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Last reviewed on May 22, 2013

This is a collection of print tools for the Microsoft Outlook Calendar.

In order to use the Word templates you will need to change macro security in Word’s Tools, Macros, Security… to Medium, then close Word and reopen it. Approve the macro dialog when you load the template. In Word 2007, macro settings are in Office icon (former File menu location), Word Options, Trust Center link on left, Trust Center Settings button on bottom.)

Even though the information on templates state they are for older versions of Outlook, these templates will work with all newer versions of Outlook and Word, including 2003 and 2007.

Tip: The Calendar Printing Assistant adds a menu to the Start menu, not to Outlook's menus. Look for it under Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office Tools.

Note that Outlook 2007 suffers from a printing bug where events which extend into multiple weeks do not print properly. This was fixed by Outlook 2007 SP1. If you can’t or won’t install the updates, use the Calendar Printing Assistant instead.

Another print bug in Outlook 2007 SP2 and earlier: subject lines are truncated. This is addressed by an April 2010 hotfix and included in the July 13 update. However, the end times don't print and the lines break between words. This will be fixed in a cumulative update expected Aug or Sept 2010. See OL2007: Line Wrap in Calendar Printout for more information and screenshots. You can also use the Calendar printing assistant if you need wrapped lines.

See Outlook 2007: Month Calendar Printing for a view bug which also affected printed calendars.

See Printing Calendars with Color Categories if your calendars are not printing in color.

If you are having problems printing duplex calendars correctly in Outlook 2003, see Outlook 2003 Calendar Duplex Printing Bug for more information.

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My Outlook Calendar

Customizable Word template for generating Outlook weekly and monthly calendars. Print any Outlook calendar that you have access to, including calendars from other users' mailboxes and Public Folders. Add color coding by category or by type of item (one-day event, multiple-day event, etc.) Specify time and date formats and the title for the calendar. Slower than Microsoft's Outlook Calendar Template, but it does much more and follows progress in the status bar. See Using and Editing My Outlook Calendar Template for customization tips.


Enhanced Word template for printing, viewing and web publishing monthly calendars from Outlook data. Based on Microsoft's Outlook Calendar Template. Includes category-based color-coding, better performance.


Convert Outlook Calendar to native Excel and Word format for custom printing and editing. WinCalendar is an Addin for both Excel and Word that allows you to easily import Outlook data. Supported layouts include: Filterable Table, Monthly Calendar, Weekly Calendar, Schedule, and Agenda.


Blueprint for Outlook

Blueprint provides a suite of useful printing features. Reduce Paper Usage by printing selection and page range. Use the Blueprint Quick buttons to perform repetitive or complex printing operations in a single click - Print Message and Attachments. Control Print Layout - Add Headers and Footers including Company Logo and Sensitivity Markings. Automatically print incoming / outgoing messages and attachments. Choose to only autoprint the first page. Choose to include/exclude specific attachment types in print jobs. Add print buttons to a separate Outlook toolbar for extra control. Available in Basic, Professional, and Enterprise versions.

Calendar Printing Assistant for Outlook 2007/2010

The Calendar Printing Assistant allows you to print and customize your calendar information. It includes many often-requested printing options, including multiple calendars in one view and customizations such as fonts, colors and images. It includes ready to use templates. Additional templates are available from Microsoft: Templates for Calendar Printing Assistant For Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 (32-bit).

Messageware OWA Print

Messageware OWA Print provides OWA users the ability to see and print their daily/weekly/monthly calendars and schedules, their delegates' schedules, and their contacts in multiple layouts and styles. OWA Print determines the best layout based on the view chosen for printing, including automatic rotation for portrait and landscape output. With OWA Print, OWA Light users are also able to print emails, appointments, calendars, contacts, and meetings, functionality not otherwise available natively.

Outlook Calendar Template

Use the Outlook Calendar Template for Word, then File | Save as HTML. Since the function that builds the calendar from your Outlook appointments is all in VBA, you can potentially customize it to create exactly the type of calendar you want. (HINT: Look at the Insertappointment subroutine.) See More on the Outlook Calendar Template.

Outlook Year View Control

ActiveX control that provides a full year view of Outlook appointments, with different colors for categories. Setup program builds a web page to display the planner view of any calendar folder in Outlook as a folder home page. Includes ASP .NET application for Internet or Intranet use.


Print4OL is a Outlook COM-Addin for printing or showing single (memo style) or multiple (table style, report style, calendar style or label style) items in MS-Word, using Word Templates. Supported on Windows XP/Vista, Outlook and Word XP/2003/2007 with latest Service Pack.

Yearly Calendar view for Outlook

VB Code sample for a yearly planner style calendar. It reads your default Outlook calendar and creates a HTML calendar. Supports up to 12 months. Code can be adapted to filter out categories.

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