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VMS2IEM is a program that will convert VAX mail folders, which have been exported as text files, into Microsoft Internet Mail .MBX mailbox format files. Once imported into Microsoft Internet Mail, the messages can be easily exported into Windows Messaging, Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Outlook.

This program (version 1.2, 14 Aug 97) converts VAX mail folder files which have been created by using the VAX mail commands:

Comments and questions about VMS2IEM should be directed to the author, Paul McIlfatrick .

Download & Usage

Download the Vms2iem.zip file (25kb), unzip it and extract the Vms2iem.exe file. You might place it in \Program Files\Accessories. Read the 0readme.1st file.

Before running the program you must set up the VMS2IEM_VAX_USERNAME environment variable with your VAX username (use correct case - see note 1), for example:

The default program timezone is +0000 and Daylight Saving Time (DST) is +0100 with the DST months assumed to be April through to October.

You can get the program to use your timezone, DST and DST months by setting the environment variables:

The program can be run with the following parameters:

This is input redirection (you can create a file with a list of all the VMS mail files by using the DOS command):


  1. The correct case must be used for the VAX username when setting the VMS2IEM_VAX_USERNAME environment variable (i.e. use what appears in the 'From: ' line in the VAX mail messages that you have sent).
  2. It is best to move into the directory with the VAX mail folder files before issuing the DIR command to create the file for redirection or for running the VMS2IEM program.
  3. If the directory parameter is not given, the output file is created in the current directory.
  4. The output file is created with the extension .MBX or .MB_ depending on whether a file of that name already exists. If both files exist, no file is created.
  5. The program uses the date found at the end of the From: line, the 1st line in the mail message. The date is checked and if a problem is found the program stops processing the mail file and outputs an error message, the line number, and displays the problem line. No output file is created. If there is a problem with the date, edit the mail file and correct it. There are 2 formats for this date. It can be either:


Also, no trailing whitespace characters are allowed.

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