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Office 2013 logoIt's time to clean out my closet and give away some software and books! On my recent visit to Seattle, I picked up some more copies of Office 365 Home Premium and Office 365 Small Business Premium.

I have 2 Office 365 Small Business Premium subscriptions to give away. I'll draw one winner when I receive the first 100 entries and the second winner on January 15 2014.

I have 14 Home Premium subscriptions to give away. I'll start drawing names after I receive the first 100 entries and draw names every few days until January 15 2014.

I have one copy of Outlook 2013 to give away and drew this winner on January 1 2014.

I have a box full of my Outlook 2013 Absolute Beginners books to give away. The final drawing on January 15 2014.

You can enter one contest or all, but please, one entry per contest, per person.

If your name (or someone with the same name :)) is on the winner's list and you haven't received the email from me, contact me at

Winner's Lists

Office 365 Home Premium
1. M. Auslander8. J. Christian
2. R. Alfaro9. Gordon
3. B. Verschraegen10. R. Winearls
4. M. Bancroft11. J. Bach
5. G. Goldsmith12. G. Burkhart
6. Pauly C.13. A. Sheehan
7. A. Rosen14. R. Aldridge
Office 365 Small Business PremiumOutlook 2013 (standalone)
1. K. NGUYEN1. M. Bolick
2. L. Mudge 
Outlook 2013 Absolute Beginners Guide
1. D. Helkenn11. Ginny
2. S.E. Collins12. D. Numme
3. T. Kustner13. T. Ghaffar
4. J. Brower14. D. Hardy
5. F. Cricchio15. A. Dressler
6. R. Miller16. B. Stoermer
7. s. Ballas17. L. Golden
8. J. Pyles 
9. J. Theis 
10. B. Manning 

Last updated on April 3, 2014