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The tools on this page support "live" calendaring — changes to calendars are updated in real time. In some cases, the calendar is displayed in a web browser (which can be viewed from anywhere) and others display the calendars in Outlook or in their own application.

If you just need to see other people’s calendars easily from within Outlook, try the technique described under To get quick access to team calendars.

See Company Events Calendar to create a company events calendar using an Exchange server application.

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Gives managers, secretaries and co-workers an instant, web-based view of where people are, what they are doing, and when they are next available. AgendaX will seamlessly manage multiple time zones and allow global views of staff availability and resource allocation. AgendaX incorporates many features that allow you to take advantage of Outlook calendaring, Active Directory attributes and web views to give you the ultimate corporate resource portal. No client installation necessary and nothing is installed on Exchange Server. Supports all Exchange Server versions. New Version 6 available now!

CodeTwo Public Folders

CodeTwo Public Folders will let you share Outlook between many computers. It's an easy and cost-effective Exchange Server or Office 365 alternative which allows you to sync Microsoft Outlook data automatically and across various Outlook platforms and users. New features include: Internet sync (or LAN sync), all data is kept locally (no cloud storage). File sharing capability allows you to share any files between computers. Full encryption of the sync'd data and password protection. The program is fully compatible with all latest Outlook and Windows versions including Outlook 2010 64bit.


Share Microsoft Outlook calendar, contact, and task information with this affordable Exchange alternative. Makes Outlook calendar sharing and Outlook group calendar scheduling easy. Works with Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010. OfficeCalendar creates Outlook calendar share folders under each users main calendar folder along with a Outlook group calendar. Free trial is available.


Calendar Browser for Outlook

Calendar Browser for Outlook is a solution for booking resources within an organization - from meeting rooms, cars and projector equipment to personnel. Search for free resources, see descriptions and book, all in one tool. Graphical WYSIWYG html editor. Integrated statistics tool. Groupware, for both public folders and mailboxes. Full Unicode Support. Works on all versions of Windows, including Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. Supports Outlook 2007 and 2010. Compatible with Office 365.

Collaboration Services for Exchange

Synchronize GALs and free/busy times securely between organizations. Administrators no longer need to duplicate contacts between several address books and it eliminates the need for users to maintain complex personal address lists. Because it uses the existing Outlook client, no user training is required.

Exchange Central

Exchange Central is a group scheduling tool for Outlook users who are organizing employees, meeting rooms, company vehicles or any other type of resources in Outlook. Features include: team oriented views providing the user with an overview of many calendars, the ability to control and manage many calendars in one view, book employees and resources and move or copy appointments between calendars with drag and drop functionality. Exchange Central supports Office 365/Exchange Onlione.

Group Schedule

Simple, unified view of the calendar for a group. For Microsoft Outlook connected to Microsoft Exchange Server, free client utility to display the schedules for a group of users in a color-coded grid. You can double-click any cell in the grid to get more detailed information on a user's appointments. Requires Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange Server and the main Visual Basic 5.0 runtime file, Msvbvm50.dll. Freeware.

GroupCalendar for Exchange

Basic functionality is synchronizing user calendars to public calendars and back. New features include: Admin users (managers) can push items to users directly from the group calendar overview and users can not change or remove those from their personal calendar. Team members can push team items to the personal calendar of everyone in their team so these will also display on mobile calendar devices. and more. Users can create new items for other users from the mobile device calendar.

In-Out Board

Sample Exchange Server script that uses the Out of Office Assistant settings for each user to generate a list of who's in and out of the office in a public folder.

Merlinia Outback

An advanced in/out board with Outlook calendar integration giving the receptionists a complete overview of "who's out and who's back", both now and in the near future.

Outlook Team Calendar

Free Outlook 2000 or 2002 folder home page application for viewing multiple user calendars from other Exchange Server mailboxes. Includes lots of useful sample code for building other folder home page applications. It's a web page, but it needs to run inside Outlook. Can be localized. Triggers Outlook security prompts.

RB Schedule

Outlook COM add-in for viewing multiple users' schedules in a single window. Free.


Share schedule information with one or more groups, with or without Exchange Server, and without the need to enter data in more than one folder. Timeline view can show free/busy time for group. Group calendar can be sorted or filtered by location, name, or group. Works by exchanging information in special email messages.


Wallchart addin for Outlook. Supports on-line and remote mail users. Integrates with Outlook to allow others to be invited to meetings. Pocket PC users can also take advantage of the system, as scheduletime also supports Pocket Outlook for Pocket PC's / PDA's.

SSW Team Calendar for Exchange

Web-based group calendar view running as .asp pages on Exchange 2000. Shows free/busy time and appointment details. Managers can create new appointments for users from the web view using Outlook Web Access.

TEAM Planning

Group planning calendar for Outlook with Exchange Server. Produces reports in HTML format, so you can publish a calendar as a web page. Available in English or French.

WebTeam Central

WebTeam Central - the web based team calendar for Outlook and Exchange - offers even better opportunities for increased productivity and improved customer service. WebTeam Central gathers the appointments from Outlook calendars and gives companies and users the ability to collaborate regardless of the whereabouts of the individual user. The features are utilized through an Internet connection and a browser - fully compliant with Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Web Access.

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  1. Deb VanMaldeghem says

    I would like to set up a daily lecture that my name is not on the request. I am the admin and I set up meetings with one person so they know when and what they will be speaking on. The message in their calander says 9:00 am 10:00am Dawn speaking on HIV (which I put into the message as the subject) and then it has my name listed. Everything is working fine but I do not want my name on the calander. Also, I would like to be able to set up meetings that look like my boss set them up as I am his admin. ??

    • Diane Poremsky says

      How did you create the appointment? Do you have delegate access to the calendar?

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