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For Outlook 2013 developers
What’s new for Outlook 2013 developers provides a top-level view of the additions and enhancements for developers in Microsoft Outlook 2013, including mail apps, third party weather data services for the Weather Bar, and inline response. The document also describes changes to the Outlook Social Connector, Office Mobile Service, support for Outlook 2013 Preview coexisting with a previous version of Outlook, and new performance criteria for add-ins.

Mail apps for Outlook 2013 and OWA contains conceptual information specific to building a mail app for Outlook 2013 and Outlook Web App for Exchange 2013.

Outlook Social Connector 2013 Provider Reference

Office 2010 Developer Training Course
101 Samples for Office 2010 Development
New VSTO Features Help You Customize Word And Outlook (Shows how do custom button images)

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VBA Basics
How to use the VBA Editor
Work with open item or selected item
Working with VBA and non-default Folders
Backup and save your Outlook VBA macros
Extracting text in message bodies
Use RegEx to extract text from an email
Paste clipboard contents
VBA UserForm ComboBox Sample

Custom Forms
Designing Microsoft Outlook Forms
Set a custom form as default

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Developer Resources
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Articles with VBA code samples

Listed below are the most recently published (or updated) articles in our Developer section. A complete list of all articles in the Outlook Developer section is in the Outlook Developer Index. A list of all Slipstick.com articles containing VBA code samples can be found in the VBA Samples Index.

Add BCM Account name to Contact's Company field
  • A user decided the BCM was overkill for his needs and wanted to move his 5000 Business Contacts into Outlook Contacts before upgrading to Office 365. The only issue was keeping the contact associated with the Account name it was assigned to in BCM. The Company name field was suitable, but he needed to update  

  • Run Rules Now using a Macro
  • How to use a macro to run Outlook's rules on demand or triggered by a reminder.

  • Print Contacts and Contact Photos
  • Use VBA to create a Word document containing the selected contact's name, address, phone number and contact photo.

  • Create an Appointment at the Contact's Address
  • How to create a new Outlook meeting with a selected contact. Includes a macro to include the contact's address in the Location field.

  • Using a Gmail Master Account: Reply using the Correct Account
  • How to configure Outlook so you can send email from other email addresses connected to a Gmail account.

  • Warn before sending messages to the wrong email address
  • Do you accidently send messages to the wrong email address? You can use a VBA macro that checks the outgoing addresses before sending the message.

  • Rename Exchange Mailbox and Account in Outlook 2013
  • How to rename Exchange account display names that are shown in the navigation pane and From field in Outlook 2013.

  • Fix the Outlook Folder Type after Exporting an IMAP Account
  • After importing IMAP folders to Personal Folders or an Exchange mailbox, messages in the imported folder are hidden.

  • Copy a Contact's Mailing Address
  • Use a macro to copy a Contact's name and mailing address block to use in another program.

  • Create Outlook Folders from a List of Folder Names
  • How to use a macro to create Outlook folders from a list of folder names in a csv file.

  • Add the Age to a Birthday on Outlook's Calendar
  • How to add a person's current age to a birthday event on Outlook's Calendar using a macro.

  • View the BCC Addresses in an Outlook.com EAS Account
  • Use a macro to display the BCC recipients in an Outlook.com account in Outlook 2013.