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The tools on this page enhance and extend (or replace) the Microsoft Outlook Journal.

Note that the Journal is deprecated and is being phased out of newer versions of Outlook. Beginning with Outlook 2010, the Activities feature is broken. For more information, see Outlook 2010 & Contact Activities.



VBA add-in for AutoCAD that uses Outlook's Journal folder to log the time you spend in each drawing.

Contact Communications Logging

Click on a contact and instantly see all emails sent between them and everyone in your company. A more powerful version of Outlook's Journaling feature that works with multiple users and public folders.


Make calls to Outlook contacts and record incoming calls in the Outlook Journal. Displays caller names for incoming calls. Supports English, German and Italian. Does not trigger Outlook email security update prompts. To integrate your PBX with your computers systems, check out ESTOS TapiServer.

Journal All Contacts

Turns journaling on or off for all contacts within a folder with one click. Also allows you to turn journaling on or off for individual contacts within subfolders. Enter code WD9BHK53 during checkout.

Journal Duplicates Eliminator

Clean your Outlook journal folders of duplicate items. Supports mailbox, PST, and Exchange public folders. Enter code WD9BHK53 during checkout.

UBitJournal Outlook

UBitJournal Outlook 2013 will run from your startup folder and emulate the file journaling capabilities that Microsoft has removed from Office 2013. UBitJournal will add open Microsoft Office files from local drives and server (including those synchronized locally) to your Outlook journal. Currently seeking testers.

VAKCER Project Tracker

Tracks project time and expenses by automatically watching what programs and documents you open. Available Outlook plug-in creates Journal entries from projects and interfaces with Outlook Contacts.

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