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Email archiving, when done properly, can reduce the amount of storage space needed on Exchange servers and reduces the size of the cached *.ost in Outlook, as well as providing fast access to archived messages.

The archiving tools on this page are for use on the “server side” and used by the Exchange administrator.


Tools in the Spotlight

ArchiveOne Enterprise

ArchiveOne Enterprise is a comprehensive email archiving and file life cycle management solution that supports Information Governance strategies. Businesses can implement flexible, rules-based information management policies, to control storage retention, compliance, preservation, and discovery of corporate data. ArchiveOne Enterprise is designed to simplify information management activities of the business. Administrators can implement policies set forth by the business and centrally manage live, personally stored (PST) and archived data, while users can access the data from a browser, via any device, including mobile.

Exclaimer Mail Archiver

Exclaimer Mail Archiver is a fully featured, competitively priced archiving solution for Exchange that's easy to set up and maintain. It uses file system-based storage so it can be installed on any Windows PC and doesn't require SQL. Administrators get a compliant, long-term email history with full auditing and legal hold features. End users get rapid, intuitive search from Outlook, any browser, smartphone or tablet, with AD-controlled access.

Mail Attender

Mail Attender provides comprehensive content management in PST files (personal storage folders) on desktops/servers, mailboxes and public folders. With MA Enterprise, administrators can distribute/enforce common policies, archive data and search content in multiple information stores from a central web interface. Also, can track statistical information such as total message/attachment count, size and type while tracking usage of individual users. Works with Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and Office 365.

PST Enterprise

PST Enterprise, from C2C, enables an IT organization to understand the scale of their PST problem so they can appropriate mitigate the risk associated with the "dark data" contained in the files. PST Enterprise systematically discovers PST files, anywhere on your network, identifies the owners of orphaned files, applies retention policies, migrates data and, finally eliminates files. PST Enterprise is simple, flexible, scalable and proven - built on 10 years of PST management experience with our flagship ArchiveOne Enterprise product.

Sherpa Altitude IG

Sherpa Altitude IG uses established practices and policies to automate compliance, legal, HR, records management, and IT policies. Search and discover content on file servers, workstations or Exchange servers. Monitor space on desktop hard drives or network file shares. Evaluate messages based on subject, content, age, and more. Copy or move messages between folders, mailboxes, archives or PST files. Delete or export messages and attachments. Migrate message user data to a mailbox. Supports Exchange mailboxes and archives, PST Files, Network File Shares, Windows desktops, SharePoint, and Office 365.


Archive Attender

Archive Attender is an automated email archiving tool that moves essential data out of Exchange mailboxes and into a secure, external storage device. Using Archive Attender, administrators also have the ability to control and grant access rights to users. No additional hardware or client installations are required.

Archive Manager

Quest Archive Manager captures, indexes and stores messaging data to help organizations control data volumes, reduce the cost associated with storage management and quickly produce evidence for compliance or legal purposes. Through secure information sharing, Archive Manager empowers organizations to access and leverage the knowledge locked up in e-mail.

Athena Archiver

Athena Archiver is a provider of Exchange email archiving solutions for regulatory compliance, legal discovery and knowledge management. You can also install the Outlook plug-in to search and access your archived email from inside Outlook.

Enterprise Email Archive

Enterprise Email Archive is a comprehensive email archiving software solution for compliance, e-discovery, storage management, and disaster recovery. With massive scalability and support for Exchange, Domino, GroupWise and Unix-based servers, Enterprise Email Archive is distinguished by its freedom from SQL and other third party databases, its intuitive interface, and its low cost of ownership, made possible by an organized back end that facilitates easy maintenance and off-site installation.

Exchange Mail Archiver

NetWrix Exchange Mail Archiver is e-mail archiving software for Microsoft Exchange that automates e-Discovery and compliance processes, and improves data storage efficiency, server performance and end-user productivity. Exchange Mail Archiver archives all e-mail messages in a central location and makes them available for quick e-Discovery/compliance responses with protection against content tampering in PST files and mailboxes. Archived messages are stored in a highly compressed format to minimize storage usage and increase Exchange server efficiency.Freeware and commercial editions are available.

Exchange Server Archiver

Email archiving for Exchange; data management and compliance. Easy installation, configuration, and maintenance. Truly 100% transparent end user experience. Heavily usability studied and tested. Supports OWA 2003 and 2007. $30 per archived mailbox. Free 30 day trial.

GFI MailArchiver for Exchange Server

GFI MailArchiver is an email archiving and management solution that is easy to install and requires minimal administrative effort. It helps businesses reduce their dependency on PST files and meet their legal and regulatory obligations. All emails are stored in a central location that is easily accessible. It ships at a highly competitive price and is a popular email archiving software for small to medium-sized enterprises.

GFI MailEssentials for Exchange

Anti-spam, disclaimers (with variables), archiving Internet mail, Internet mail usage reports. Includes a POP downloader and personalized server-based autoreplies that can include attachments and tracking numbers. Can archive to an ODBC database. Current version includes Overall improved anti-spam technology, an additional anti-spam engine called SpamRazer along with improved performance and a real-time dashboard.

LiveOffice Mail Archive

LiveOffice Mail Archive is a complete and affordable software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution designed to seamlessly meet and exceed your email archiving needs. This fully managed, web-based service is designed for businesses and public organizations of all sizes that need the benefits of e-discovery and mailbox management solutions, but lack the significant financial and internal IT resources required to deploy an on-premise system.

MailStore Home

MailStore Home free email archiving and backup software for all private users. Over the years, emails can become scattered among different computers, programs and mailboxes. Archive your internet mailboxes such as Gmail or Yahoo Mail or any mailboxes using POP3 or IMAP; Microsoft Outlook 2000, XP, 2003, 2007, 2010; Outlook Express and Windows Mail; Microsoft Exchange Server and Hosted Exchange; Mozilla Thunderbird and SeaMonkey .EML and other email files.

MailStore Server

MailStore Server is e-mail archiving software for companies with 5 to 3,000 mailboxes. It stores copies of all company email in a central archive which can safely maintain any amount of data. Users can easily access the archived emails using the Microsoft Outlook integration or any internet browser. MailStore Server increases efficiency and streamline backups of email servers. It is a reliable protection from data loss and eliminates unsafe PST files. MailStore Server supports Exchange 2003, 2007 and 2010 (incl. SBS), no SQL server needed.

Message Logic

With the Message Logic archiving system you can turn emails into searchable documents, reduce email storage, use ultra fast search and exporting tools, meet regulatory requirements, give employees access to archived messages reduce costs and more.

Outlook AutoArchive Settings Viewer

Sample Visual Basic 6.0 project to display (but not set) the AutoArchive settings of a particular folder.

Policy Patrol Enterprise

All disclaimer and signature features of Policy Patrol Disclaimer, plus rules-based message and attachment filtering, spam blocking with real-time black lists, white lists, and other methods, anti-virus using the Kaspersky anti-virus engine, off-peak delivery of large messages, reports on sent and received messages and other management features, automatic printing, customized NDRs and DSNs, automatic conversion of messages to plain text, automatic compression, archiving to SQL, XML, or CSV.


Message filtering tool for Exchange Server to block spam, proprietary information leaks and unacceptable language. Also can create automatic replies and perform rule-based archiving.

Professional Archive Manager for Exchange

Metalogix Archive Manager for Exchange is email archiving software that simplifies and speeds up the process of archiving and retrieving email allowing them to be recovered with a few simple clicks. Single Instance Storage (SIS) removes duplicates, stores the original email and its attachments onto a cheaper storage unit and leaves an optional link on Exchange. It reduces email storage costs by up to 80% and shrinks backup and recovery times by 50%. FREE trial available.

PST Discovery

PST Discovery performs a PST Search across your network servers and user PCs, silently with no impact on the users or servers. Once the PST Search has finished its analysis on each server or PC, a report showing the results of the PST Search can be viewed, saved or exported to a CSV file. Reports include the IP Address, Machine Name, File Path, Number of PST files, PST File sizes and the last access date, along with the total number of PST files and total storage required. Run PST Discovery to build up a snapshot of how PST files storage is increasing over time, or archive to Mailsafe

ReduceMail Pro Archive

ReduceMail Pro Archive is an email archiving tool that can help reduce costs for companies migrating from Lotus Notes to Exchange. It does so by reversing the native Lotus Notes archiving, consolidating email to allow for easier export.

Scheduled Mailbox Report Script

Sample Exchange Server Event Service script to create a size report in CSV format on all mailboxes on a server and mail it to an administrator.

SonaSafe for Email Archiving

Sonasoft's SonaSafe for Email Archiving is designed to meet regulatory compliance needs of organizations. SonaSafe will capture all incoming, outgoing and internal emails and store them in archive databases as a Single Instance Store (SIS). Also, by use of 'stubbing", message contents including attachments will be saved in the archive database and leave behind an empty shell of the message, namely "stub" in the body of the email,reducing the size of the Exchange server by up to 90%.

Spam Marshall

Spam Marshall utilizes a multi-pronged approach of detecting spam emails, effectively filtering out junk without interrupting your normal emails. By utilizing a combination of well known effective filtering methods along with proprietary patent-pending Custom Rule Engine (CuRE ) technology, Spam Marshall reduced your spam.

TransVault Migrator

TransVault Migrator enables selective and audited migration of data from virtually any 3rd-party email archive or personal stores (PSTs) into a local Exchange server, a hosted Exchange service (Office 365), or a combination of both (hybrid). The movement of data is automated via a high-performance, multi-threaded engine, that connects directly into Exchange or Office 365 using the powerful Exchange Web Services (EWS) API. Every item migrated is fully audited, meeting business and compliance needs relating to secure email records retention.

VIPRE Email Security for Exchange

Email security software for Exchange featuring world-class antivirus, antispam, and a powerful, granular attachment filter.


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