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The Problem

When you attempt to remove an add-in, the dialog tells you that only an administrator can connect or disconnect the add-in:

This add-in is installed for all users on this computer and can only be connected or disconnected by an administrator.

Add-in is installed for all users

The Cause

Trying to remove an add-in that was installed using the option “All users” will result in this error message. If the add-in was installed for the current user this message will not appear.

When you install software, the screen may have an option to install it for the current user or for all users of the computer as is shown on this screenshot.

Most users click Next without paying much attention to this screen (using the default set by the developer), or set it for “All users” so the add-ins works for all Windows accounts.
Install for all users

The Solution

Close Outlook and restart it using Run as Administrator then remove the add-in. Close Outlook and restart Outlook normally when finished.

To Run as Administrator, right-click on outlook.exe or the Outlook shortcut and choose Run as Administrator.

If Run as Administrator is not listed, hold Ctrl+Shift+Alt as you right-click on the shortcut to show the full menu.



  1. Dana Beveridge says

    Diane You are Amazing! I do tech support and have been trying to help a caller with this issue all week. Thank you Thank You

  2. Linda says

    Even when I choose "run as administrator" I still get the "This add-in is installed for all users on this computer and can only be connected or disconnected by an administrator." message

  3. KaytonK says

    I have the same thing Peter, one user out of 50 on the same Terminal Server can't enable it, even tried making them an administrator and domain admin

  4. Brandon says

    Thanks so much - that worked a charm. On my Win8 box, it's CTRL+SHIFT but it's the same idea. (What Bill said). See? 2 years on and you're still helping people with that advice.

  5. carpetmesserupper says

    worked for me, however.... still get an error message about the particular addon/addin not being available, on each startup of outlook. What a mess outlook seems to be sometimes.

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