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Viruses Affecting Microsoft Outlook

Please note: This page references older, outdated technology and is no longer maintained. As a result, links may point to documents no longer available or redirect to articles referencing newer versions. We've left it published for historical reasons and in the hope that it will benefit the few sites stilling using the older technology.

This page provides information on some specific viruses that either propagate via Microsoft Outlook or embed themselves in HTML mail messages that Outlook can receive. We're not going to cover every virus ever found. Most viruses targeting Outlook operate via similar methods, so we list the archetypical representative of each method. 

To protect your computer from such viruses, please see: 

  • Protecting Microsoft Outlook against Viruses

  • BleBla | Stages | I LOVE YOU | Worm.ExploreZip | Melissa | More Information


    Also known as Romeo & Juliet or Verona, the BleBla virus is the first to target several Outlook HTML mail vulnerabilities to enable a virus that launches its payload .exe attachment automatically when the user opens the message. See the complete analysis in EMO newsletter. 

    Stages Virus

    The Stages virus/worm propagates itself like the VBS/Loveletter virus, only it uses an uncommon file type, the Shell Scrap Object. For a detailed discussion of this file type, see Scrap Files Can Tear You Up and What Is a Scrap (.shs) File?.

    ILOVEYOU Virus Links

    The ILOVEYOU or VBS/Loveletter virus propagates via Outlook 98, Outlook 2000 and Internet Relay Chat with a .vbs (VBScript) file payload. It is quite destructive. Variants have emerged with different subject lines and .vbs attachments or with other types of attachments.

    Our top ILOVEYOU virus links:

  • How to Recover from the ILOVEYOU (VBS-Loveletter) Virus
  • CERT Advisory
  • F-Secure Computer Virus Information Pages -- includes screen shots
  • Woody's Office Watch special report
  • Microsoft Information on the VBS-Loveletter Virus
  • ILOVEYOU - ZDNet Downloads -- links to anti-virus definitions
  • Microsoft Exchange Server cleanup tools:

  • Intel
  • Alpha
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    Worm.ExploreZip Virus Links

    Our top Worm.ExploreZip virus links:

  • CERT Advisory
  • Microsoft E-mail Attachment Virus Alert
  • Microsoft cleanup tools:

  • Documentation (Word doc)
  • Exchange Server cleanup tools
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    Melissa Virus Links

    Our top Melissa virus links:

  • Melissa.U Macro Virus Alert (MSKB)
  • CERT Advisory
  • Woody's Office Watch special report
  • ZDNet special report
  • Microsoft Macro Virus Alert
  • XADM The Melissa Virus Incident White Paper Is Available
  • Microsoft cleanup tools:

  • Documentation (Word doc)
  • Client scanning tool (checks and PST files)
  • Exchange Server cleanup tools
  • More Information

  • Anti-virus Tools
  • Content Control Tools
  • To quarantine application file attachments with Microsoft Outlook 2000 VBA
  • VBS.Freelink Virus Alert
  • OL2000 Security Zones in Outlook 2000  
  • Foot-and-Mouth First Virus Unable To Spread Through Microsoft Outlook
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