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Contact or Business Card images are displayed in the the Business Card view.

Open the Contact, double click on the picture placeholder and select an image from your hard drive. For best results, crop and resize it before inserting it into Outlook.

To add an image to the business card, double click on the business card and click the Image button. Select an image and adjust the placement, the size, and alignment as needed. Business card images can be set as a background image.

Contact picture in Outlook

When you add a business card image to a contact, you’ll see the business card image in the Business card view.

Tip: You can create custom forms to use for specific companies and add their logo to the business card. This makes it easier to spot contacts from the company when you use the Business Card view and you can still add the person’s image to their contact form.

The tool bar buttons to add or change the Contact and Business card picture is on the Contact ribbon.

The Contact Toolbar

Add a Photo to an Outlook Contact Tutorial

More Information

These images will not be included in any of the Outlook printouts. I’m not aware of any print utilities that include the image at this time.

Contact tools are listed at Outlook Contact Tools

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  1. William Riddick says

    Are you saying that for me to upload an image in my Outlook Profile, I must create a Business Card for myself in Outlook? But, it is not clear how that image is conveyed to others who have enabled being able to view Outlook images. Thanks for your help....Bill

    • Diane Poremsky says

      The image needs to be attached to something - a contact, or facebook or linkedin (if signed in to either), or in your GAL entry (Exchange users only). You adding it to your contact in your Outlook won't display it to others; they would need a contact for you with a picture, or log into facebook or linkedin, or share the same Exchange server as you.

      For example, I have linkedin connected to my outlook and I see the contact photos of a lot of people who email me (for the first time) because they have a linkedin account.

  2. Charlotte Berg says

    Hi Diane,
    I work for a company and I have noted that I can add a photo to my contacts once they are added however as we are all off the same exchange server, how do I attach photo's for all individuals on the global address book so that everyone can see everyone's photo's without having to upload all contacts?

    We are currently working on Outlook 2007?

    Thank you,

  3. Curtiss says

    Diane, is there a registry hack to change the max contact image size? I have an android phone connected to the same activesync account as outlook 2013. I can add pretty high-resolution pictures to the contacts in android, which take up the entire phone screen as caller ID when that contact calls. but as soon as I touch those contacts in outlook 2013, the picture becomes a pixelated, small thumbnail on the android device, which takes up about 10% of the phone screen as caller ID when the contact calls me.

    • Diane PoremskyDiane Poremsky says

      No, sorry, there is not. Does just viewing the contact cause it, or do you need to edit & save it?

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