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These tools enhance Microsoft Outlook by providing connections to Exchange Server Public Folders, databases and other project and business process management applications. Some help desk applications included.

While most of these applications integrate Outlook and other applications or enhance Public Folders, a few of the applications listed here work with stand-alone Outlook.


Tools in the Spotlight


EasyTaskLink distributes tasks and collects progress reports automatically via Outlook Tasks Folder and provide you with the needed Excel views so you can pull reports instantly. Deploys tasks to Outlook Tasks Folder and collects narrative progress reports automatically. Distribute tasks to your team members without using a server. Accepts and rejects status reports. Supports Office 2003/2007. Automatically updates Project MPP plans.

eeminders for Outlook

eeminders gives you an uncluttered inbox that shows you what you need to work on, in the order that you want to work on them. Defer/snooze emails out of your inbox and have them magically appear back when you actually need them. Get email reminders to follow-up on important emails right in your inbox. Get reminders for non-email actions in your Inbox. Prioritize or schedule your emails in the order that you need to work on them and more... Supports Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013 (32bit and 64bit). Free 30 day trial available

InLoox PM for Outlook
InLoox integrated project management software

InLoox PM for Outlook - your professional solution for efficient project management. Plan, manage, budget and communicate directly in Microsoft Outlook. More than 30.000 users worldwide. Get a head start on realizing everyday projects today with a free 30 day trial. Supported in Microsoft Outlook 2010 (32 & 64-Bit), 2007, and 2003.

Smart Schedules for Outlook
Smart Schedules for Outlook

Capture YOUR standard work flows by creating templates of entire series of appointments and tasks. Click a button to use the templates to accurately calculate and schedule all your appointments and tasks for a project. See the full picture by viewing all appointments and tasks for a project in one place. Finally when a deadline changes, Easily and Accurately reschedule ALL affected appointments and tasks. This is your complete Outlook based scheduling and project management tool.



Action Project Manager is the only affordable Microsoft Outlook Addin for project management, planning, scheduling and tracking individual tasks for small organizations and Individuals. You can create task and track them till its completion by sharing between multiple users. Professionally designed, easy to use Tasks on Steroids! Perfect for the busy individual who needs to manage a busy life. Create Multiple databases and never worry about complicated installations such as SQL Server , as most competitors require! Simple XML based Database. For Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 (32bit). Free 30 Day Trial!


Allocatus integrates Microsoft Project with Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes. It can either link any Project task with the calendar or task list.

CCS HelpDesk

CCS Help Desk leverages the power of Exchange Server, Outlook, and the Web to bring you a simple, efficient and effective help desk, customer support and ticket tracking system. It is ideal for companies and organizations that are overwhelmed by user or customer requests and issues. Support requests are entered through Outlook, the Web or email, and then are assigned and tracked. The resolved tickets are kept in an Exchange public folder and can be reviewed if a similar issue arises again. Available in Pro, Standard, and Lite versions. Ver 4.2

CodeTwo Task Workflow

Free project and task manager for Outlook 2010 / 2007. Use it to assign, monitor and track your own (or your team's) tasks in Outlook. Synchronize Outlook tasks with others in real time (via Exchange server or CodeTwo Public Folders).


Create project plans in Excel and sync with Microsoft Project, Outlook Tasks, Calendar and Email. Create and Print Gantt Charts directly from Excel - Microsoft Project NOT required. Compatible with Microsoft SharePoint.


Synchronize Microsoft Project with Outlook. Compatible with Microsoft Project 2000 and higher including Project 2007. Compatible with all versions of Windows including Vista. Version 8.6

EmailNotes for Outlook

Add notes to your email in Outlook with the click of a button. The notes do not change your original emails in anyway so you can safely reply/forward emails with no risk of unintentionally passing on confidential notes. Your folders will display which emails have notes attached for your quick reference. EmailNotes also adds buttons to Outlook so you can send notes with emails when you want to. Notes are saved inside Outlook so they get backed up every time you backup your Outlook data. Free Evaluation Copy Available. Supports Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013 (32 and 64 bit)

Gantt for Outlook

The Gantt for Outlook Add-in is the first solution that provides easy and effective project management features to the native Outlook environment. When installed the Gantt view is just a click away. The user will experience the added features as a natural extension to the Outlook environment. The Gantt Add-in integrates with the Task folder, bringing unique features to help users to organize their day.

HyperOffice Project Collaboration Suite

Sync Outlook tasks online and with mobile devices. Work together on tasks with others. All without MS Exchange. Use advanced task features online - task dependencies, Gantt charts and more.

Invantive Vision

Invantive Vision provides a crystal-clear understanding of the status of your project at any time. Using interfaces, including Microsoft Outlook you can always quickly access your files and drill down to the underlying details. Via Microsoft Outlook you can also access your CRM-data with information about customers and relationships, and your documents in the DMS-system.


Jello.Dashboard is a homepage for Outlook, to aid in the practice of Getting Things Done time management. With it you can view your appointments and tasks with due dates and your favorite Outlook folders from inside the dashboard. Search for any type of Outlook item, view lists of Outlook flagged and unread items. View your items in a Master list which you can email and print. Works with Outlook XP or higher. Free. Beta version 4.1

KBase for Outlook

KBase for Outlook gives you a knowledge base available right inside Outlook. Supports rich text, .html and attached files. Full text searching. Problem Category and Type. Save articles as .html files to publish on website or intranet. Export to Excel feature that works for all Outlook items, not only for KBase. Version 2.2


ManagePro is a complete project and task management tool for managing goals, projects and people's performance. Extremely versatile in its configuration, it provides a multi-display environment of worksheets, timelines and scorecards, all having the ability to drill down to a lower level of detail with a simple point and click. Includes Outlook integration - drag and drop email onto any project, calendar time slot or to-do list for instant tracking and documentation. Email any record, any report and any written text out of ManagePro while tracking who you sent it to and the content.

MissingLink Project Center

MissingLink Project Center unites all of the files, contacts, and email messages about your projects together in one central location, right in Outlook. With MissingLink Project Center, you can search and capture critical emails on a project-by-project basis, maintain a complete revision history of every attachment with the ability to retrieve prior versions.

MS Outlook Add-in for Easy Projects

This MS Outlook Add-in makes it possible to sync tasks, contacts and calendar, as well as to get quick access to attachments and messages from your account in Easy Projects


Set of intranet collaboration applications that offer synchronization with Outlook. Available for local server installation and as a hosted application.

Project KickStart

Fast project creation tool that transfers tasks to Outlook, giving each project its own category. Also imports Outlook contacts. Version 4. Supports Vista.

Redmine Outlook Add-In

This Outlook add-in makes it possible to sync issues, projects, contacts and calendar, as well as to get quick access to attachments and messages on your Redmine, or account.

Team TimeSheet for Outlook & SharePoint

An enterprise time reporting and billing management solution for team of any size to work, plan and execute project related activities and prepare timesheets within Microsoft Outlook, and publish to the company's SharePoint list. Leverages the familiar Outlook calendar and task interface to track time and expenses towards projects, clients or any entity your business requires so that you can generate attendance, payroll, cost estimation or billing related reports. Support offline usage, automatic alerts, custom fields and OLAP analysis. Ideal for organization and teams that charge by the hour.


TrackerOffice offers organizations the opportunity to leverage their Microsoft Outlook messaging platform, to deliver solutions for Project Management, Time and Billing, Invoicing, Project Team Management, Purchasing, CRM and Business Intelligence.

VAKCER Project Tracker

Tracks project time and expenses by automatically watching what programs and documents you open. Available Outlook plug-in creates Journal entries from projects and interfaces with Outlook Contacts.

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