Outlook only starts in Safe Mode?

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Problem: Outlook will only open in safe mode.

Solution: Repair your Office installation and run scanpst on the data file.

The problem is caused, in part, by the 'Windows Search' service. This service provides Outlook's Instant Search and Window's file search features. For a quick fix, you can stop or disable the Windows Search service.

To do this, open the Administration Tools folder in the Control panel and double click on Services. Look for Windows Search in the list. Double click it, then click Stop and Apply. You can also right-click on Windows Search and choose Stop. The next time you use Instant Search or Windows Search, the service will restart. To disable the service for a longer period, select Disable in the dropdown and click the Stop button, then Apply.

Please note: when you disable the search service, Windows File Search and Outlook's Instant Search won't work. Stop the Search service only so you can use Outlook in "normal" mode until you have time to repair it.

Stop the Windows Search Service

In Windows 7, you can type Services in the Start menu's search command or in all versions, type Services.msc in the Run command.

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2 responses to “Outlook only starts in Safe Mode?”

  1. Karim AbdelBasset

    Thank you, but unfortunately that did not work either. I've been searching online for over a week now and I still can't get it to work. I tried disabling all add on, repairing, start windows with all drivers disabled, uninstall and reinstall, create new outlook file, create new user on PC, removing latest updates, and formatting PC but for some reason, it works until updates are made to windows. after that, only safe mode works.

    1. Diane Poremsky

      What version of Windows and Outlook do you use?

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