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The following pages are a collection of mail utilities for Microsoft Outlook that don’t fit any of the categories listed under More Information. There is a separate page for each type of utility and those who don't fit within the four main types of utilities are under Mail Tools for Outlook. If you are still using the older exchange clients or Windows Messaging, available tools are listed at Mail Tools for Exchange Client and Windows Messaging.

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Tools in the Spotlight

EmailMerge Pro for Outlook
EmailMerge Pro is the fastest, easiest way to mail merge

Create and send personalized individually addressed e-mail messages using an easy Wizard in Outlook - plain text, HTML or rich text. Your recipient list can be in Outlook, Exchange Global Address Lists, Excel or Access files. You can use Categories or Distribution Lists to keep mailing lists. You can even defer and batch send your emails to get around ISP restrictions. Outlook based solution for e-mail newsletters, business announcements and sales & marketing emails. Supports Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 (32 and 64bit).

Quick Templates

Quick Templates is designed for fast insertion of text templates into Microsoft Outlook mail messages. Use it to enter frequently repeated text fragments, reducing the time you spend on message writing as well as typos or misprints in your messages. With Quick Templates you can create a template list and insert the text from template into a message by a single mouse click or through a hotkey you can set for each template individually.

Quick Text Hotkeys

Sperry Software's Quick Text Hotkeys, an Outlook add-in that inserts predefined text into emails, has been upgraded to allow full HTML font capability. Text insertions can now be in any HTML format, or the text can take on the appearance of the currently selected font. In addition, text insertions can now be done by toolbar buttons shown when composing an email (for convenience the function keys are still available). This new version is only for Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010, both 32-bit and 64-bit. Enter code WD9BHK53 during checkout.

Reply To All Monitor

Reply To All Monitor is an Outlook add-in that prompts when you click reply to all, preventing you from making potentially embarrassing mistakes. It also (optionally) removes your own name from a reply to all and can also warn you if you are going to perform a reply to all on a message that you were BCC'ed on, preventing you from "spilling the beans". It has been updated to work with Outlook 2010, and works in both 32-bit and 64-bit.

Topalt Emoticons for Outlook

Topalt Emoticons for Outlook add-in adds a one click button to your Microsoft Outlook email compose window. Next time you need to say something special or funny, simply open the drop down box and choose the smiley face that helps you get your message across.


Advanced Quoting for Outlook

Provides automatic coloring of lines of text, depending on the nesting level of correspondence in replies and forwarded emails allows you to look over your e-mail messages more quickly and easily manage incoming e-mail.

Always Bcc

Sperry Software's Always BCC add-in for Outlook is being released for Outlook 2010. The add-in automatically adds a CC/BCC email address to all outgoing emails - making it perfect for compliance reasons. It can also include a cc or a bcc based on conditions you set up, for instance if you are sending from a particular account. The add-in now works with Outlook 2010, both 32-bit and 64-bit.

Assign an Email Account to an Outlook Contact

A popular request is the ability to assign a Outlook account to a contact, so every time you send a message to that contact, Outlook uses the desired account automatically. Although Outlook doesn't have this feature, you can use VBA to pick the account that will be used to send the message.

Auto Follow Up

Auto Follow Up automatically sends email follow up messages when a contact failed to reply to an email after a specified period of time. Users can choose to follow up emails when the message is composed or they can select an already sent email and enable follow up for it. Auto Follow Up supports a variety of follow up options. The user can specify how long to wait for a reply before triggering the follow up email, enter the email content of the follow up message, choose how many follow up emails to be sent and how long to wait between them, select to be alerted or not, and more.

AutoBCC for Outlook

Free Add-in to automatically send a blind-copy of all your outgoing messages to another address.

AutoFill BCC

Create rules for filling TO, CC, BCC and SUBJECT fields of new message based on the folder where the original message is stored. Add-in allows to use different settings for different folders. The fields you don't want to change will remain the same. It only allows automatic address management, while message body remains intact. Works with Microsoft Outlook 2000 and up, fully compatible with Microsoft Exchange Server public and shared folders.

ChooseFrom for Exchange

Exchange transport event sink that allows Exchange users to specify any From address, including the secondary addresses on their mailbox. For Exchange 2007; Exchange 2000/2003 version also available.


Export Outlook data -- a whole folder or selected items -- to clipboard, text file, HTML email message, or other file types, with user-defined filters, HTML tags, export fields, etc. Sample templates included. Might be a good solution to the need to send a whole calendar as an email message.


ConfidentSend is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007 to remove hidden data & metadata from email attachments. ConfidentSend is able to remove 39 types of potentially confidentiality compromising hidden data from 18 file types, including Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), / StarOffice documents, PDF documents, and popular image and media file types such as JPEG, PNG, and SVG.

Email Effects

Converts pictures and tables to text.

Email Templates

Exchange/Outlook add-on to create custom replies, forwards, signatures -- inserting any type of boilerplate text into your message. Templates are stored in Outlook or Exchange folders and can contain scripting elements (in VBScript or ET's own script language) to build replies that use information from the incoming message. Various extensions can handle such tasks as mailing list subscriptions. For a rotating quote, download the Rotating Text template. Has some issues with Outlook 2002 -- make sure you get the latest update, disable RTF templates, and don't try to use ET as a custom action in Rules Wizard.

Emoticons Mail

System tray tool to add animated smilies and other "emoticon" .gif images to Outlook messages.

Exclaimer Email Alias Manager for Exchange

Exclaimer Email Alias Manager for Exchange is the simple and robust way to send from multiple email addresses and a single Exchange mailbox. Use the Outlook Add In to select your sending address when composing and for phone or OWA, add a simple tag to the message subject to choose which address to use. Alias Manager is licensed per active user. Site licenses are available and the 30 day free trial lets you test the product for all users.

Help Desk Email Templates

Sperry Software is now beta testing a new add-in, Help Desk Email Templates. This tool for Microsoft Outlook streamlines communication between users and IT Help Desks by allowing users to send pre-configured emails. This new version is for Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010, either 32-bit and 64-bit.


HiddenBCC is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook 2000/2002(XP)/2003 which enables you to automatically add a predefined BCC recipient to every outgoing message. Freeware version available.

InsertText 4Outlook

InsertText reduces the time it takes to write and respond to emails while also increasing the accuracy. InsertText gives you the fastest way of creating and using templates/pre-written responses in Microsoft Outlook. Write templates that you can reuse later or insert repeated text/graphics fragments or create new emails directly from templates. Much more than just copy & paste and easy to use even if you have hundreds of templates. Your templates can include email specific fields such as the message, Subject, To, CC and BCC fields. Works inside Outlook and from the System Tray. Version 3.0.20

LuckyAudit Html Email Add-In for Outlook 2007&2010

LuckyAudit lets you enjoy html email in Outlook. Present html email like a web page, more visually appealing. Automatically organize questions, answer options, and answers for easy access and presentation. Report, print, or export to PDF, Excel, and Word formats. Show public and local pictures with your html email. Decorate Outlook with html content under Outlook security and functionality solution.


Context menu command for Internet Explorer 4.0 or later to work around the problems using IE's File | Send | Link by E-mail command. This command creates a new mail message containing the link as text. Follow the Readme.txt instructions to copy the file to your system and register the command.

Message Assist

Message Assist is an Outlook Add-in that automates and accelerates the process of everyday email tasks. Message Assist allows you to compose, reply, forward messages, insert phrases, insert pictures and files, compress attachments and file messages with a single click.

Metadata Assistant Enterprise

Cleans comments, hidden text, and other meta data from Word documents, either on demand or as they are being sent via Outlook.


Cleans up plain text replies and forwards by tightening the quoting characters, allowing you to specify the quote header, and moving the cursor to the bottom of the message. Beta. Free.

PayPal Payment Wizard

Add PayPal buttons -- payment request, product, service, auction payment, and donation to Outlook messages.

Personalized Emails 4Outlook

Email Merge Personalized Individually Addressed Invitations, Greetings and Sales Letters at the click of a button. Supports Outlook 2000,2002, 2003 and 2007, with or without Word as Editor.

ReDirector COM Addin

Allows you to resend an incoming message so the recipient gets it with the original sender's address. COM Addin for Outlook 2000 in Internet Mail Only mode.

Reply all with Attachments

Reply all with Attachments allows users to reply to all with attachments. For Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010, requires .Net Framework 3.0 and Visual Studio Tools for Office system 4.0 Beta 1.

Reply With Templates

Tool integrated to Microsoft Outlook e-mail toolbar allows you to reply or forward e-mail with a predefined template. Create a new template as easily as a new e-mail or use your existing e-mails as templates. Personalize Replies. Preaddressed templates. Support for Hot keys. Send personally (separately) or to all recipients. Organize email templates into subfolder structure to get a quick access to your Templates. Share your templates. Version 1.21


ReplyAll is a free tool that alerts you when you hit the 'Reply To All' button in Outlook and asks if you really want to send to all. Works with all versions of Outlook: 2000 - 2013. Free.


ReplyButler is a productivity tool that automatically pre-writes the greeting phrases (with the correct name. The text module storage saves time for anyone who answers customer e-mails. It can automatically answer e-mails for you. ReplyButler also helps you organize your e-mails by automatically moving your answered e-mails into the right folders. And if you forget an attachment, ReplyButler will remind you. Works with Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and Outlook 2010 (32-Bit). Version 4.00 supports the plentyMarket webshop system.

RightFrom for Outlook

COM add-in for Outlook 2003/2007 that automatically fills in the correct From address when the user is responding to a message in another user's Exchange mailbox. (Use it with the UniSent add-in from the same site. UniSent keeps the outgoing messages in the Sent Items folder of the other users mailbox.) Version

Scan & Attach

Add a "Scan & Attach" button to new Outlook emails and replies. When the button is clicked the scanner begins the scanning process. The scanned image will then directly be attached to the Outlook email as a (multi page) PDF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG or BMP file. A second button opens a full blown image editor. All the options you need to adjust or reorder the scanned images before attaching them to the Outlook email are there. Now supports 64-bit Windows and Outlook 2010.

Scanner Addin for Outlook

Scanner Addin for Outlook allows you to scan images or documents into Outlook. Features both a wizard and a 'One-Click' scanning method that allows you to scan and insert any image into your emails. By configuring your default scan settings, you are able to quickly insert any image with the click of a button. This is helpful if you frequently need to scan images into your emails but don't need to change the settings. Scanner Addin for Outlook works with Outlook 2000, XP, 2003, 2007 and 2010.

SetFrom COM Add-in for Outlook

Outlook COM add-in that lets you automatically insert in the "From:" or "Have replies sent to:" field any address/alias that you need for each outgoing message. If you're mainly concerned with getting From right when replying to mail from another user's Exchange mailbox, RightFrom, from the same author, would be more appropriate.

SilentMail for Outlook

SilentMail for Outlook monitors outgoing emails and sends a blind carbon copy (BCC) of every email to a specified address. SilentMail for Outlook does this by copying the message from the Outbox mail folder, making the monitoring process invisible for the user. Supports all versions of Outlook. Does not require Exchange server.


SqueezeMail automatically reduces the size of .png, .jpg, .tiff, .bmp, .gif or .ico image or PowerPoint PPTX attachments.

SugarSync for Outlook

Use SugarSync for Outlook add-in to share a link to any file in your SugarSync account, instead attaching the file to an email. Convert any file stored on your computer to a SugarSync link before the email is sent; files not yet in SugarSync are uploaded in the background. Uploaded files are added to the Web Archive in a folder named Uploaded by Outlook. Track the number of downloads of the links you have sent.

Template Phrases

Insert frequently-typed phrases into your Outlook messages in a click. See all your templates at a glance organized in a multi-level tree structure and easily find the needed one with quick search. Use various macros, assign shortcuts to most often used templates or add them to Favorites. Have a certain template automatically inserted into all new emails, replies or forwards. Share your templates on a network server and let your colleagues use them. The plugin works with Outlook 2003 - 2010.

Video Email

Free Outlook 2003 add-in for using a web camera attached to your PC to send video email messages.

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