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Microsoft Outlook does not support importing multiple vCards – you need to import them one vcard at a time. While this is tolerable for a few, its frustrating when you a large number to import.

Rather than using Outlook's File, Import and Export menu to bring the vCards into Outlook, you can drag them from your Windows file system to Outlook's Contact folder. Each vCard will open and you need to click Save and Close to add them to Outlook. This method is faster than using the Import menu but for best results, you should only do about 20 vCards at a time as opening too many at a time will use a lot of resources.

If you prefer to use a macro, see Macro to Bulk Import vCards into Outlook

Multi-card VCF files

Outlook does not support importing a single vcard file that contains multiple contacts. You can use GMail to make the conversion as Gmail can import multiple contacts using .vcf file. Once you have the contacts in GMail, you can export them to a Outlook CSV format and import them into Outlook Contacts. Additionally, several of the tools listed below support importing multiple contact vcards.

Step 1: Import the vCard file into Google Contacts
Step 2: Export it in Outlook format (will be a CSV file)
Step 3: Import into Outlook

The tools listed below will import or export vcards in bulk. Some will import multiple contact vcards.


Tools in the Spotlight

VCard Converter Addin

Sperry Software's Vcard Converter Add-In for Microsoft Outlook is being released out of beta. It easily converts all your Outlook contacts to vcard (vcf) files. Outlook already has the ability to import and export vcard files, but only one at a time. With this add-in you can now import and export a file containing a single vcard entry or multiple entries. You can also export to a single file or have one vcard file per contact. This new version now supports photos and has support for Outlook 2010, both 32-bit and 64-bit.

vCard ImportExport

Topalt vCard ImportExport is simple and easy to use tool for importing and exporting vCard files (*.vcf) to/from Outlook. It can import and export multiple entries vCard files as well as files containing only one entry. Additionally, vCard ImportExport can split/combine multiple vCard files to/from one vCard file even without Outlook installed. You can export vCard files using build-in Microsoft Outlook engine and manage duplicates when importing duplicated contacts. However, unlike generic Outlook import/export it can export and import multiple entries file or import or export all contacts to vCard files at once.


Address Magic Plus

Address Magic supports dozens of applications and formats to convert email, calendar, and address books, to or from Outlook. Converts over 30 address book formats, 20 email formats, and 4 calendar formats. Automatically customizes itself for your computer by finding your email applications and data files. Supports over 150 different address book fields, including names, postal addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, comments, and many more. Automatic field mapping between different address books, full distribution list support, and maintains email folder structure. Converts HTML email, text email, attachments, and all headers.


EphPod is a full-featured Windows application that connects with Apple's iPod. It imports Microsoft Outlook contacts, in addition to allowing users to create and edit their own contacts.

Opal-Export Multiple vCards from Outlook

Outlook can open vCards, but if you need to save them all out to use with another program, that's where it gets a bit tricky. Simply select the destination folder where you'd like your vCards to be saved to, and Opal-Export will do the rest. Free.


Exports Outlook mail, calendar, and contacts to mbox, iCal, and vCard files for import into Entourage and other Macintosh mail and collaboration programs. Can also be used to extract all file attachments to a system folder.


Outport aims to be a generic program for exporting data from Outlook to various email/pim programs. It currently it can export to the Contact, Calendar and Task formats of Evolution, plus a number of generic formats supported by Outlook itself (Rich Text Format, HTML, vCalendar, vCard, iCalendar, etc).

SyncWiz for Outlook

SyncWiz add-in for Microsoft Outlook is an easy to use Outlook vCard and Calendar converter. Import and export contacts and calendar into vCard, iCal, .vcf, .vcs and .ics file formats. Sync Microsoft Outlook Calendars using vCalendar and iCalendar files. Backup, synchronize and convert contacts to vCard files automatically. Supports .vcf, .vcs and .ics files in different encodings. Import and export all custom item properties correctly. Version 2.14.

Total Outlook Converter

Total Outlook Converter converts Outlook emails to PDF, TXT, TIFF, DOC, HTML. Select the fields that are included into the resulting file (subject, body, recipient, sender, date, etc.) Emails are converted in batch saving your time and effort. Attached files can be placed in the same or a new folder. Add a date, page number or your company info to each page of the resulting files (headers and footers). Total Outlook Converter can convert Outlook contacts to vCard files. Free trial.

vCard Converter

Easy to use vCard converter tool to convert vcard 2.1 and vcard 3.0 version vcards into Ms Outlook contacts. Software is a vcard reader which imports individual vcards in bulk or vcards having multiple contacts into Outlook in one go.

vCard Splitter

vCard splitter tool to split any vcard file having multiple contacts into it. Supports 2.1 and 3.0 versions of vcard file.

vCard Wizard

vCard Wizard add-in for Microsoft Outlook is an easy to use vCard converter and .vcf converter. vCard for Outlook will import and export contacts into one or multiple .vcf files. Choose contacts to import/export or send by using contact selection dialog with the ability to sort out and filter the list. Send specified contacts automatically as attachments via email message. Export contacts and share them with others via instant message, Bluetooth or other ways. vCard Wizard 3.01 version

VCF Cutter 1.1

VCF Cutter allows you to divide your contacts so you can easily move them from cell phones to Outlook. Use it to divide a consolidated VCF file to separate VCF files with one contact in each file. Requires NET Framework 3.5.

More Information

Converting Addresses has tools for converting to and from other address file formats.


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