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Outlook has a neat feature called Contact Linking that allows you to link a contact with any appointment, task, other contacts, or even email. Prior to Outlook 2007, the forms had a field with a Contacts button. In Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 you needed to go into Contact Options and enable a setting to see the Contact Linking field. In Outlook 2013, this option is gone. You can still link Contacts in File, Properties (or Options dialog) of an open item but that is an extra step.

If you are looking for information about the new Linked Contacts feature, see Outlook 2013's Linked Contacts

Contact Linking in Outlook 2013

Fortunately, there is a way to enable the Contact Linking field: edit the registry.

Type Windows key + R to open the Run command then type regedit and press Enter.

Browse to the preferences key, right click on it and choose New > DWORD. Type or paste showcontactfieldobsolete and set the value to 1 to show the Contact linking field. Set it to 0 or delete the DWORD or to turn it off.

Outlook user key

DWORD: showcontactfieldobsolete
Value = 1

Group Policy key

DWORD: showcontactfieldobsolete
Value = 1

Do It For Me

If you don't want to edit the registry yourself, I have a ready-to-use reg file available for download.

showcontactfieldobsolete showcontactfieldobsolete - group policy key

To use the reg key, download the file then double click to run it. Answer the prompts to add it to the registry. Restart Outlook for the change to take effect.

(Either file will work for home or SOHO users; the group policy key is generally used in corporations.)

Written by

Diane Poremsky
A Microsoft Outlook Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since 1999, Diane is the author of several books, including Outlook 2013 Absolute Beginners Book. She also created video training CDs and online training classes for Microsoft Outlook. You can find her helping people online in Outlook Forums as well as in the Microsoft Answers and TechNet forums.

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48 responses to “Show Contact Linking fields in Outlook 2013”

  1. Prabir Mittra

    Why does MS keep taking off good things of the previous versions when a new version is introduced. Many of us don't want to use the cloud or internet collaboration or social networks.

  2. Prabir Mittra

    I have found the OL 2013 has problems reading the pst file of 2010, the contact links can be displayed in 2013 but the link does not work.

  3. Victor Zamora



    Victor Zamora

    PS Office 2013 developers are idiots.

  4. Victor Zamora

    BTW, do you have an answer to the BCM mess they have? I have a massive BCM 2007 database and my BCM 2013 just can't import it....I read the KB 2793723 but I am extremely confused:
    "Important If you are using Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2007, you must download the full installation from the links below. There is no upgrade path for a Business Contact Manager V3 database to a Business Contact Manager V4c database."

    So, do I need to download the 368.7MB, uninstall my BCM 2007, reinstall this thing and then what??!?!!??

    Please let me know...PLEASE...I can be reached at

  5. Frank Clarijs

    I can see the "Contacts..." field when I create a new contact, but once the contact is saved with some text in the "Notes" it gets hidden behind the bottom bar where the icon image of the user is put, together with other -social- information. I have no scroll bar to move it in a place where I can reach the field. Help?

  6. Frank Clarijs

    Minimised the People Pane as suggested. Could not find the View tab, but while searching discovered that the issue disappears if I maximise the window: then the "contacts..." field becomes visible. Thank you for your help

  7. mike

    Thanks for the info. I have been using 2007 b/c I could never get 2010 to do what I need. I have to be able to open my contact, add appointment (or task), then set the date time. Then I need to go the the calendar (or tasks) to open the appointment...and be able to click on the contact that it is for....which brings up that customers info. This would never work on 2010, even with the linking enabled. Do you think it will work on 2013? Thanks so much.

  8. Phil

    Thanks so much, I do not know where I would be without this feature.

    I am not very technical and mucking around with the registry was a concern but seems to have worked fine.

    Wonder what other essential elements Microsoft have not carried forward on to 2013 in their wisdom...not!

  9. Daniel

    Thank you so much, This was driving me crazy. I organize my Tasks for employees using this field. Worked like a charm. Thanks again.

  10. Michele

    Hi Diane and thanks for solving one of Outlook's more annoying problems.

    I have contacts saved in different folders (one for contacts, one for companies) and I'm wondering if you know a way to change the default folder the "Contacts" button searches. That is, have it default to the folder called Accounts rather than the folder called Contacts.

  11. Steven

    Thank you, registry entry worked like a charm, I really like and use the contact linked to the appointment feature.

  12. Elena

    DWORD (32 bit)! on 64 bit operating system

  13. annconnollyremax

    Thank you Diane! With this field missing when setting an appointment the contact name would not sync to my phone which in turn I could not access the contacts record with phone number. What good is an appointment if you don't now who its with!! The useful things Microsoft is stripping out of outlook is driving me crazy I was a heavy user of the Journal feature in Outlook which is GONE. I logged all my calls with clients along with other activates connected with them. Is there a fix for this or an add-on to outlook to accomplish this?

  14. Lena

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Thomas

    Hi Diane,

    Thank you for providing this info and all the other feedback on all things Outlook. We all appreciate it.

    It frustrates me to no end the way Microsoft's Outlook developers seem to constantly to edit out features that many of us love. WHY, WHY, WHY.

    You seem to know Microsoft well. How can any one get through to them? What can users do? It seems as if they are totally isolated and have no empathy to users who want just a little control over their Outlook experience.

    Do you have any advice on how to get through to these decision makers at Microsoft. There has got to be a way to get their attention.

    Thanks to you or anyone who can provide any advice or insight.

    PS - It seems that Microsoft only seems to listen when they screw things up bad enough that I.T. professionals refuse to endorse new systems. That's what happened with Windows 8.0 and led to 8.1 -- Microsoft got out there and listened. I sure wish they'd do that with Outlook. I guess I'm a little concerned about the next version of Outlook. I guess we will see...

  16. tmiq

    Thanks for your response. What you say, I've heard before and it does make sense.

    What you describe -- the change in programmers who don't know the significance of the previous programmed features -- is a problem for end users. As you say, those programmers are there for a version, maybe two. Outlook users are usually a little bit more long-lived; what's a good guess, maybe 3-5 versions? Also, the customers pay for the software. In my case, I have about 70 Outlook/Office 365 users to manage. Some users express dissatisfaction with the changes with a huff, but what can they really do? Nothing. They'll say, "Do we really have to go with the newer version?" So I get to deal with and teach these end users how to deal with unwanted changes and loss of control of obscure, but cool features that a developer deemed "obsolete." Hmmm... Yep, some changes are inevitable, but some changes they make really do leave end users scratching their heads asking, "Really? Is it that difficult to leave a cool, but obscure feature or option in place?

    In regard to the Win8.0 vs 8.1 event, my point in the previous post is better made in the Wall Street Journal story titled "The Morning Download: Microsoft Says CIOs Helped Fix Windows 8" dated October 24, 2013. The article explains the influence IT people had with Microsoft because Microsoft reached out to them. It is a very good article.

    In the end, Microsoft needs to try harder to listen more closely to both the end users and the people who support the end users -- both on the operating systems and on the applications such as Outlook. I'm not sure how that happens, but they really need to examine this. I hope they do.

  17. John

    Thank you so much Diane. I am just finding this is the best site on the net for all things Outlook. And you can go to the column choser and add "contacts" and the linked contact will show.

  18. Craig

    Thanks Diane, I got over the butterflys with the regedit, looked for the common threads, and did it. Worked first time. So relieved, so happy.

  19. Gilad Perry

    Thank you SO MUCH!!!

  20. David Abrahams

    OK, how about the opposite problem. I would like to look at a contact file and find the appointments, if any, for that contact. Usually if I look at an appointment it tells me the contact; but I want to look at the contact and see any linked appointment, No comment on the "improvements" made by MS. Thanks

  21. David Abrahams

    I am sure MS does everything by email, therefore has meetings, many of us make arrangements by phone and don't clutter inboxes with extraneous emails. I want to look at a contact file and mind "appointments". I will return to using my previous contact manager and strongly recommend against anyone using Outlook 2013. Thanks

  22. Neill


    Thank you so much for this, my whole contacts and sales routine was based around this link on Outllook 2010 and I am really not capable of messing around with the registry, so your download was absolutely brilliant.
    Thanks again for saving me so much trouble.

    Kind regards

  23. Alice Meyers

    The download didn't execute so I edited the registry manually, using your step-by-step instructions. Thank you so very much!


  24. Hans Wiemann

    How do you modify the macro above "New Journal entry for Contact" to also populate the "Contact Link" field at the bottom of the Journal?

  25. CyberOldie

    I am unable to see the field. Using Outlook 2013 in Windows 8.1 Pro environment on Sony Ultrabook. Resolution 1920 by 1080. The People pane is minimized and the Outlook active window i maximized.

  26. David Baum

    Registry Key set and confirmed in Regedit
    Outlook 2013 restarted no go
    Windows restarted no go

  27. David Baum

    Is there a way to send you a screen capture

  28. Ina

    Thanks a MILLION!

  29. Ahmed

    How to create a user defined field on such a task to get data from this linked contact e.g. job title, phone number ... etc

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