How to Forward a Distribution list

Last reviewed on September 11, 2012

Use this method to share the addresses in a distribution list with anyone, even if they do not use Outlook, or to extract the addresses from a Contact Group (distribution list).

Send the Contact group (DL) in internet format

  1. Open the DL
  2. Outlook 2007 and older: Click on the Send button to expand the menu.
    Outlook 2010 and up: Click Forward Group
  3. Select In Internet Format (vCard)

This opens a new message form with the members of the Contact Group (DL) contained in a text file attached to the message.

If you are using this method to create a text file of the group members, you can also use the File, Save as menu and save the DL as a text file. (In Outlook 2007, Save as is on the Office icon's menu.)

Video Tutorial: How to forward a Contact Group

More Information

Create a Distribution List from a list of addresses – Recipients can use this method to convert the list to a new DL or to add the members to an existing DL.

Create Individual Contacts from a Distribution List – A tutorial showing users how to create contacts from an existing DL. This uses the File, Save method.

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