerge Pro for Outlook
EmailMerge Pro is the fastest, easiest way to mail merge

Create and send personalized individually addressed e-mail messages using an easy Wizard in Outlook - plain text, HTML or rich text. Your recipient list can be in Outlook, Exchange Global Address Lists, Excel or Access files. You can use Categories or Distribution Lists to keep mailing lists. You can even defer and batch send your emails to get around ISP restrictions. Outlook based solution for e-mail newsletters, business announcements and sales & marketing emails. Supports Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 (32 and 64bit).

Mail Merge Toolkit
Mail Merge Toolkit extends Outlook's mail merging capabilities

Generate individual messages to Outlook contacts from documents designed in Word or Publisher, including messages in GIF format with image maps. Allows you to add attachments and generate a custom subject for each message using merged data. Does not trigger Outlook security prompts.

MergeTools Addin

Microsoft Word MVP Doug Robbins' MergeTools addin adds a tab to Word's ribbon, providing a more automated method of merging with attachments. It contains facilities for the following types of merge: A Many to One merge for combining data from multiple records in a data source where there is one key field - for example, creating invoices; Merging with a chart that is unique to each record in the data source; Merging to a document that contains Legacy FormFields; Merging to individual documents.

Quick Templates

Quick Templates is designed for fast insertion of text templates into Microsoft Outlook mail messages. Use it to enter frequently repeated text fragments, reducing the time you spend on message writing as well as typos or misprints in your messages. With Quick Templates you can create a template list and insert the text from template into a message by a single mouse click or through a hotkey you can set for each template individually.

Send Individually

The Sperry Software Send Individually Add-In for Outlook sends email newsletters and other marketing to each of your recipients with just their name in the To field, similar to mail merge. It allows attachments to be on the email and it supports sending from different From accounts. Now reads Excel files directly, including CSV files. It also allows for using a BCC function so you can work with 3rd party CRM systems and, you can specify a different file in each row of your Excel spreadsheet and the add-in will find that file and attach it to just that recipient's email. Enter code WD9BHK53 during checkout.

Send Personally

Mass mail tool that expands Outlook distribution lists and sends an individual message to each member of the list. Can exclude certain names from the DL. Has some mail merge capability for inserting personalized text in the body of messages. Outlook 2000 or later.



Contact manager, integrated with Outlook for e-mail, calendar, task, and activity functions. Includes tracking of outgoing faxes, merge to HTML mail with attachments, ability to view ACT! contact databases in Outlook address book. Contact databases can be shared.


Create distribution list from contacts based on selected categories.

InsertText 4Outlook

InsertText reduces the time it takes to write and respond to emails while also increasing the accuracy. InsertText gives you the fastest way of creating and using templates/pre-written responses in Microsoft Outlook. Write templates that you can reuse later or insert repeated text/graphics fragments or create new emails directly from templates. Much more than just copy & paste and easy to use even if you have hundreds of templates. Your templates can include email specific fields such as the message, Subject, To, CC and BCC fields. Works inside Outlook and from the System Tray. Version 3.0.20

LBE Email Scheduler

LBE Email Scheduler allows you to set up multiple mailing projects, each of which can be sent as a one-off or sent automatically at a schedule you decide. Emails can be personalized by including the recipient's name, making them ideal for customer mailshots. You can send either in plain text or use HTML and attach files.

LBE Toolbox for MS Outlook

Multifunction utility to send individual messages to a list generated either from a text file or from criteria on the Contacts folder, remove large file attachments, remove duplicate contacts and messages, and perform a few other little chores.

MailList King

Mailing list manager for Outlook, using its own database. Can import/export via text file or grab addresses from messages in an Outlook folder. Handles subscriptions, removals and bounces. Does not trigger Outlook security prompts. Office XP or 2003.


Mail merge to email with support for attachments, pictures, and HTML hyperlinks. Messages are stored for later reuse. Does not trigger Outlook email security prompts.

Outlook Mail Merge Attachment (OMMA)

Outlook Mail Merge Attachment supplies the mail merge process in Microsoft Office Word and Outlook with the functionality to add an attachment. The script is tested on Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007. (Free)

PC iMail

Bulk mail tool to send an individual message to multiple recipients. Addresses can come from any address list and may include distribution lists. Has the ability to set time delay periods between messages to comply with Internet Service Provider limitations on group mailings and supports automatic unsubscribe and remove request processing, and email extraction features to aid in the creation of targeted mailing lists for newsletters, support groups, and press releases.

Personalized Emails 4Outlook

Email Merge Personalized Individually Addressed Invitations, Greetings and Sales Letters at the click of a button. Supports Outlook 2000,2002, 2003 and 2007, with or without Word as Editor.

Potolook Plugin

Potolook Outlook Plugin is a template add-in for Outlook. Use the templates for new messages, hierarchical template settings allow configuring the plugin precisely to meet your needs. Additionally, the program extends capabilities for filtering mail, removing unsolicited commercial mail and performing miscellaneous conversions. The software contains an extendable core that allows developing additional features using scripting languages.

Public Mail2Contact

Public Mail 2 Contact is a freeware Outlook addon that generates contacts from existing e-mails and verifies whether the e-mail-address does already exist as contact of Outlook. Adequate filters prevent Public Mail 2 Contact from creating duplicates in Outlook during the conversion. The usage of individual blacklist filters permits to exclude specific e-mail-addresses, domains or suffixes. This helps to avoid the continuous visualization of the same domains or e-mail addresses during conversion.


Use PythonMailer to send recurring and repeat scheduled emails, with a visual calendar interface also available to display an overview of scheduled messages. Emails can be delayed, randomized, and even exported and imported with a .CSV function included in the upgraded versions. A free demo version is available.


RoboMeeting intelligently automates scheduling and calendaring key prospect meetings leveraging RoboMeeting and Microsoft Outlook functionality.


SendLater is an easy-to-use and convenient email scheduler with a recurring* email option. It allows you to schedule automatic email follow up and handle your email correspondence in a timely manner even if you are away from your computer. You can set up repetitive* emails at daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or custom time intervals. It is a perfect personal email reminder. Set up your own email address as a recipient, specify reminder sending time and never miss an important date or deadline again. SendLater 3.30 version.


Bulk mail program that sends an individual message to each recipient. Can use Outlook data, as well as many other sources. Can attach up to 20 files, even to HTML-format messages, and use merge fields to build the message subject. Does not trigger the Outlook security prompts


Email tracking service notifies you when your recipient reads your email and clicked on any links included in the email. Email analytics also available.

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  1. gmex says

    Could you please me know if besides Email Merge Pro if any of the mentioned applications also allows you to enter or select a different FROM address?

    Thank you!

  2. GK says

    I prepared my email in Word format and the contact list in Excel spreadsheet andI use Mapilab merge mail toolkit. The format looks fine in Word; however,the merged email with bullet points and apostrophes go garbled. I ran a test with the standard built-in Outlook mail merge function, the email looks fine without garbled though I do hope to use Mapilab for CCs and attachment.

    Would you please shed some light on it? Thank you!

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Can you post a screenshot of what the bullets and apostrophes look like? I'm assuming it's something going wrong in the conversion from RTF (word) to HTML (outlook) but that is only a guess.

  3. Simon says

    Do you know of any mail merge tool , that has all the features of mapilab mail merge tool kit, But has a scheduler?
    I have various Db, and want to scheduler the sending, can you advise me!

    • Diane Poremsky says

      If none of the utilities on this page include a scheduler, then no, I don't know of any. Sorry.

  4. Ed says

    Hi Diane,

    Do you know if there is a service available that allows me to personalise my mass emails to suit only the products that individuals have said they are interested in. For example:
    Person A is interested in Products 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
    Person B is interested in Products 1, 3, 6
    Person C is interested in Products 4
    Person D is interested in Products 2, 6

    So the emails would be something like:

    Hi Person A,
    The following products are available:
    Product 1
    Product 2
    Product 3
    Product 4
    The following products are unavailable
    Product 5
    Product 6

    Hi Person B,
    The following products are available:
    Product 1
    Product 3
    The following products are unavailable
    Product 6

    Hi Person C,
    The following products are available:
    Product 4
    The following products are unavailable

    Hi Person D,
    The following products are available:
    Product 2
    The following products are unavailable
    Product 6

    Is this possible?

    Best regards,

    • Diane PoremskyDiane Poremsky says

      I'm not aware of any service, but some bulk mail services might support it or you could use a database. BCM might actually be able to do it, but I'd probably use an Access database. It's just easier to use.

  5. Ed says

    Hi Diane,

    Thank you very much for your prompt reply. However, I've figured out that I can probably simplify my data within the database, and then just include two personalised ‘general information’ fields within my message. The fields will contain quite a few characters however.

    Which of the products/services that you mention above would be able to incorporate two quite long 'general info' fields into an email?

    Thanks again,

    • Diane PoremskyDiane Poremsky says

      A field is a field and any of the addins should work fine with any length field. (I'm not aware of any specifically that have a field length limitation.)

  6. johann says

    Hi Diane
    I am desperately looking to send mass eMails with Voting Buttons (same options for all recipients) and a reminder-flag (same date for all recipients, that will remind them to follow up).
    So far, I couldn't find any solution that provides such features.
    Would you know which add-ons or tools would be able to help me?
    Appreciate any help!

  7. Derek says

    Hi Diane. Can't tell you how grateful I am for your insights on Word plug ins. I'm wondering whether you have any insight into tools that can execute a personalized mail merge simultaneously with creating and merging a personalized attachment in .pdf format. Any thoughts? Have either Word or plug-ins come this far yet?

    • Diane PoremskyDiane Poremsky says

      Merging a personalized document at the same time you are doing a mail merge would require VBA - most people prepare the files (saved with the recipients name) then do the email merge.

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