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Please note: This page references older, outdated technology and is no longer maintained. As a result, links may point to documents no longer available or redirect to articles referencing newer versions. We've left it published for historical reasons and in the hope that it will benefit the few sites stilling using the older technology.

POP3 and IMAP are the two Internet protocols for receiving mail. SMTP is what you use to send Internet mail.


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Outlook 98 & Outlook 2000 (IMO)

For Outlook 98 and Outlook 2000 in Internet Mail Only mode, configure Internet mail -- including both POP3 and IMAP accounts -- through Tools | Accounts.

Use the Send Using button to select which account to use to deliver the current message.

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Outlook 98 & Outlook 2000 (CW)

For Outlook 98 and Outlook 2000 in Corporate or Workgroup mode, configure a POP3/SMTP account through Tools | Services by adding a new Internet E-mail service.

To control which account is used to deliver a message, put the delivery account at the top of the Tools | Services | Delivery list before sending the message. 

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    Outlook 97

    While Outlook 97 includes an Internet Mail service similar to the one for Windows Messaging, we recommend that Outlook 97 users install the Internet Mail Enhancement Patch or the Office service packs, which include the IMEP patch. IMEP adds multiple accounts, quoting, "leave on server" and other features. 
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    Exchange & Windows Messaging

    For Windows 95 OSR2 and Windows NT 4.0, look under Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs | Windows Setup; you'll find Internet Mail under the options for Windows Messaging.

    For the original Windows 95 version of Exchange, the Windows 95 Exchange client or the Windows Messaging client hidden on the Windows 98 CD, you can download the Internet Mail service. The Internet Mail service is also included in the Windows Messaging update for Windows 95. 

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    Internet mail services are not available for the Windows 3.1x version of Outlook, except for Mail4u.

    No known Internet mail services are available for the Macintosh version of Outlook.

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