Set a Default Microsoft Exchange Public Folder View

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Ok, so you've created a custom view for your public folder, and you want everyone to use the same view. How can you do this?
Easy... once you have the view created, using This folder, visible to everyone option:

  1. Right click on the public folder
  2. Choose Properties,
  3. Select the Administration tab.

Configure public folder views

All of the views that were created using 'this folder, visible to everyone' will be listed in the dropdown. Select one of the views and now when anyone views the public folder, it will default to your chosen view.
Apply the view on the public folder administration tab

Note: you can't prevent them from applying a new view to the folder, but they can't change the default view for everyone without the proper permissions.

If you need to use the view on several folders, make a master view that is for all Mail and Post folders, then copy it for each folder, choosing the this folder option. The reason for this is that you can't use global views as the default for public folders because global views are stored in the creator's mailbox, while per folder views are stored in the folder and available to anyone who views the folder

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5 responses to “Set a Default Microsoft Exchange Public Folder View”

  1. Krish

    Hi Diane,

    Could you please suggest me about the workaround, if the administration tab is missing on public folder properties. (Outlook 2010).


    1. Diane Poremsky

      If you don't have the admin tab, you don't have the necessary permissions to make changes to the folder properties. The admin needs to make you folder owner.

  2. MR

    Owner doesn't fix the problem, Outlook 2007 works fine. MS is chipping away at public folders...

  3. Jay
    1. Diane Poremsky

      What version of Exchange server do you use?

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