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Suppose you need to process reports at the end of each month and need data from your co-workers to complete the reports. They always seem to forget, so you need to send them a reminder. How do you automate the process, so they get the reminder automatically?

See Using Microsoft Outlook to Schedule Report Transmissions for a method that uses custom forms. Note that tighter security in Outlook may prevent this from working as expected.

See Delay Sending a Message to delay the sending of a message.

In addition to scheduling recurring messages, the tools on this page can be used to schedule messages to be sent later.

Using Appointment Forms | Tools | More Information

Use Appointment reminders to send recurring message

You can use appointments to trigger a recurring message. In all versions, you can use VBA to send a message when a reminder fires. In older versions that support the online meeting feature, you can use it to open a prepared template and include an attachment.

The VBA method is at Send an email when an Appointment reminder fires. While the sample code contains the message in the appointment body, which is copied to an email message, you can use it to open and send a template instead.

How to use: Create a recurring appointment and set the reminder. When the reminder fires, the macro creates the message and sends it. This method works with Tasks as well.

Outlook 2003

If you use an older version of Outlook, you can use the online meeting method to open a template. This will not work in Outlook 2007 and up. Unlike the utilities listed in the Tools section, need to press Send to actually send it. It is more "in your face" than a reminder, for those messages you need to schedule but want to edit before sending.

  1. Create a message and save it as an email template (*.oft)
  2. Open an meeting invitation (or click the invite button on an appointment) and enter your email address in the To field.
  3. Add a check to the Online meeting option.
  4. Select Using Windows Media Services
  5. Enter the file location of the template in the Event address field Add a check to the field to Automatically start Windows Media with the reminder then Save and close.

When the reminder triggers, a dialog will open, asking if it can open the template. Once opened, press Send.


Tools in the Spotlight

Email Scheduler

One of the utilities in the MAPILab Toolbox, Email Scheduler allows you to chedule messages to be sent at specific date/times or intervals by setting up a task for each message. MAPILab Toolbox is a set of 18 different add-ins for Outlook.

Schedule Recurring Email

Schedule Recurring Email schedules email to send later. The maximum number of emails that can be scheduled can be in the hundreds. You can schedule emails that go out hourly, daily, monthly, early, or randomly. The monthly and yearly patterns can be adjusted by a number of days so that schedules like "2nd to last workday of the year" or "3 days after the first Tuesday of every month" can be specified. Works with all Outlook accounts, including IMAP and


LBE Email Scheduler

LBE Email Scheduler allows you to set up multiple mailing projects, each of which can be sent as a one-off or sent automatically at a schedule you decide. Emails can be personalized by including the recipient's name, making them ideal for customer mailshots. You can send either in plain text or use HTML and attach files.


Use ScheduledSend for Outlook to send emails on a schedule. It is a great tool for sending reminders about upcoming anniversaries, birthdays, meetings or other events. Or use it to send a greeting email for such event. Use recurrence option for recurring schedule. Easy preview scheduled emails in a convenient list.


SendLater is an easy-to-use and convenient email scheduler with a recurring* email option. It allows you to schedule automatic email follow up and handle your email correspondence in a timely manner even if you are away from your computer. You can set up repetitive* emails at daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or custom time intervals. It is a perfect personal email reminder. Set up your own email address as a recipient, specify reminder sending time and never miss an important date or deadline again. SendLater 3.30 version.

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  1. Conrad says

    I made a web application that gives you full control over recurring email messages. You can send to yourself, or large groups of other people, and there are options to allow all of the recipients to edit the message for a form of email collaboration. It is a great tool! It is free and doesn't require a login/setup process, just a valid email address to confirm your recurring emails.

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