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While Microsoft Outlook supports mail merge, it does not support merging attachments with the message. You'll need to either use one of the mail merge tools on this page (most support including attachments in the merged message) or use VBA. You can use an ItemSend macro to add the attachment (and set field values) as the message is sent. Microsoft Word MVP Doug Robbins wrote the Mail Merge to E-mail with Attachments code sample using Word VBA to create a mail merge with attachments which he converted to MergeTools Word addin (template).

Mail Merge with Categories

The following tutorial shows how to do a mail merge using categories. This method works in Outlook 2003, 2007 or 2010.

From Outlook's Contacts folder:

  1. Switch to the By Category view
  2. Select the Category
  3. Go to Tools, Mail merge
  4. Click on Only Selected contacts (top left)
    Mail merge to a category of contacts
  5. Select the document type (lower left)
  6. Select Merge to format (lower left)
  7. Ok your way out of the dialog to send the merge to Word

Mail merge to email:

When merging to a letter or email, type your letter, adding the merge fields where desired. Preview the results before clicking Finish & Merge.

Complete labels in Word:

  1. Click the Setup button
  2. Select the desired label format
  3. Insert the merge fields you need
  4. Click the Update Labels button to copy the fields to all labels.
  5. Preview the results
  6. Finish & Merge

To show the mail merge wizard, click Start Mail merge and choose Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard (Outlook 2007/2010) to use the wizard pane. You can use change the document type from here and step forward or backward as needed. It's on Tools, Envelopes and Letters menu in older versions.

Video Tutorial

Although I use the address block in this tutorial, we recommend inserting individual address fields for best results.


You can change the Document type or show the Mail merge wizard pane in Word. In Word 2007/2010, look on the Start Mail Merge menu. In Word 2003 and older, Mail Merge is on the Tools, Letters and Mailings menu.

Select the type of merge from the menu


Tools in the Spotlight

EmailMerge Pro for Outlook
EmailMerge Pro is the fastest, easiest way to mail merge

Create and send personalized individually addressed e-mail messages using an easy Wizard in Outlook - plain text, HTML or rich text. Your recipient list can be in Outlook, Exchange Global Address Lists, Excel or Access files. You can use Categories or Distribution Lists to keep mailing lists. You can even defer and batch send your emails to get around ISP restrictions. Outlook based solution for e-mail newsletters, business announcements and sales & marketing emails. Supports Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 (32 and 64bit).

Mail Merge Toolkit
Mail Merge Toolkit extends Outlook's mail merging capabilities

Generate individual messages to Outlook contacts from documents designed in Word or Publisher, including messages in GIF format with image maps. Allows you to add attachments and generate a custom subject for each message using merged data. Does not trigger Outlook security prompts.

MergeTools Addin

Microsoft Word MVP Doug Robbins' MergeTools addin adds a tab to Word's ribbon, providing a more automated method of merging with attachments. It contains facilities for the following types of merge: A Many to One merge for combining data from multiple records in a data source where there is one key field - for example, creating invoices; Merging with a chart that is unique to each record in the data source; Merging to a document that contains Legacy FormFields; Merging to individual documents.

Send Individually

The Sperry Software Send Individually Add-In for Outlook sends email newsletters and other marketing to each of your recipients with just their name in the To field, similar to mail merge. It allows attachments to be on the email and it supports sending from different From accounts. Now reads Excel files directly, including CSV files. It also allows for using a BCC function so you can work with 3rd party CRM systems and, you can specify a different file in each row of your Excel spreadsheet and the add-in will find that file and attach it to just that recipient's email. Enter code WD9BHK53 during checkout.

Send Personally

Mass mail tool that expands Outlook distribution lists and sends an individual message to each member of the list. Can exclude certain names from the DL. Has some mail merge capability for inserting personalized text in the body of messages. Outlook 2000 or later.


LBE Toolbox for MS Outlook

Multifunction utility to send individual messages to a list generated either from a text file or from criteria on the Contacts folder, remove large file attachments, remove duplicate contacts and messages, and perform a few other little chores.


Mail merge to email with support for attachments, pictures, and HTML hyperlinks. Messages are stored for later reuse. Does not trigger Outlook email security prompts.

Outlook Mail Merge Attachment (OMMA)

Outlook Mail Merge Attachment supplies the mail merge process in Microsoft Office Word and Outlook with the functionality to add an attachment. The script is tested on Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007. (Free)

PC iMail

Bulk mail tool to send an individual message to multiple recipients. Addresses can come from any address list and may include distribution lists. Has the ability to set time delay periods between messages to comply with Internet Service Provider limitations on group mailings and supports automatic unsubscribe and remove request processing, and email extraction features to aid in the creation of targeted mailing lists for newsletters, support groups, and press releases.

Personalized Emails 4Outlook

Email Merge Personalized Individually Addressed Invitations, Greetings and Sales Letters at the click of a button. Supports Outlook 2000,2002, 2003 and 2007, with or without Word as Editor.


QNewsLetter is a simple to use mail merge add-in for Outlook. With QNewsLetter you can send personalized emails.


Create distribution list and send bulk e-mail to recipients by pulling out them from selected Microsoft Outlook folders, e-mails, contacts, meetings, or tasks in one click. Plug-in integrated in Microsoft Outlook actions menu, shortcut menu, into toolbar, and right-click item menu. Add recipients to Distribution list that already exists. Add recipients to new e-mail "To", "CC", or "BCC" field in one click. Time-saving tool for routine tasks. Version 1.41


Bulk mail program that sends an individual message to each recipient. Can use Outlook data, as well as many other sources. Can attach up to 20 files, even to HTML-format messages, and use merge fields to build the message subject. Does not trigger the Outlook security prompts

More Information

Set fields on mail merge messages and add attachments

Mail Merge to E-mail with Attachments — Use Word VBA to create a mail merge with attachments. Includes code sample written by Word MVP Doug Robbins.

Use Outlook’s Contacts with Mail Merge (Outlook-tips)
To start a Word letter from an Outlook contact


  1. Nikhil says

    hi Diane,

    I am curious to understand if there is a way I can merge two or more tasks into a single tasks. Something similar to how Evernote merges notes.

    I create outlook tasks from emails and quite often related tasks get created. It will be very useful if I can merge those tasks.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Diane PoremskyDiane Poremsky says

      Outlook doesn't support a way to merge tasks - you'd need to merge them into one task yourself. I don't know how OneNote's task feature compared to Evernote in this area.

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